What to Wear to a Wedding as a Groom

by JJ

Preparing for one of the biggest and happiest days of your life will have it’s stresses – finding a venue, figuring out the seating plan and dealing with things that you didn’t even know were a thing. You’re going to have a lot on your mind, so to help you put one thing to rest, here’s what you can wear if you’re the groom.

Every groom needs to look good on his wedding day, after all it’s your big day too. All eyes are will be on you and your soon to be wife, the photographs will be looked at forever, and the outfit you wear will be talked about by all your close family and friends. You’ve therefore got to make it a good one, so no pressure. You can’t just nip down to the tailor a few days prior or head to the high street and find a suit on demand. This kind of thing needs planning. The fit, the style, the colour and what accessories you decide on all need some thought.

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding as a guest is confusing, so choosing what to wear when it’s your own one is even worse. Grooms suits for weddings will vary depending on who you are as a person. If you’re more of a traditional guy then a morning suit will be for you, if you’re not really a suit wearer in general then a lounge suit with a few wedding accessories will go down well. As well as thinking about who you are and what you look good in, you need to think about the style of the wedding. Is it big, small, relaxed, lively? What’s the schedule for the day? Will you be filling it with traditional ceremony readings and a load of confetti throwing, or pre dinner shots and dance off’s? Whatever you decide to do at your wedding you need to make it your own, and this includes your look.

The Tuxedo

If you’re after a classic piece of wedding wear then a tuxedo should be on the cards. This one, unlike the morning suit which we’ll talk about next, can be worn post wedding as well as for the big day. The tuxedo is a staple piece but you need to think about the colour. Of course, black is a classic but sometimes black suits for grooms may look a bit boring, so unless you’re going for a trendy bow tie, pocket square or corsage you’ll want to choose an alternative colour. A midnight blue colour is a wedding colour that a lot of grooms like, as well as going for different grey tones. You may be thinking that these aren’t really tuxedo colours but when you’re figuring out what suit to wear to a wedding, blue suits for grooms work really well.

What ever colour you choose you need to make sure it fits like a glove and that the shoes are just as smart as the rest of the outfit. No scuffs or scratches, and patent always looks best. If you’ve got these things down, your bride and guests are sure to be impressed.


The Morning Suit

This is a very traditional way of dressing for a wedding, so if you know your bride’s going to be going all out princess then you’ll want to be just as boujee. The morning suit came from back in the good old days when morning clothes simply meant daytime clothes, when suits and formal wear was worn on a day to day basis. The morning suit basically consists of a tailcoat, dress shirt with either a wing or turndown collar, a waistcoat and a pair of formal trousers. The smartness and formality of this look will complement any traditional features you may be having at your wedding.

As this isn’t likely to be worn again, you’ll need to fully think about what to wear to a wedding, as the groom and if you’re going to want to wear it again. The colour choices of this suit will mix and match between grey and black, with your tailcoat being different to your trousers and your waistcoat different to your jacket. The options are endless, so getting a look and combination that you like will take some hit and miss action. A crisp white shirt is then needed and then some smart, shiny shoes will fit in perfectly. With a formal suit like this you need to decide if you’re going to buy or rent it. This all obviously depends on money and availability to get it properly tailored if you’re thinking of purchasing your own. On the other hand, if you’re renting it you need to make sure it all fits well as any one will not ‘just do’ because you’ll regret this in years to come. 

The Lounge Suit

Suits for grooms don’t have to be your stereotypical tux or morning suit, yes they may look smart but you can also look smart in so many other styles. Just because it’s a wedding – well, your wedding – the suit you choose doesn’t have to be over the top or what people expect it to be. A lounge suit is therefore a perfect option for someone that wants to look effortlessly styled and ready to take on the day. Unlike the tux or morning suit you can have a larger say on colours, accessories and shoes. So, if you want to really style your groom outfit to suit you then this is definitely the way to go.

