Top 8 White Shirts for Men

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

White shirts are essential to menswear. It’s the attire that rarely differs much in design but continues to make each gentleman look unique. Not forgetting that white shirts have become the perfect day-to-night attire. Whatever the season or occasion, they’ll always make you look sophisticated.

For some guys, the white shirt is integral to their career. It’s a great choice for the office, as it’ll make you look smart and professional. While it’s also great for social events too, as it’ll create a casual-dressy look which is perfect for low-key events. You can always rely on your white shirt, so we decided to compile some of our best white shirts for men.

How to Wear Your White Shirt

Are you seeking a new style? If so, finding the perfect white shirt might be the way to go. You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone too much either as this design is very simplistic. However, you can play around with texture and colour elements to help bring out your personality a bit. The greatest thing about your white shirt is that it can be worn for all seasons and occasions. There are no real restrictions for when and where you can wear your white shirt. Although, it’s essential that you focus on the fitting of your shirt and that it feels comfortable for you.

How Your White Shirt Should Fit

Do you have a tailor? If your answer is no, then it’s time to start searching online. Your white shirt needs to fit you well and your tailor can always lend a helping hand if it’s needed. If you plan on figuring out how the shirt should fit yourself, here’s a handy size guide to give you some pointers.

Best White Shirts for Men

Finding the best white shirt can be a real task, especially as there are so many styles to choose from. But there’s no need to panic as we’ve got all that sorted for you. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite white shirts for you to add in to your wardrobe.

Best Men’s White Dress Shirts

The dress shirt is a good choice for beginners as it’s the perfect white shirt for both the office and for socialising. This is why we’ve chosen to start here. So before we start deteriorating from the main topic, hare a couple of dress shirts to give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

White Dress Shirt

The dress shirt is the perfect option for any black-tie and formal events. So when styling your white shirt, you should consider a James Bond kind of style and how sophisticated it makes him look. Your aim is to make sure your dress shirt has the same vibe flowing from the top to bottom of the outfit, keeping your style both classic and smart.

This piece will pair up nicely with a classic black tuxedo. Of course, if you’re considering the full Bond look, why not throw in a bow tie and formal shoes? If you’re after something a little less Casino Royal Bond and a bit more Skyfall, a grey suit paired with this dress shirt will have you fitting in in no time.

Wood Wood Timothy Shirt White

Got a BBQ this weekend? Your dress shirt will create the casual-dressy look that’s perfect for a relaxed occasion. You want to keep your dress shirt on the simple side, so avoid putting too much effort into your look as you want your style to appear relaxed overall. Avoid bright colours and go easy on textures too – you’ll thank us later.

This choice from Wood Wood is the perfect white dress shirt. It’ll work best for you in the warmer seasons, so why not choose a pair of chinos and trainers to help style the look accordingly. Complete this style with a classic watch and a pair of sunglasses as you want to keep your accessories to a minimum but still look good.

Best Men’s White Oxford Shirts

The Oxford shirt is the best choice for those who wear shirts on a regular basis. It’s a step up from the dress shirt as it comes with a formal design, button-down collar and it’s acceptable to wear at casual events too. There are really no limits when it comes to wearing the Oxford! There are a few more style options when it comes to this kind of shirt, so you can add texture, design and collar interest to suit you a little bit more.

Farah Brewer Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt White

As we know, the Oxford shirt can be worn daily, whether you wear it to work or to the pub, if you style it according you’ll fit right in. This Farah long sleeved Oxford has a button down collar and embroidered logo on the chest of the shirt making it a little more personal. The white Oxford shirt is a must-have for any sartorial male.

Wear it under a suit, jumper or cardigan for a classic formal look, or wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt to add an extra layer. Chinos or smart trousers are a must – the darker the colour the better. Finish off with smart shoes for the office and swap them for trainers if you’re heading out after.

Fred Perry Long Sleeve Heavy Oxford Shirt

Fred Perry have a huge heritage that translates a lot into the the clothing they produce. The classic designs and well fitted garments are staple pieces that every guy needs in their wardrobe. Whether you want to wear the Oxford shirts casually or to the office, Fred Perry gives you the ability to do both.

