How To Wear White Jeans

by Jamie Wilson
How To Wear White Jeans

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Wearing white jeans in style can be challenging and many guys fear that they won’t be able to pull off the look. Feeling fearless? Check out our following style guide on how to wear white jeans.

At first sight, men would think that wearing white jeans is a nightmare, that’s only because incorrect styling can make a man in white jeans look foolish. In truth, a good men’s white jeans outfit is not hard to put together and the first thing you need to know about it is – like always – that you need to pack up the confidence and don’t get intimidated by this edgy look.

Regardless of what you wear white jeans with, be it a blazer, a leather jacket, or a Hawaiian shirt, it will still be an edgy look and you need to own it. Now, with summer at full temperature, purchasing a pair of white denim is the best investment you can make. Blue, navy, and black jeans are classic pieces, but none of them will help you stand out and express your individuality more than a pair of whites.

In everyone’s mind, the best white jeans are associated with The Hamptons, the French Riviera, the Cuban coast, Sicilian outfits or dressing up as a sailor for a fancy-dress party. We aim to break down those preconceived ideas of pretentiousness surrounding the white jeans so scroll on and find out how to wear them.

Are White Jeans in Style?

How To Wear White Jeans
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Well of course they are, just ask Kanye West. However, white jeans can go very wrong very quickly if they aren’t styled right. The best way to tackle them is to keep it simple and only add one colour. White jeans especially look great in the summer and are a great replacement for your darker pairs when it comes to outfitting planning.

What to Wear with White Jeans

You may already ask yourself ‘what clothes go best with white jeans?’. We’re glad you’re curious. White jeans are a versatile item that makes the bottom half of a whole outfit, therefore, not much is needed to make them stand out. All you need is a blazer, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, and jackets.

Blazer with White Denim Jeans

White jeans for men are versatile and pairing them with a well-tailored blazer will result in a formal outfit. Think of the jeans as the canvas of your attire and the rest of the clothes you wear as the paint you put on. The blazer should almost always be a plain, dark colour, however, there is nothing wrong with matching white jeans to a coloured or patterned blazer.

For a more classic look, keep it simple and wear navy or brown. Keep in mind that colour blocking never goes out of style so feel free to experiment with a brighter colour or an eccentric printed blazer. A trick that comes in handy is swapping the blazer for a waistcoat. For some reason, it’s still believed that you need to have a ripped body to pull off a waistcoat, and that is one big misconception. A waistcoat that fits right actually hides the extra pounds and it creates a better body proportion.

How To Wear White Jeans
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Shirts with White Jeans

First, nothing will look more flattering than white jeans with a crisp long sleeve cotton shirt. The combination can be equally dressed up or informal depending on the shoes of choice. The most popular and swanky option would be a tucked in striped shirt in light colours. For the guy with likes to accessorise, we would recommend a paper straw Panama hat to complete the look – just bear in mind, this will look very ‘holiday’.

Shirts with White Jeans
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Secondly, there are the short sleeve shirts. Normally, a short sleeve should be avoided after the age of 18 as it gives a boyish look, but in this situation, they can work wonders. Going for a Hawaiian shirt and a white pair of jeans will make you stand out in the best way possible.

Jackets with White Jeans

If you don’t already own a leather jacket you should read why you must get your leather jacket game right in no time. This is a timeless, must-have piece. Now, we don’t subscribe to the “must have” fashion mentality, but this is that one exception which strengthens the rule. White jeans plus leather is the ultimate bad-boy combination and it will never run out of style. Our Leather Biker Jacket in Black is the best pick for a leather jacket that will suit your everyday style. It can be dressed up and down, making it an incredibly transitional piece to have in your wardrobe. Made of a full-grain black leather with internal and external pockets, this lined jacket should meet all of your leather needs.

Jackets with White Jeans
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Another brilliant choice is the bomber jacket. It dresses the white jeans down and it is ideal for a day out and about in the city, or even for a night out with the boys. Bomber jackets, just like white jeans, are versatile clothes that combined will help you transit from one situation to another or from the daytime look to an evening outfit. Our Suede Bomber Jacket in Black is our recommended bomber jack to own. The suede adds an element of smartness to it, making it easy to wear for all types of dress code. With internal pockets, quilted lining and a ribbed collar, cuffs and waist, you won’t find a bomber for a better price to suit your needs. Want to change things up from black? We also have this jacket in a tan colourway, too.

The last type of jacket that should be considered is denim. Denim on denim is a great combination as long as the two pieces are distinctively different in colour. Pick a navy or blue denim jacket. For a better effect, try a black denim jacket with a white T-shirt, which leads us to the next point: all white.

All White Outfit Ideas

All black is the safest, most acclaimed choice while its antagonist, all white, still raises judgemental eyebrows. The safest way to pull off an all-white outfit is to acknowledge that wearing white jeans, a white shirt, and a white jacket are a risky but cool look.

