101 Amazing Tulip Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a tulip tattoo? Seems simple, getting a tattoo of this beautiful flower adored by many, and it is! Whichever meaning of a tulip tattoo you choose for yourself, we have you covered! Check out our top 15 tulip tattoo ideas for inspiration!

What does a tulip symbolize?

Tulips generally symbolize perfect love, but the meaning changes depending on the petals and their colors. Some associate the flower with rebirth, charity, and most commonly – bringing good luck.

What does a black tulip symbolize?

Black tulips are extremely rare and hard to achieve. In a see of colorful flowers, black tulips are shockingly stunning. They are a symbol of royalty, strength and power. 

Black and White Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@pauline.tattoo via Instagram

If an elegant and uncomplicated tulip tattoo is what you’re thinking of, we’re on the same wavelength! This simple design done in black and white ink will stand out on any skin tone. Tulips symbolize forgiveness, so keep the meaning in mind. This tulip tattoo design is perfect as a wrist, ankle or neck tattoo!   

One Line Tulip Flower Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@no.16____ via Instagram

Looking for a simple tulip tattoo? Look no further than this subtle tattoo idea! If you want to express your passionate and loving side, get this red tulip tattoo. Small tulip tattoos like this one are ideal not just for ankle, but hand or neck placement. Tulips come in many colors as you know, so be sure to check the tulip flower tattoo meaning behind each color!  

SImple Black Ink Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@maybe.liz.tattooing via Instagram

If colorful tulip tattoos are not your cup of tea, we suggest this clean design done in just black ink! Pick a closed or open tulip tattoo style, or just get both tattooed! Black tulips represent power and strength. So that’s why just black ink tulip tattoos are so popular! Think of the best placement before committing to the final design.

Lineart Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@justanotherhitw via Instagram

On the topic of black ink tulip tattoos, how about this stunning illustration as a tattoo? All the remarkable shading is done in different lineweight, creating an almost realistic image of the flower! You can add meaning to this design by getting a different color ink – red tulips suggest passion, while yellow shows off your cheerful personality. 

Tiny Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@noul_tattoo via Instagram

Hunting for a meaningful tulip tattoo while on a budget? We have just the thing! Get a tattoo of your initials or those of someone you love, and pair it with a tiny tulip at the end! Choose pink ink to show the world you’re confident, or yellow if you’re the type that never stops smiling! This design is a great example of a tulip wrist tattoo. 

Tulip Word Tattoo Design

Tulip Tattoo
@amandacreek via Instagram

Need more space to tattoo your favorite quote? How about this purple tulip tattoo paired with a meaningful saying? Double the meaning we always say! Purple tulips represent royalty, as this color was hard to produce back in the day. In a sea of red tulip tattoo designs, choose a different petal color and be unique! 

Tulip and Date Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@aucklandtattoo via Instagram

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, it’s surely this straightforward meaningful tulip tattoo! Beauty often lies in simplicity and this tattoo is just that. Your own birthday date, anniversary or any important date in your life deserve to be remembered forever. So make this the design visible and prominent, forever, anywhere on your arm or leg! 

Stylized Tulip Flower Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@inkaholic_girl via Instagram

Among traditional tulip tattoo designs we found this amazing stylized flower, just for you! A bold outline with just a few lines to suggest the shape is all you need. A black tulip is such a manly choice for a tattoo, so why not call your tattoo artist for an appointment today!

Small Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@bom.tattooer via Instagram

For all our artists out there looking for a tulip tattoo idea, we hear you! Take a look at this sophisticated design! If you’d like to color the tulips in, a pink tulip tattoo is for happiness, while a yellow tulip tattoo suggests a cheerful character. This unique tulip tattoo design will look interesting anywhere where you wish to place it!

Heart Tulip Tattoo Design

Tulip Tattoo
@fufufeesuniqueart via Instagram

This tulip tattoo is truly a heartstopping design! For any one of our romantic readers, know that this tattoo symbolizes deep emotional feelings for someone. Dedicate this tulip tattoo to your loved one and place it on your chest, near the heart! Add a splash of red for a unique touch!

Inspiring Black Ink Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@livingprayertattoo via Instagram

If spiritual symbolism is important to you when searching for tulip tattoo ideas, then we suggest this one! This stunning and ornate tulip tattoo is inspired by traditional Indian art. Tulips are considered holy flowers as they are associated with Hindu deities. Pay a respectful homage to the culture with this flower tattoo. 

Geometric Tulip Illustration Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@smirnova_eugenia via Instagram

Interested in a tulip tattoo with abstract background elements? Say no more! The shading on these tulips is incredible, who knew a grayscale tulip could look so realistic! The geometric shapes contrast starkly with the organic tulip flowers, making it such an intriguing tattoo. Consider a shoulder or calf muscle placement, no pressure. 

Sketchy Colorful Tulips Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@zillabitattoo via Instagram

Can’t decide on a single color for your tulip flowers tattoo? Why not get all of them? Take a look at this amazing bouquet tulip tattoo. We have yellow, orange, red and purple tulip flowers. One would think so many colors don’t mesh well, but this sketchy tattoo style would prove you wrong!  

Tulip Watercolor Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@juliabodyart via Instagram

Another artistic approach to tulip flowers tattoos is this watercolor tulip tattoo. The way the colors ‘leak’ out is instantly eye-catching! A watercolor tulip tattoo definitely isn’t a tattoo you see every day. Consider getting this watercolor effect on a red tulip tattoo or any color of your choosing!

Tulip Field Painting Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo
@audrey_tattoos via Instagram

In love with tulips and art? We say dedicate an entire muscle to the idea! Words can hardly describe this masterpiece! Such an image most definitely belongs in a museum, but we promise it also does on your body. Keep in mind this tattoo choice will be expensive and painful, but it will be worth it in the end!

Having Said All That

We hope you found our 15 tulip flowers tattoos to be useful and inspiring! When deciding on your next tattoo, take into consideration the tulip tattoo meaning and don’t be afraid to go for a colorful tulip tattoo. Listen to advice from a professional tattoo artist and negotiate everything in advance before committing.

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