First of all you need to think about colour. It’s your wedding so you can be bold; white, grey, burgundy, blue, navy, the list goes on. With this style you can get away with colour, and if you have a specific colour scheme then you’ll fit right in. Once you’ve chosen the colour you need to think about whether you’re going to go for a single breasted or double breasted look, and if you’re going to be wearing a waistcoat or not. A double breasted suit doesn’t usually need a waistcoat whereas the single breasted looks better when you have a matching waistcoat underneath. The waistcoat will help you look smart all day, from the ceremony all the way to the reception where you can ditch the jacket and rock the trouser and waistcoat look. So if you were struggling to decide what to wear to a wedding reception, then this is your answer. A waistcoat can smarten up your look even when you don’t have a jacket on.

If you have the right fit, shoes and accessories (we’ll get to these later) you won’t be shying behind your groomsmen and guests, so don’t worry, you’ll still be at the centre of everyone’s attention.



If you still want to wear a suit but don’t need to look as smart, then casual suits for grooms are also an option. To make a suit casual, instead of matching the trousers to the blazer, go for ones that are different. For example, white trousers and a grey blazer, or grey trousers and a blue blazer. If your mix and matching your colours you could also try going for a blazer that has a little pattern to it – as long as you keep the trousers and shirt simple of course. A small check adds that little bit of extra detail, and what better time to look extra than on your wedding day.

If you don’t want to go for a suit at all, or you’re wedding is in a tropical or different location, there are some other alternatives that you can go for. Tweed suits for grooms for example look good, and if you’re having a very country wedding then a tweed jacket will fit the theme. Or, if you don’t want to wear a jacket at all as you’re of getting married on the beach, a pair of chinos and a light shirt will work well. We’re not saying you should go all out Mumma Mia vibes, but linen is a good fabric to choose. Keep the trousers and shirt fairly fitted and you’ll avoid the beachy stereotype. Loafers work well in this situation, so a brown or pale tan colour should be what you go for.

The Finishing Touches

We now come to the final and arguably the most important part – the accessories and shoes. Every bride will know that it’s all about the details, so this is something you should get on board with. We’ll start with the shoes, and there are some rules you should know. Blue suits for grooms should be worn with brown shoes, but if you really want you can go for black. For black suits and grey suits then black looks best. Monk shoes are an all time favourite for weddings as they look smart and aren’t your standard formal pair. Any thing that’s patent also gives of a clean wedding vibe, so these are the ones you should also look for. 

Other accessories include ties, bow ties, pocket squares and corsages. When choosing these you need to know what the colour scheme and overall feel of your wedding is going to be like. The colours should all complement each other, so you can’t be choosing a random one when you know it won’t fit in with the rest of the day. For these things it’s difficult to give advice on when the colour variations and patterns are endless and also very personal to you and your wedding day. So for this I’m afraid you’re going to have to use your own initiative.

What to Wear to a Wedding as a Groom

  • The tuxedo is a classic wedding piece to go for, it’s smart and simple but still makes a big statement. Keep it fitted and pair with patent shoes.
  • A morning suit is a lot more traditional. The tailcoat and waistcoat will make this standout from the rest of the wedding party.
  • Double breasted and single breasted suits can be worn in an array of colours so you’re able to pick one that suits the theme of your wedding.
  • If you don’t want to wear a suit then mixing chinos with a blazer is just as stylish if you’re after something that’s a bit more casual.
  • The accessories and shoes are a major game changer. Get the shoes right and tie in your outfit to the wedding colour scheme with a tie, bow tie or pocket square.


On That Note

Hopefully now you’ve figured out what to wear to a wedding, so men, you need to buckle up and go out and make the purchase. Spending your time worrying and thinking ‘what can I wear to a wedding’ isn’t going to solve your problems. You need to try things on, go for ones you may not have thought you liked, and after a while you’ll find the perfect suit or outfit for you. Let’s just hope the bride likes it as much as you do!

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