Top 8 Wallets for Men

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

They say money makes the world go round, but you don’t have to spend too much of it to keep it safe in a cool, stylish wallet.

A wallet is an essential item for any man, a place to store all the paper and plastic he needs to get by. Though wallets are a practical necessity for the modern man, they’re also another outlet to be stylish. Wallets are after all, one of the few fashion accessories men have. They can match your street outfit or finish off a suit, and can be as eye-catching as any other piece of clothing you can wear.

However, many men aren’t aware of the diversity of wallets out there. Wallets can be sporty or classy, utilitarian or minimalist. They can be attached with knives and bottle openers, or be designed to be light and take up very little room. It’s all about what kind of wallet suits your lifestyle the best. And as wallets are something we carry about with us every day, it’s important to find the right one.

Buying a Wallet

When buying a wallet, you need to consider its material and style. Wallets can be made of cloth, canvas, hard case or leather. Think carefully about which one suits you; cloth and canvas wallets are more varied in colour and design, but they can wear out more quickly. Wallets made from leather tend to last longer. Hard case wallets are stronger and more protective, but aren’t comfortable to carry around in a pocket all day.

mens wallet street style

Wallets can be bi-fold, meaning they fold in two, tri-fold, meaning they, you guessed it, fold in three, or a card holder wallet. Card holder wallets are often just a sleeve with a couple of pockets that can hold multiple cards.

The style of wallet that would suit you depends on your needs. If you wear slim-fitting clothes, a card sleeve wallet would be ideal because of its slender profile. If you just need something to hold your cards and a few folded notes, then a card sleeve wallet will be the most comfortable, and you can still retain an attractive silhouette. If your top priority is an assortment of storage options, then a tri-fold may be for you. Bi-fold wallets are a perfect middle-ground between convenience and style – less likely to leave an unsightly bulge than a tri-fold wallet, but with more space than a card holder. It’s all about finding the wallet to suit your needs.

1. Herschel Roy Wallet Blue – buy here

Herschel are the essential brand for exciting designs at reasonable prices. This is exemplified by their selection of Roy wallets, with an assortment of vibrant designs made with Herschel’s trademark poly fabric lining. This bi-fold wallet has a cool, contemporary design, six card slots and a large currency holder.

herschel roy blue wallet

2. Herschel Johnny Wallet Navy – buy here

Not a wallet for storing prophylactics as the name seems to imply, the Johnny Wallet is a compact pouch wallet with practical interior card slots and an extended zipper, keeping your belongings safe and allowing quick access to them. By the way, don’t actually store your johnnies in here; they dry out and break if you keep them in wallets. You’re welcome.

herschel johnny wallet

3. Herschel Charlie Wallet Black – buy here

For a lean alternative to the other Herschel wallets, the Charlie is a small, slender card holder, perfect for minimalists. Despite its size, you can still fill its interior full of cash and still fit cards into its three slots. The Charlie lets you hold your essentials, whilst letting you feel like you’re not really carrying anything.

herschel charlie wallet

4. Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Leather Card Holder – buy here

If all you need is to carry some cards, such as on a night out when you don’t want to be carrying too much cash, Herschel’s Charlie Card Holder is perfect. It can carry quite a few cards in its multiple card slots, and has a slot for notes as well. It’s made of 100% long-lasting genuine leather that’s easy to wipe marks off, and decorated with a grand embossed Herschel logo on the exterior.

Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Leather Cardholder

5. Eastpak Krew Wallet – buy here 

Eastpak are a top brand for both style and practicality. Their products are perfect if you want something well-made and hardwearing. The Krew Wallet has a trifold closure, and many useful compartments. The multi-compartment interior keeps your cards and notes safe, whilst the back centre zipped compartment can hold your change securely.

Eastpak Krew Wallet

6. Mi-Pac Matte Wallet Brown – buy here

Mi-Pac are a new British company who value expressive designs and simple, quality products. Their bags and wallets bring a touch of creativity to the competition by utilising a wide variety of materials, patterns and colours, all whilst making everything durable and functional.

The Matte Wallet is no exception. This bi-fold wallet is made from high-quality materials, resulting in a durable yet pleasingly soft faux-leather wallet, with dyed to match lining. Its dual note compartments and multiple card slots design in a double fold over pattern, offer plenty of storage, all in a classic wallet design that you can fit in your front or back pocket whilst hardly noticing it.

Mi-Pac Matte Wallet

7. Mi-Pac Matte Card Holder – buy here

If you need something a little more sleek, Mi-Pac also make card holders. They are made with the same quality durable material and finish as their wallets, but in a smaller, lighter shape. The Matte Card Holder has four convenient pockets that can safely store several cards. One less thing to worry about on a night out.

Mi-Pac Matte Cardholder

8. Icon Brand Wallet in Canvas Mix – buy here

Icon Brand are an essential brand in youth fashion-inspired accessories. Their products are meticulously crafted in a wide variety of designs so that anyone can find a design that reflects their style. From pop-culture prints to classier leather designs, they are the ultimate makers of smart, unique wallets. This wallet is a more buttoned-down style, perfect for someone who wants a wallet suitable for their day-to-day needs. This bi-fold piece has six handy card slots, a smart canvas finish on the outside, and a genuine leather interior with stripe print lining for extra style and depth.

Icon Brand Wallet in Canvas Mix

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