Versatile Staples: The Bomber Jacket

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The bomber jacket is a classic staple. It’s been around for decades and this quick and easy style guide will show you how to wear one this season. You’ll know how to get the best out of your bomber jacket in no time.

The bomber jacket has long since been a wardrobe staple, with stars such as Michael Caine and Steve McQueen pioneering the bomber jacket way back in the 1960s. The bomber jacket truly is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe arsenal. It can take you from a casual day out to the clubs afterwards, or, if you’re feeling a bit posh, it can take you to a nice meal out. The bomber jacket is well worth the investment and we can’t see it going anywhere for a long time.

Men’s Bomber Jacket

Just to show you the full potential and versatility of these men’s lightweight jacket, we have put together a comprehensive list of different colours and fabrics for you to choose from.

Black Bomber Jacket

If you’re more into wearing a bomber for a casual day out then I don’t blame you. The bomber jacket works perfectly for this type of situation. As we’re entering the colder months it’s time to start thinking about which jacket you’ll be wearing for that time, and a bomber is spot on for it. Black works for every season and if you’re struggling to find the right men’s summer jacket, this is a great asset to your wardrobe. Plus it can easily transition into autumn as it allows you to do some layering underneath.

Because of its colour, you can pretty much wear anything you like with it, but for a more casual day, keep it monochrome. Paired with a simple white tee, black jeans and a pair of white plimsolls or trainers and you have yourself an outfit ready to tackle the day ahead.

How to Wear Bomber

Leather Bomber Jacket

The right men’s jacket has the power to give you confidence in ways that not many pieces of clothing can. With a leather jacket on your side – or better yet, shoulders – you’ll nail that badass and effortlessly cool look in the easiest way possible. Complete the look with a black T-shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and a solid pair of leather ankle boots for an effective result.

Bomber Jacket Styles

Suede Bomber Jacket

For a meal out, you’ll want to go a touch more sophisticated and appropriate. Its softer appearance make it the perfect addition to your look as it looks both smart and stylish – what more could you want?

Worn with a simple white button down shirt and a pair of black trousers you’ll have an instantly classic look. For the shoes, personally I’d go for brown just so that they can tie in with your jacket and it creates something a little different to your look. However, if you’re not feeling the brown shoes then go for the classic black brogues. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Grey Bomber Jacket

Everyone’s favourite past time, going out, but now the weather is turning its back on the sun, you’ll have to have something extra to keep you warm whilst you’re waiting for your taxi to arrive. This bomber jacket from Alpha Industries is a perfect option for keeping you warm whilst you’re staggering home.

When you’re on a night out, you want to look both stylish and you want to keep as cool (sweat free) as possible. You need all the freedom you can whilst you’re busting out your best Michael Jackson impression. So, with this in mind, you’ll want to keep your outfit simple. Go for a black tee with a little touch of print on it, a simple pair of black skinny jeans and some high top plimsolls (in the same colour as your jacket) for comfort. With these easy steps you’ll be good to go in no time.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket2

White Bomber Jacket

If you’re looking for the ultimate urban spin for your outfit, this Alpha Industries bomber jacket in white will give you just that. With a subtle and elegant touch of camo print, you’ll be able to create a great, fresh look. If you’re brave enough you could opt for an all-white look but that’s not ideal in terms of keeping your outfit spotless. No leaning on walls or sitting on the edge of the pavement for you.

For a more city-friendly look, pair your white jacket with a roll neck jumper for the colder months or a shirt will do temperatures permitting. Finish everything off with a bold pair of sneakers for a cool street style worthy outfit.

How to Wear a White Bomber Jacket

Your Quick Guide to the Bomber Jacket

  1. Black is the versatile colour par excellence. A bomber jacket in black is a great addition to your wardrobe as it’s easy to wear with most items of clothing and it’s perfect for any season. It’s fair to say that a black bomber jacket is a timeless piece.
  2. If you’re looking to add a bit more edge to your outfit, then a leather bomber jacket is what you need. It’ll look especially well when paired with other black elements.
  3. For a touch of sophistication, you simply can’t go wrong with a suede bomber jacket. Suede will allow you to add a textural element to your outfit and it’ll elevate the entire look.
  4. A grey bomber jacket is a great alternative to a black one. You’ll be able to wear just about anything with it and you can look for one with some warm padding for the colder months. It’ll look amazing on a night out and you won’t freeze to death when you’re on your way home.
  5. Pulling off a bright white bomber jacket is no piece of cake. However, it can really give an urban spin to your outfit that will guarantee you some street style points.

On That Note

We simply can’t deny the bomber jacket’s versatility. This piece of outerwear has been a staple in men’s wardrobes for a very long time and now you know why. If you still don’t own one of these, you better get your hands on one of them as soon as possible. It’s never to late to incorporate timeless clothing into your ranks. The perfect bomber jacket to perfectly suit your style is just one easy click away. For that reason, don’t forget to swing by our shop to have a look at all the latest arrivals for the upcoming season. Plus, if you already have a trusty bomber jacket, you’ll surely find the right companions to go with it.

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