What to Pack for Every Type of Festival this Summer

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HARD Summer Music Festival

We’re slowly creeping further into summer and the weather is getting better by the day. With sunny skies and long evenings, now’s the time to really get excited about festival season. We’ve put together a guide to festival gear which covers all the essentials you need to take and a range of suitable garments to create your festival look.

First and foremost, you need an appropriate bag. If it’s going to be a wet one you’d better take something durable and preferably waterproof; if it’s going to be a party on the beach you may want to opt for something less bulky than a backpack. You want something that’s going to fit all your essentials without knocking everybody out as you pass by.

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For the UK

For a UK festival, it’s a good idea to layer up. First off, pack a few loose, light T-shirts. For your next layer, a denim jacket is the perfect solution. Casual and cool, it matches pretty much everything and sleeves can easily be rolled up, buttons undone or the collar unfolded for ultimate suave.

A decent mac or windbreaker is a must for most UK festivals. Pick one that is sturdy but thin so will protect you from the elements and can be easily compressed and packed into tight spaces when not needed. Finally, you’re going to have to think about footwear. Vans might not be your best friend here – you’re going to want to go for something that’s durable and rugged. UK festivals are known for their dirtiness.

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For Eastern Europe

Vests are often a good idea for festivals in the sun and by the beach – they will help you keep your cool and stop you from getting consumed by the heat of the moment. If you’re off to Hideout in Croatia, a short-sleeved shirt is the perfect solution for a cooler evening; it will give you an extra layer but can be left undone to remain light and airy.

Polyester is a great durable fabric plus a pair of shorts will look more “devil may care” when splattered with mud or sand, as opposed to a pair of light chinos which will look dreadful when patchy. Add a pair of lightweight plimsolls and you’re ready to go.

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For the Mediterranean

A basic white tee is a great staple for a festival. It’s light, adaptable, and you won’t mind taking the risk of possibly damaging it beyond repair during a bout of spur-of-the-moment, hard-core moshing. Taking a sweatshirt in anticipation of a drop in temperature is wise, particularly as you can easily tie it around your waist or shoulders during the day or roll the sleeves up at night.

No matter where you go, flip flops are never a good idea. Bar the fact you’ll be walking around all day, festivals are busy, packed events full of foot-stomping revellers and someone’s heels are bound to collide with yours at some point. A great choice of footwear are these Converse plimsolls. Lightweight but sturdy, they’ll serve you well from Benicassim to Bilbao.

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The Essentials

A hat is a key accessory to consider when going to a festival. It’s important to protect yourself from the elements when spending a large amount of time outdoors, and taking one along will ensure that your friends and rellies won’t be hearing all about the amazing acts you saw from a lobster. As for sunnies, you want to keep ’em cheap and cheerful. It’s highly likely that they will end up being stolen or stamped on so this is not the time or place for flashing the Ray-Bans.

What to Pack for Every Type of Festival This Summer

  • Go lightweight, you don’t want to be lugging around unnecessary weight.
  • Take clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, it’s likely to be either dusty or muddy.
  • Go for materials that don’t stain easily to avoid looking messy.
  • Make sure everything you’re taking is going to be comfortable, you’ll be out and about for long periods of time.
  • Don’t forget accessories – both sunglasses and a hat are essential.

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On That Note

Whether you’re unable to part from your phone or you’re playing it safe and leaving it at home, taking a watch along is definitely a good idea. It’ll enable you to check the time without taking your phone out every few minutes and therefore minimise the chances of you losing it. Hopefully this guide has helped point you in the right direction when it comes to packing for the festivals you’ve got planned this summer. We know from personal experience it can be a daunting task, so we wish you all the best this summer.

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