For the office, suit trousers and formal shoes are a must. But for something a little more casual, whether this is your preferred office style or just for a night out, chinos or slim fitted trousers and a clean pair of white trainers will give you a simplistic, ready to go anywhere style.

White Button Down Shirts for Men

The white button down shirt is a great option for all occasions as it’s a mix of our two favourite styles. It’s designed with a smooth look (like the dress shirt) in mind and finished off with a strong button down collar (like the Oxford shirt). It’s the perfect white shirt combo but how do you style it?

Soulland Goldsmith Button Down White Shirt

Your white button down shirt is a great option for all your off duty work do’s where you still want to look smart but don’t want to be the one in a full on suit and tie. This means you can style your shirt with jeans, chino, trousers, the lot. Just keep in mind the occasion and place in which you plan on wearing this shirt to.

This Soulland button down shirt will give you the confidence you need to impress your boss, the girl or even your mates. You don’t have to go all out either, a simple, well put together style will do just fine. Trousers or a pair of jeans and a bomber thrown on over the top will create a structured yet casual look for you to pull off with ease and a whole host of confidence.

B.D.Baggies Bradford Linen Shirt White

Your search for the best white button down shirt doesn’t have to stop with plain styles. In fact, guys want more from their white shirts – they want cool white shirts, and they’re doing this by playing around with different textures and shades. B.D.Baggies have a selection of linen shirts, which firstly have a lighter feel and hang differently on the body than any cotton shirts you may have. Plus, they don’t just offer a white colour – you can rock the blue and pink colourways too.

This white button down shirt by B.D.Baggies is a great choice as the style isn’t too overwhelming but it’s still distinctive. To achieve the casual look, we’d suggest that you keep everything simple by not putting too much effort into your other pieces. Match up this shirt with a dark pair of slim fit jeans, a decent pair of Clarks and some sunglasses to finish off the look. Easy.

Short Sleeve White Shirts for Men

Did you know that to discover the perfect white shirt you don’t have to always choose long sleeves or stick with plain white? In fact, you can choose different textures, colours and lengths to create the best white shirt for you. So if you want something a bit different, or your long sleeve isn’t really cutting it for the summer months, a short sleeve is your next best option.

Lacoste Short Sleeved Oxford Shirt

Lascoste is a brand that you wouldn’t always associate with smart pieces but forget about the polo shirts and start thinking about the actual shirts they do offer. If you’re looking for something that can withstand an entire day of drinking then Lacoste offer an ideal solution. The embroidered logo on the front gives it it’s sporting heritage and the button down casual fit of the shirt provides the smart edge your looking for.

Wear this shirt with chinos or some slim fit jeans. Throw on a bomber or casual coach jacket for when you’re on route to the next bar and finish off with a comfortable pair of trainers that you can go all day in. See, the ideal pub crawl attire.

Publish Hans Short Sleeve White Shirt

With the short sleeve look, you want to focus on what the shirt’s style is actually like – is it formal, casual or a mix of both? Don’t go overboard with your styling as your shirt will do the work for you. Your short sleeve white shirt can be worn for both formal and casual events, so like we always say, check with your host before you rock up at a formal event in your short sleeved shirt.

We love this white shirt from Publish as it’s not your typical plain white shirt. The grey short sleeves create a design twist and add some interest to a casual style. You can match this shirt easily with a pair of jeans, so why not go for a classic black pair and trainers? Or you can opt for a pair of loafers or boat shoes if you want to smarten up your style.

The Best White Shirts for Men

  • Always stick to classic styles and shapes so they’ll be universal in your wardrobe.
  • Avoid getting a white shirt with a loud design on it as this will date fairly quickly as time goes on. You want a classic.
  • Make sure that the shirt fits you perfectly, as there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting shirt on a man.
  • The white shirt is a staple piece and can be dressed both up and down to suit the day and occasion.

On That Note

Long and short sleeve white shirts are essential to a gent’s wardrobe, they can be matched up with both your formal and casual attire. They’re therefore great for every occasion and with a great amount of freedom when styling your crisp white shirt you’re sure to find that it’ll go with anything you own. You can pick from a classic tuxedo, suit, chinos, shorts and even jeans. Your shoes and accessories can also vary. Whatever shirt, trouser and shoe combination you choose, you need to make sure that the look works best for you.

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