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101 Best Women’s Ankh Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Jamie Wilson
Best Women's Ankh Tattoo Ideas

Are Egyptian ancient symbols calls to your soul? Then check out this archive of some of the best women’s ankh tattoo ideas that will snatch your attention right away.

Women's Ankh Tattoo Ideas
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Tattoos have been an artistic medium for expressing religious devotion to many deities throughout the history of mankind.

Many cultures have treated tattoos on the human body as bearing religious connotations, associating them with gods and spiritual symbols. Ancient Egyptians were no exception as they saw tattoos as a means of devoting their bodies to the deities.

One of the most celebrated and frequently carved religious symbols of Ancient Egypt is the Ankh symbol. It bears a deep meaning with it. The hieroglyphic Ankh means “life” or “breath of life” as it often gets associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and is linked to the Eye of Horus. These people used to have faith in the concept of life after death so they would place this Ankh amulet on the dead body, especially those of the pharaohs, inside the sarcophagi to bless the deceased with rebirth or immortality. The strong symbolism attached to this beautiful sign rendered it a power to influence people all across the world to get Ankh tattoos. Women who choose the Ankh symbol for their tattoos often love the ideas of life, rebirth, and fertility attributed to it. Even women in Ancient Egypt also had Ankh or Eye of Horus tattoos on the visible part of their bodies. In popular culture, the Ankh does not bear any religious or devotional element to it but it surely does inspire people to believe in its spiritual power. Here is a list of the most attractive types of Ankh designs for you to go through.

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo On Leg

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo On Leg
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This magical Ankh tattoo design in colored ink on the woman’s leg catches the attention of the onlooker instantaneously. The vibrant blue flame against the backdrop of the Ankh symbol makes it attractive.

The Ankh is considered to be the first cross or the original cross as it looks like the cross with loop on top. The association of this symbol with the concept of rebirth made it a symbol of faith for the Coptic Christians of Egypt. This Ankh as a cross was first believed to bear the power to give an individual an immortal life through sacrifice and resurrection. It was Jesus Christ’s promise to human beings. It is believed that this theory later pursued the Christians to use the cross as their ultimate epitome of faith. The Ankh is also known as “handled cross” or “crux ansata” as it is often seen in the hands of the Egyptian deities. Getting this colorful tattoo on your leg not only renders you a cool look but also inspires you to look at your life differently.

Scarab And Ankh Tattoo Design

Scarab And Ankh Tattoo Designs
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Next comes this gorgeous tattoo of the Egyptian symbol Ankh along with two other important symbols like the Scarab and the Eye of Horus. The tattoo is done in black ink with perfect dexterity. It covers the wrist of the woman and looks like a piece of jewelry, maybe a bracelet.

The common symbolic meaning in all three images is the idea of rebirth or renewal. The theme of this tattoo seems to represent the faith in starting over, getting a new life, and moving on from the past. Firstly, the Egyptian scarabs are dung beetles that are historically associated with Khepri, the early morning sun deity of ancient times. The exquisite wings of the dung beetle on this tattoo design make it look stunning. If you love the deeper meaning of these pretty symbols, you should get this tattoo art as soon as you can.

Women’s Ankh Tattoo Small On Palm

Women's Ankh Tattoo Small On Palm
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This is not the typical Ankh tattoo. It is a tattoo design of the Eye of Horus. The tattoo is beautifully carved on the palm of the woman. It is a simple and small tattoo made with black tattoo ink.

The Eye of the Horus is often associated with the image of Ankh. Horus is the god of kinship and the sky, the son of Isis and Osiris. His Eye serves as a sign of protection and healing. According to Egyptian mythology, there was a rivalry between Horus and Set, the god of desserts and storms. In that fight, Horus lost his Eye but was restored by other deities. He eventually lent the Eye to his father which aided him with eternal power in the afterlife. This Egyptian eye tattoo represents well-being and healing.

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo With Geometric Shapes And Moon Phases

Egyptian Ankh Tattoo With Geometric Shapes And Moon Phases
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This grandiose tattoo includes the Ankh symbol, the Eye of Horus, Nehebkau, and the moon phases. The tattoo stretches from the chest down to the belly in geometrical shapes. It is inked with black color and the result is outstanding. The black design on the white skin creates a brilliant contrast and makes it look elegant.

Ancient Egyptians believes in powerful meanings associated with different elements. The Ankh, the snake god Nehebkau, and the moon phases all represent common symbolism. Nehebkau or the snake here symbolizes death and the afterlife. Moon phases represent immortality, the eternal life. Again, the Ankh is the key to life or the life after death. Tattoo lovers always crave something meaningful to get on their bodies and this ankh tattoo design quenches their thirst. But you will need skilled tattoo artists to make a tattoo design like this one.

