What Shoes to Wear on a Night Out

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

When a night is pre-planned or spontaneous, finding the right outfit and shoes can be an absolute hassle. You don’t want to be the over-eager guy, turning up in a suit alone, nor the too laid back guy, coming in the clothes his mates probably saw that very morning.

So how can we resolve this hassle, and probably save you that extra time for a pre-pint? Easy. We’ve focused on each night out you can possibly have and the outfit which will take you through it. We don’t recommend head-to-toe black  for your nightclub attire – we don’t want you getting mistaken for bar stuff. However, we do recommend mixing with casual and smart combinations from the shoes, right to the collar.

What Shoes to Wear on a Night Out – London

Going-out should be one of the most simple things to get ready for – or so we would think. With the wide range of music genres and clubs in London, wearing the right outfit so you don’t stick out like a sore-thumb is crucial. You wouldn’t go to a house night in a blazer and smart trousers, just like you wouldn’t go the suave bar in a t-shirt and jeans.

Further so, always remember shoes will always be the first impression, especially to the female perspective. While shoes are massively an afterthought for us, we shouldn’t forget how important shoes are for any night out. From the strolls to the pub, the trekking bar-crawl and the sticky dancefloor, we have nailed down the shoes which will guarantee to get you through the night.


Location: Shoreditch

One of the prime-spot venues of London, running up next to KOKO and Brixton o2 Academy, XOYO is the heart of live music. From DJ residences to special performances, every night is different and each to it’s own. Based in Shoreditch, the home of bespoke bars and hangouts, XOYO has loads to offer in events and creative personalities. Sky Fall, Bugged Out and Scuba are just a few of the events to expect from the club, and definitely something not to miss out on.

When it comes to devising an outfit, you need to be comfortable, yet experiment with an adventurous edge. For live music and endless hours of dancing, an outfit which can keep up is vital.

Mens Casual Shoes

Can I wear trainers on a night out? As so the question goes. For comfort and style, we recommend the trainer as your first protocol, especially for the spontaneous nights and last minute events. While XOYO is open til early hours on most nights, you’ll need a shoe which wouldn’t cause discomfort halfway through the night – leading to an early curfew. For that, we recommend going for white Asics. Commercial yet niche, this trainer ties in both effortless style and comfort, ideal to fit in with the Shoreditch crowd.

Going Out Outfit Ideas

When going with the trainers – you need the just as cool and collected outfit to match. As the heat could hit double figures in XOYO, you need an outfit which is lightweight and comfortable. To stay fresh throughout the night partner the Asics with wide leg chino, for that extra airway in the heat.

Shoreditch is known for its elevated street style and lifestyle brands, so take advantage of the contemporary, athleisure look – opt for casual fit scoop neck t-shirt.

The Oval Space

Location: Bethnal Green

From one music venue to another, The Oval Space is bespoke of them all. An untold secret of London nightlife, The Oval is thriving with events, DJs, and upcoming names. The evolving venue has is more than it says on the tin. Also a hub for art, events, exhibitions, TV and film, there is no doubt you will be paying for one visit.

Mens Casual Shoes

With the artistic and creative vibe, the Oval Space stands for its exclusivity – from the events to the people who go. For this, take advantage and don’t go too simple. As the venue is a busy atmosphere, you need comfort from the feet up. For this, go for classic Black High Top Converse. Durable and lasting, Converse High Tops won’t let you down when the crowd is stepping on your toes.

Casual Club Outfits

To prevent getting too hot, go for a tapered leg trouser. Complete the outfit with an oversized fit shirt. This outfit will  have the versatility, keeping you covered from The Oval Space nightlife to the art showcase.

Your Local Pub

The local pub will always be the go-to destination for the weekly drink for you and your mates. Although there is not exactly a dress code to follow, you want to make sure you are dressed and prepared – for any pint that escalates to a full night out. For that, we have nailed down the transitional outfit which will take you through the night.

Men’s Casual Shoes

From pub crawl to just the one, you will always need the shoes that can keep up with you. When the night is so unpredictable you need a pair of shoes which can be versatile for that. The classic leather Chelsea boot is the best of both worlds. Comfortable, durable for any weather conditions, or even the beer spillage, they are the go-to smart casual shoe.

Casual Club Outfits

Safest option for any night like this is monochrome. Timeless, dayless and nightless, the monochrome palette can be worn pretty much for any occasion. It allows you to play around with staple shapes and items in your wardrobe creating an either smart, casual or best of both looks.

