What to Wear on a Night Out

by Jamie

Not sure what to wear on a night out? This is your go-to guide no matter where you’re heading this weekend. 

It’s finally time to get away from your desk and have a night out. Whether it’s a night out at the club with your mates or dinner with your girlfriend, when it comes to clothes we’ve got you covered. No need to wear a three-piece suit to your local hotspot, but being appropriately dressed, comfortable and stylish is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s smart or not.

With so many styles and personal preferences there’s no set rule on what to wear on a night out. However, what you’d wear on a romantic evening out is going to be very different to something you’d wear to a club, so see this as a guideline for all your outing needs.

The Club

We all know that there’re various kinds of clubs. They’re the ones that don’t let you in if you’re wearing trainers, the ones that will let you in as long as you’re not puking your guts out, and those that are solely for dancing like a lunatic. We’ll go through all of them.


If you’re outside this club, you’ll probably notice a few things – a huge queue, bouncers who are better dressed than the clientele, and no trainers. Now, put away the tux, but bring out a good oxford shirt, some clean, tailored trousers, and some neat formal shoes.

For the shirt, make sure it’s slim fit, long enough in the sleeves (no short sleeved shirts), and buttoned up to your collar bone. The trousers also need to be slim fit, as anything too loose is immediately going to look too relaxed and possibly messy. As for shoes, keep them neat lace-ups like oxford shoes and brogues. However, if that just isn’t for you, you can also try a very neat pair of suede chukka boots to keep things classy but comfortable.


These are the kind of clubs that are usually separated into three sections. The bar area, the dance floor and the rooftop garden/smoking area. The bathrooms are clean but there isn’t an attendant handing you a towel at the sink, the bar is stocked with good booze but the cocktails cost £7 rather than £25, and although you might spend a bit of time getting ready for a night out there, you can probably slip on some nice trainers and get inside.

You can go for an easy, casual look, but make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed and fit you properly. A T-shirt and jean combination won’t necessarily make you look underdressed, but if they’re crumpled and ill-fitting then you’ll just end up looking untidy. Go for a neat T-shirt, comfortable slim fit or skinny jeans and some perfectly clean trainers in a colour that complements the rest of the outfit.


For a night out like this, the main thing to do is keep your nice clothes at home and far away from flying beer, vomit and copious amounts of sweat. Keep your clothes loose, breathable and easy to move around in. Try choosing tops in a cotton material, as the fibres are going to let your skin breath, meaning you won’t get too overheated as you would in something like an acrylic or polyester material.

Just because you’re going to a rave doesn’t mean you have to be in a complete tracksuit – unless you want to of course. You can still think about what you’re going to wear. A simple jean and T-shirt combo is ideal, loose fitting and easy to move around in. The T-shirt won’t make you overly hot and if you want you can add a open patterned shirt over the top to finish off the look. Trainers will work best but don’t go for your best pair as the floor in a rave is generally not going to be the cleanest.

The Pub

This is a place most of you go with your mates when you need some downtime. You get a drink, you chat, you watch the game, and you don’t think about whether or not your new chinos go with your outfit. Having a casual night out at the pub requires clothes that fit the vibe. Go for some comfortable jeans or chinos and pair them with a slim line shirt or T-shirt.

For your footwear, you don’t have to go too light, as you’re not in a place where you’re jumping and dancing around, so you can slip on something like a pair of lace up boots to keep the look casual. If it’s the kind of weather where you need a jacket, just throw on something relaxed like a denim or bomber jacket and you’re good to go.

Dinner Out

So you’re heading out for a nice romantic meal, or maybe you’re going for a family meet up or just going for dinner with some friends – whatever the case, dinner out and a trip to the pub can require slightly different clothing (unless you’re having dinner at the pub). Keep your look focused on the smart-casual style and mix formal and informal items together to keep the outfit balanced.

Some relaxed, straight leg chinos and a patterned shirt will keep things looking sharp without seeming too overdone. You can pair some suede desert boots with the outfit to fit in with the comfortable but stylish vibe, and if you’re cold, finish off with a slim line jacket, like a trucker or Harrington jacket.

What to Wear on a Night Out

  • Exclusive Club – No trainers. Opt for something lightweight and casual, like chukka boots.
  • Casual Club – Simple slim fit outfit with neat, block colour trainers.
  • Rave – Breathable, loose fit clothing. Comfortable shoes.
  • Pub – Nothing too extravagant. Black jeans and bomber jacket will do.
  • Dinner Out – Fitted chinos, shirt, boots. Simple and smart.

On That Note

Now your nights out might not perfectly match the scenarios above. Maybe your pub nights out are a little more lively, your raves a little more relaxed, or your dinner dates slightly less formal affairs, however it’s good to know that different outfits can be achieved with some quick changes, and that many items can be doubled up to work for various outings. Keep your clothes ironed, your shoes clean and your trousers fitted and you’ll be ready for any Friday night that comes your way.

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