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What Does A Teardrop Tattoo Mean- Everything You Need To Know!

by Jamie Wilson
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Fascinated by the concept of teardrop tattoo? Here are all the details starting from what does a teardrop tattoo mean to how you can style it.

Does A Teardrop Tattoo Mean
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A teardrop tattoo is considered to be a mainstream prison tattoo. 

A teardrop tattoo, according to American culture, is associated with prison and gang culture. It indicates that the wearer belongs to a particular gang and such a tattoo is worn if they have attempted murder. 

Teardrop tattoo is associated with gang lifestyle stereotypically. A teardrop tattoo is a common prison tattoo because it has a relation to murdering someone. Even though the tattoo is traditionally related to the prison culture, it can also symbolise the loss of a friend or family member whom the wearer has recently lost. It also means that the person who has got this particular tattoo has also had a crazy life. Earlier this tattoo used to be associated with a Mexican gang member who got this tattoo to remark themselves as a dangerous individual. Famous celebrity rapper Lil Wayne also has two teardrop tattoos near his eyes. When the media asked, he replied that he made this tattoo as a symbol of the love of a family member who has died. Teardrop tattoos also mean humiliation or an accident that the wearer has suffered. Kevin Gates’ teardrop tattoo however tells a different story. His teardrop tattoo exhibits the symbolic image of a soldier exuding a deep meaning personal to him. 

Nowadays, according to popular culture, anyone can get a teardrop tattoo to keep up with the contemporary style statement. 

Ying Yang Style Teardrop Tattoo

Ying Yang Style Teardrop Tattoo
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This particular teardrop tattoo belongs to Asian origin. The tattoo looks really badass. According to the tattoo artist, this is called a Ying Yang tattoo art and looks really gorgeous. One eye of the tattoo is closed and the other eye of the tattoo is open. One tattoo has a filled teardrop and the other is not filled. A filled teardrop tattoo connotes looking for revenge as per the Western culture. The tattoo represents looking for revenge and how they have been hiding their sorrow to exist in the facade created by society. This tattoo makes negative connotations with a personal connection. It represents sorrow and the effort to try and overcome it. The tattoo really looks nice and minimalistic and one should really consider this to be a valid idea for a tattoo. 

Colourful Teardrop Tattoo

Colourful Teardrop Tattoo
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This tattoo is more of an animated representation of a teardrop tattoo signifying one’s loss. This is more commonly associated with gang and prison culture. This tattoo connotes that the wearer was formerly a particular gang member and has served time in jail facing severe humiliation. The tattoo represents sorrow as well, which is a significant part of facial tattoos. The three dots tattoo of the teardrop is filled with light blue colour representing the colour of the water. The tattoo kind of looks funky, but really is absolutely meaningful.

Teardrop tattoos mainly have gore and dark meaning attached to it. Sometimes, the tattoo artist and the wearer make it look funky to cushion the blow.

Minimalistic Teardrop Tattoo Designs

Minimalistic Teardrop Tattoo Designs
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Minimalism is the new cool. This particular tattoo of a teardrop looks really fantastic and minimalistic at the same time. From the angle of the picture, the teardrop tattoo has been made on the right side below the eye. This symbolises humiliation. It is also signified as a loss of a family or a gang member who has been very close to the wearer. This kind of teardrop tattoo is more associated with prison tattoos. However, this empty teardrop does not necessarily mean to have been convicted of murder. This teardrop tattoo can easily mean the death of a close one and the endurance of pain. 

Teardrop tattoos always have hidden meanings. If you want to reflect a mysterious aura on your character where you have suffered a great sorrow get a teardrop tattoo which looks stylish and also indicates the sadness you have hidden within. 

Teardrop Plant Tattoo

Teardrop Plant Tattoo
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This particular tattoo resembles a teardrop plant. Floral tattoos are considered to be really serene and beautiful. This tattoo is no exception. The tattoo is based on the principles of line art and looks absolutely beautiful. The teardrop has seven leaves inside it embedded with designs of line art which looks really simple yet beautiful. The background of the tattoo is black in colour and is really beautiful. If you want something simplistic and different from a generic teardrop tattoo, this can be your perfect choice. 

Colourful Teardrop Tattoo

Colourful Teardrop Tattoo ideas
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This tattoo looks absolutely stunning and realistic. This is a colourful teardrop tattoo made near the ankle with several hues of colours. The colour palette is absolutely perfect and really catches your eye. The ankle is really enhanced by the beauty of the tattoo and the hues of purple, blue, orange, yellow, pink and red look really amazing. The tattoo creates a hologram effect which brings it to life. The white hues of the tattoo make the teardrop to be much more realistic. The genius of the tattoo artist is really commendable and should be appreciated. This is not abided by the generic ideas of a teardrop tattoo. 