To keep you warm between pubs opt for a statement black leather jacket, layered with a  classic or slim basic white t-shirt. To elevate the chelsea boot, finish the look with the black slim jean – a classic for any wardrobe.


Location: Mayfair

When it comes to visiting the London cocktail scene, sometimes casual doesn’t always cut it – even if it’s just for a drink. So if you’re going Mahiki for a catchup with friends, or the big anticipated first date, you will need the outfit makes the best first impressions.

Men’s Best Shoes

Without looking too formal, or opting ‘the shoes you wear for work’, instead go for the classic brogue. Detailed in design, yet refined, the brogue is the smart-casual essential.

Going Out Outfit Ideas

Going for the two looks of smart and casual can be difficult. When building the perfect outfit, opt for a blazer and white oxford shirt. This elevates the smart vibe to your outfit and allows you to mix-up your trousers if something more casual.

Rose Club

Location: Marylebone

Right off of Bond Street is the infamous Rose Club. Known for its sophistication, chic decor and overall relaxed vibe, it’s the perfect place to kick back in your best wear. Although you might automatically opt for your best suit and smartest shoes – you don’t exactly want to end up looking like you’ve stepped out a wedding.. or a job interview.

Best Men’s Shoes

Raising the bar in your smart casual wardrobe, opt for the Loafer. With the delicate design and hard-worked leather, the shoe is the ideal balance between smart and casual. Completely timeless for smart shoes, Loafers will definitely become a default shoe to your smart-casual wardrobe, which alternatively can be worn day in day out.

Going Out Outfit Ideas

As we mentioned, you don’t want to look like you are ready for a job interview. While the shoes are quite minimal – take advantage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with print and colour, especially when you are expected to make that extra effort to your outfit. While the shoes are singularly coloured, focus on the trouser and opt for Pin Strip trouser.

Then, to create a pattern block with your outfit to reduce clashing by going for a while simple shirt. If it’s a bit cold outside, the finish with a tailored jacket such as Askern Overcoat. The outfit is the height of British Construction which can be transitional through the seasons.

Tramp Club

Location: Piccadilly Circus

Tramp Club is London’s exclusivity at it’s finest. With the likes of Rihanna, Drake, The Beatles and Rolling Stones being clubbers for the Tramp Club, the only answer is to dress your best when you pay your next visit. While a full 3-peice suit can seem a little too much – when wanting to keep cool and collected, doesn’t mean you can’t wear any suit at all. While Tramp Club is the height of upper-class, you need to make sure your outfit plays the part, but also looks effortless.

Men’s Best Shoes

For this occasion, go for Derby shoe. Originated from the 1850s for hunting, Derby shoes have come a long way and are here to stay for the nights out ahead. Simple, round lace and a complete classic to the modern man, the Derby shoe doesn’t bring too much attention away from your outfit.  Always opt for Wax Cotton laces, which will not only last you a lifetime but give the shoe the delicate finishes it needs.

Going Out Outfit Ideas

To complete your outfit, go for the two piece suit. Cotton or linen, both will keep you cool, as you dance the night away. Tone the suit down with a classic fit t-shirt, creating a mix of sophistication and casual. This look is utterly timeless and is equally easy to fit with current trends (such as SS16 head-to-toe tonal trend).

Your Quick Guide on Shoes to Wear on a Night Out

  1. Shoes are just as important than your whole outfit – not just for comfort. Always remember the floors can be rough and tough on your shoes, especially on sticky dancefloors.
  2. If you do go for suede, make sure you spray suede protector and take care – drinks stains aren’t always easy to remove.
  3. No matter where you go on a night out, shoes play a huge part. Too casual and you can risk yourself into getting turned away.
  4. Your trousers and shoes should match in shape, compliment in colour and work consistently with the rest of the outfit. When you are off out, you want to look clean-cut and smartened, especially to the higher-end clubs in London.
  5. Look after your shoes. If you do spill anything be watch to polish/clean your shoes carefully. Follow both of our guides for canvas and smart below.

On That Note

Although shoes are often an afterthought… they play a huge part in your outfit, first impressions and the comfort of your night. So if you are stuck on what to wear for your next Friday night, always start with your feet and work your way up. Once you have the shoes nailed – the rest comes easy.

So, what will you end up wearing next weekend?

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