Try a blue striped shirt to draw attention to the jeans more. The secret is in the outwear’s colour: it has to be a cleaner shade so that the contrast pops out. Marry the whole thing together with some shades and loafers and you’re done. Perfect for summer nights out, or a formal meal with friends.

Shoes to Wear with White Jeans

Shoes to Wear with White Jeans
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When it comes to shoes and white jeans there aren’t as many options as other jeans or trousers could offer. The thing you need to pay attention to, regardless of whichever combination you end up choosing, is that the shoes must be spotlessly clean. The whiteness of the jeans will make any minuscule dust on the shoe stand out in the most unpleasant way.

Loafers and White Jeans

The colour and fabric of the loafers should complement the upper side of the outfit. If you go for suede loafers wear a blazer and if you go for brown loafers wear a brown jacket. For a day-time look, brown or blue suede loafers are a winner, while for the night-time you might want to consider shiny loafers in black or burgundy.

Boat Shoes with White Jeans

There is a certain sophistication about boat shoes and white jeans. Nothing else suggests impeccable holiday attire more than this combination. There are many black boat shoes out there but we would recommend sticking to brown and other colours. The coloured laces and the hand-sewn details of the shoe will boost up your allure and the white jeans will offer a good contrast.

How To Wear White Jeans
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Desert Boots and White Jeans

This combination is ideal for the active guy who is on the go. Opt for the classic brown desert boots in order to achieve the best visual result. These shoes are comfortable and multifunctional but also perfect for any season, therefore, a good investment to make.

When Is It OK to Wear White Jeans

White Pants Outfits

White pants for men aren’t the easiest thing to style, especially for occasions. We have broken down some of the most obvious white pants scenarios to help you through your white jeans transition.

White Jeans in Summer

When summer is at its peak, you may the considering gearing up with a pair of white jeans. There couldn’t be a better time to consider purchasing a pair of these trousers as they are the perfect summer jeans! During summer, try to style jeans with a plain T-shirt and a shacket. If the weather is nice and warm, just wear a floral print short sleeve shirt and the result will be amazing. The best shoes to go with white jeans during summer are drivers or loafers.

How To Wear White Jeans
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White Jeans in Winter

During winter, white jeans are not highly recommended as they are safe to wear during dry weather. Any drop of rain or snow will get them dirty and within the first five minutes after stepping out of the house you’ll regret choosing to wear white. However, if dry weather is forecasted and there are zero chances of rain or snow, do wear your white jeans with a trench coat and boots to match it.

White Jeans on Holiday

White jeans and the holiday season are a match made in heaven. The sun is out and the good vibes are on full blast, therefore, you want to dress in a way that matches the holiday feeling. For comfort, wear a pair of boat shoes – no socks – and don’t forget to dress up the outfit with a paper straw hat or a cap. For a casual smart look, throw on a blazer, but if you want to keep it informal there are plenty of light sweatshirts or sweaters you can choose from.

How to Get a Stain Out of White Jeans

Now that we’ve provided everything you need to know about how to wear white jeans, we want to give you the heads up on how to wash white jeans and how to look after them.

The first most important style rule is cleanness. If your clothes are clean and tidy no one will care that much if you colour coordinated. When it comes to white jeans every guy must know how to get a stain out and how to get rid of bleach stains.

Act fast when jeans get stained! Remove the dirt excess with dry wipes and use sparkling water to clean up the mess. Regular water is not bad, but the bubbles help better at removing stains out of white clothes. If you are out and about and can’t throw the jeans in the washing machine, use any sort of soap to scrub the area thoroughly then let it dry. This way the stain will come out easier at washing.

The last step is actually using bleach in your washing up routine and other fancy cleaning products. They may be pricey at first sight but anything for under a fiver will do! Trust us, you don’t want to ruin a good pair of white jeans just because you’re stingy with washing products.

How to Wear White Jeans

  • Keep it simple – white jeans are a blank canvas so you can wear almost anything with them, just make sure you highlight the jeans and don’t draw away from them.
  • Add colour – coloured shirts or blazers are a definite yes, accessorise your white jeans and you’re good to go.
  • Footwear – trainers, loafers, brogues and boat shoes are in. Make sure your shoes are clean to match your jeans.
  • Be bold – white jeans are a statement piece, have faith in this style and it will show your confidence!
How To Wear White Jeans
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On That Note

We hope you discovered more options on styling white jeans and you found the style tips to help you pull off such a controversial piece of clothing. Remember that white jeans are versatile due to their colour, so regardless of combination, you will end up looking dashing. It’s not often you see guys in white jeans, but this is only because guys don’t know how to style them properly. Take a look at the rest of our clothing for some inspiration on how to style white jeans to make the most out of them.

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