Isis And Ancient Egyptian Culture Ankh Tattoo

Isis And Ancient Egyptian Culture Ankh Tattoo
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This elegant piece of body art inked on the back of this woman is so elaborate that one might have to look twice to understand its meaning. This is mainly the tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the power of Ankh and the moon phases. The tattoo has little Egyptian symbols organized thoroughly. Someone must need to have a high level of expertise to pull off a tattoo design like this one.

The Ankh is often seen held by Egyptian gods and goddesses, especially by Isis. She is the wife of Osiris, god of fertility, afterlife, death, and resurrection. She is also the mother of Horus whose Eye was very beneficial both to himself and his father. The Ankh is also confused with the Tyet or the Knot of Isis which also stands for “life”. This tattoo thus represents fertility, women’s sexual energy, and eternal life.

Cute Ankh Tattoo With Arabic Touch

Cute Ankh Tattoo With Arabic Touch
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This small Ankh tattoo on the leg would also look pretty on the neck, behind the ears, or on the wrist. It illustrates the Ankh symbol with the Arabic word that means “Egypt”. It is a minimalistic look, if you wear it you will love it.

The Ankh takes the form of a T with a loop or knot on top. Here, the tail of the T gets extended into the Arabic word “Miṣr” or Egypt. The tattoo looks like a child is holding a balloon but that is just a visual opinion. The whole women’s ankh tattoo meaning is that is the “key of life” or the “Key of Nile”. This tattoo is of perfect size and tattoo lovers would die to get this one inked.

Egyptian Symbols With Ankh Tattoo

Egyptian Symbols With Ankh Tattoo
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This ankh tattoo design stretching from the shoulder to the arm symbolizes different elements. Each symbol has different meanings and connotations. They are drawn with thoughtful artistry.

Each of these images has something in common with the Egyptian ankh symbol. The Ankh represents immortality and so do the other signs. This is one of the most gorgeous Ankh tattoo designs as it has various elements. It will be amazing to get this.

Realistic Egyptian Ankh Tattoo

Realistic Egyptian Ankh Tattoo
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This Ankh tattoo design attracts the onlooker like honey attracts bees. The eye, the makeup, and the eyebrow are on point.

Realism has made this tattoo into a painting. This tattoo looks out of this earth. This Ankh tattoo design will be eye-catching if you get it etched on your bosom, back and hand.

Eye of Horus Tribal Tattoo

Eye of Horus Tribal Tattoo
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Tribal ankh tattoos are unique but they look pretty cool. This tattoo includes the Eye of Horus with feathers as lashes, inked with black color.

History knows how much importance this symbol held. It has essential meanings. This is one of those minimalistic ankh tattoo designs that look beautiful anywhere on the body. As all the ankh tattoos are considered to be deep-meaning Egyptian tattoos, you can get them with or without other symbols.

Egyptian Cross With Wings Ankh Tattoo

Egyptian Cross With Wings Ankh Tattoo
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Another unusual but exotic tattoo design is this last tattoo on the chest of a woman. To have an Ankh tattoo on the chest is more like an invitation for eyes to pry and interpret. The Ankh looks different as it has wings instead of the “T” and then there is the Eye of Horus beneath it. The dotwork is done exceptionally well to enhance the beauty of the tattoo design.

For a woman, getting a chest tattoo design is very cool yet sensual. And if it is one of those ancient symbols like ankhs and wings, it will be unique and mysterious. The wings could be interpreted as the wings of the goddess Isis, godmother of the pharaohs. The Eye of the Horus looks spectacular with the dotwork in black. Overall, if you get such a tattoo you will amaze people with its charm.

Ankhs were used as amulets or as other pieces of precious jewelry as history suggests. Scarabs, the Eye of Horus, and Isis are also related to the Ankh tattoos. Ankh tattoo designs are in unbelievable demand all over the world. This archive of the most prevalent Ankh tattoo designs would enlighten you with the history behind each symbol. Love any tattoo that will enhance the beauty of your body.

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What does the ankh tattoo mean?

The ankh tattoo is a symbol of eternal life and immortality, and it is often associated with the concept of resurrection. It’s also seen as a sign of protection, health, and fertility. In many cultures, including ancient Egyptian culture, Ankh tattoos have been used to represent divine power. They are believed to be able to ward off evil and bring good luck to the wearer. In other cultures, Ankh tattoos represent balance and unity, as well as the ability to maintain an eternal connection between body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, for many people, an Ankh tattoo is a reminder of the power of faith and a lasting symbol of life’s journey.

What are the different styles of ankh tattoos?

Ankh tattoos come in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, tribal, and blackwork. Traditional Ankh tattoos often feature a more intricate design with ornate details and bright colors. Modern Ankh tattoos are usually simpler in design and may be combined with other elements, such as flowers or stars. Tribal Ankh tattoos typically feature bold lines and geometric shapes, while blackwork Ankh tattoos often focus on shading and contrast. No matter what style of tattoo you choose, it is important to make sure that it accurately reflects the meaning behind the design.

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