10 Ways to Nail Your Style Like the Parisians – June, 2022

by Jamie
How To Dress Like A Parisian

The Parisians definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to style. They’re big fans of the basics and often go for the minimalist look, but how do they pull it off so well? We’ve taken a look and have lined up some tips for you to get into the French way of things. 

It’s no question that when you’re in Paris you’ll see multitudes of well-dressed men roaming the streets looking, somehow, effortlessly cool. This is why Paris has been the capital of fashion for hundreds of years – they simply know what they’re doing. If you’re wanting to adopt a chic, understated look then the French style of fashion is a must. Boasting a simplicity that’s teamed with eclectic finishing touches, the Parisian way is unquestionably the right way.

Don’t Forget The Basics

The main part of the secret to Parisian dressing is making sure you have a number of staple basics in your wardrobe, and high-quality ones at that. You’ll need to invest in some cotton T-shirts, Parisian jeans, as well as some linen and cashmere. These are all items that will help you build up your Parisian style.

The Shoes

Typical footwear for a Parisian is a pair (or two) of high quality pointed leather shoes in blacks or browns. These styles of shoes will compliment all of your legwear, from chinos to jeans, and if looked after properly, can be a worthwhile investment for your Parisian wardrobe.

Slim Fit

One thing you’ll never catch a Parisian wearing is something baggy or over-sized. Slim fit is the key here, even if it means taking various items of clothing to your local tailor to have them taken in. T-shirts, trousers, jeans, and jackets should all fit you like a glove – too baggy and you won’t have the Parisian style down.

Build Up A Scarf Collection

A scarf is one of the most important accessories you’ll need for your new Parisian inspired wardrobe. No Parisian is seen without a scarf between the months of September and May, so start building up your collection now and find your outfits transformed with a change of scarf. You don’t have to go all out with color and pattern, after all, we want to achieve a minimalist look. Keep it boldly striped, block colored or minimal Aztec and you’re good to go.

Layer up

The secret as to why a Parisian’s way of dressing looks so effortless is down to their use of layers. Simple things like putting a shirt on underneath a jumper, which is underneath a coat (and don’t forget that scarf), will create that I’ve-just-thrown-these-clothes-on look! Always make sure every layer can be seen, otherwise, it defeats the object.

The art of layering is all about the textures and the color palette. Colors should be kept simple and in true Parisian form – different shades of grey, blues, and added black are the basic options. If you want to add a splash of color like a Parisian, then a red scarf or jumper amongst the neutral tones will make it stand out. But it doesn’t just have to be red, brighter blues, pinks, and oranges are all good bold colors that can be added into your outfit.

Neutrals And Blacks

The most versatile of clothes are those that are neutral or black in color, and this is something the Parisians love. Sticking with staple colors such as navy, grey, white, black, and brown is the safest way of ensuring your wardrobe will continue to ooze sophistication for many years to come.

As you must have noticed by now, this color palette is a big thing when in Paris. Shapes and designs can be out there but when it comes to the colors, keep it simple. Mix and match with blacks and greys, and navy’s and blues (yes, navy and blue are different). And with these combinations there’s not really a right and wrong, jumpers, T-shirts, polos, jackets, and coats can all be incorporated into the neutral and black colored mix.

Classically Casual

Again, the importance of looking as though getting dressed this morning was an effortless task is essential. You’ll need to team certain items together, like the blazer and jeans to achieve this look, and could even go as far as swapping it round for a pair of tailored trousers and a worn leather jacket. Either way, you need to look like you’ve chosen your outfit with no thought at all.

Rock Star

Another classic Parisian look that you may want to opt for is the retro-rock look. And the perfect way of achieving this is by investing in a bomber, leather jacket, or even rain jacket and teaming these with a pair of denim jeans. Basing this on the black/neutral colors of the Parisian wardrobe, it’s the fabric and finish of these jackets that attracts the attention, particularly when worn alongside layers of greys and whites.

Again, as we keep saying, it’s all about simplicity, so don’t go for big logos and badges plastered all over them. A subtle slogan will do, but it’s always best to keep it basic. You want a good quality jacket, as less is more when it comes to the Parisian lifestyle.


A striped T-shirt is a quintessential piece of Parisian clothing. They’re versatile and timeless – perfect for teaming with a variety of looks this and every season. The one thing to always think about is that the stripes should be horizontal, otherwise you won’t be getting the full Parisian feel.

Black and Blue

An all-black look is usually the outfit of choice for a Parisian, as it’s easy and stylish. However, they like to mix it up from time to time by combining blue and black together to create a harmonious and stylish look. The key to achieving this is the use of white or a small splash of bright color to break up this dark look, whether this is a shirt or a handkerchief in the top pocket. Always team this with a slim-fit roll neck or T-shirt, a beanie or sunglasses, and lose the socks and belt to create that real feel of French men’s fashion.

How to Dress Like a Parisian

  • Keep classic and versatile basics on hand for numerous styling opportunities. Throw on a scarf to spice up a plain outfit – scarves are a quintessentially Parisian accessory.
  • Layer up jumpers with jackets to give dimension to your look. Jumpers, T-shirts, and jackets can all be layered as long as the palette works well.
  • Dressing in a neutral color palette will ensure all your clothes match and you look effortlessly put together. Pairing up black and blue may seem like a faux-pas, but do as the Parisians do.
  • Dress casually with classic pieces in order to nail the Parisian street style. Less is more and it’s all about quality over quantity.

On That Note

The effortlessly cool vibe that surrounds Parisian style might seem hard to crack. However, it can be achieved through just a few different tips and tricks. If you stick to neutrals, classic silhouettes, and layer a few key pieces you will be the epitome of Parisian style in no time.

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