Teardrop Tattoos On Knees

Teardrop Tattoos On Knees
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This tattoo poses a similarity with the tattoo Lil Wayne has. Teardrop tattoos signify that the person has committed murder. This teardrop tattoo on the knees is partially filled. It symbolises that the wearer is ready to take revenge and has been evolving slowly. Teardrop tattoos have a significant meaning and it really has a deeper meaning than any other tattoo. This teardrop tattoo is of three teardrops on each side. The wearer has got it on two sides. However, if one wants to take inspiration, they can get it from both sides or either side. Above the knee, the wearer also has a tattoo which says “Baby”. There is no specific significance to that tattoo. However, the teardrop tattoo on both the legs looks really good and can be made even on the face as well. 

Fool Tarot Card Teardrop Tattoo

Fool Tarot Card Teardrop Tattoo
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Tarot card tattoos are really common in the tattoo business. The concept of the tarot card is really appealing to all and people really love getting a teardrop tattoo based on a tarot card. This tarot card tattoo is on, “The Fool” which determines the ups and downs in life. It also determines the death of a loved one and the teardrops explain how someone has got backstabbed due to this. The teardrop tattoos are filled with black ink. The dots tattoo on the background looks really nice. The tattoo artist has been really skilful in making this particular tattoo. The girl portrayed in the tattoo also looks absolutely beautiful and enhances the beauty of the tattoo.

Realistic Teardrop Tattoo

Realistic Teardrop Tattoo
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Teardrop tattoos themselves point to the death or humiliation of a loved one. This particular teardrop tattoo here has stolen the show. The tattoo looks absolutely realistic. The eyes in this tattoo look really watery with two tombstones reflected in the pupil. The tombstones are engraved with “RIP” which is the abbreviated version of “Rest In Peace”. On the right side tombstone, there is a colourful image of a fox that can be seen. It can be deciphered that the wearer has lost a loved one and is trying to recover from that death.

Teardrop tattoos highlight past traumas and the hardships a person has faced. The detailing of this tattoo is done beautifully and looks absolutely surreal. The eyebrows, the eyelashes and the teardrop look on point. The teardrop tattoo has a white hue of reflection which makes it much more realistic. If you want a tattoo to honour the memory of your loved one, this can be your perfect choice. 

3D Realistic Tear Drop Eye Tattoo Design

3D Realistic Tear Drop Eye Tattoo Design
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This tattoo design is one of the best of the lot. The 3D effect which has been given in the tattoo looks really nice. Each and every detail of the tattoo looks absolutely realistic. The tattoo artist has done a fabulous job to make the tattoo look so really beautiful. The black reflection on the only one teardrop looks really nice with hues of white. The tattoo looks so realistic that it has a 3D effect on it. This tattoo may be interpreted to represent sorrow, mark remembrance and to respect the untimely death of the person close to the wearer.

Teardrop Minimalistic Tattoo On Fingers

Teardrop Minimalistic Tattoo On Fingers
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Finger tattoos are really popular these days. It looks minimalistic and sublime for the wearer. The wearer has made this tattoo on their ring finger and it is a three-drop teardrop tattoo. The teardrop is filled with black ink which indicates that the wearer is seeking an act of revenge for the wrongdoings done to them. The tattoo looks very minimalistic and committed. The ring finger for the tattoo placement suggests that the wearer is really committed to getting the revenge and the wrongdoing has deeply affected the wearer to the core. Nevertheless, the tattoo has a subtle look and can be an absolutely legitimate inspiration for people to get it. 

Tears represent grief and negative emotions. Teardrop tattoos or a lone tear tattoo may have deep and darker meanings varying from person to person. A teardrop represents loss, and personal struggle or may have different negative meanings with criminal associations. Teardrop designs symbolise a painful past with specific meanings attached to each design. Especially teardrop tattoos are associated with prison be it American prisons or Russian prisons. However, nowadays as a style statement, teardrop tattoos are being used as a part of mainstream culture. Here are some amazing ideas which you can give a thought to for your tattoo inspiration: 

  • Skull and teardrop tattoo 
  • Five-point crown teardrop tattoo 
  • El Salvador Dali Teardrop tattoo 
  • Jesus Christ crying teardrop tattoo 
  • Teardrop outline tattoo
  • Teardrop three dot tattoo

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