Top 7 Questions Men Ask Themselves

by Jamie Wilson
questions men ask themselves

Reviewed & updated: November 15, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

If you’re a man between the ages of 20 and 60, you’ve probably asked yourself some or all of the questions listed below. Of course, everyone has their own take on how to resolve life’s basic dilemmas and conundrums, but it’s helpful to get a basic orientation on how most guys feel about everyday questions. Several areas of concern focus on money, while others touch upon issues like health, family life, and career choices. 

When it comes to personal finances, the vast majority of working men choose at least one form of investing and figure out a way to deal with college loans. In many cases, grads who want to reduce their monthly education debt payments opt to refinance. Other queries that top men’s lists include whether to get married, how to find a wife, and if joining a gym is a wise move. 

For guys who wonder how much to spend on a car, a home, and evenings out, there are reliable answers that suit most lifestyles and income levels. Likewise, it’s best to know how much life insurance to buy and the most reliable ways to keep your health and career on track. Here are relevant details about each of those subjects.

What are the Best Investing Options?

With the securities markets in a downward trend, it’s tough to choose which assets are the safest because the economy, and stock exchanges, could turn around at any time. However, for guys who don’t mind going short, there are plenty of choices. Plus, keep in mind that the forex and options markets can be good places to trade as they offer investors either side of every position, long or short, with equal ease. 

It depends on what you’re comfortable with, what your risk profile is, and the kinds of assets you prefer to trade. If you’re among the lucky ones who have excess capital to put at risk, consider conservative routes like bank CDs, blue-chip stocks, and precious metals. For men who are okay with a modest amount of risk, appropriate selections include small-cap equity shares, options, and commodities.

How Can I Deal with Education Debt?

Whether you have one or more college loans lingering on your monthly budget, the single most effective way of dealing with the debt is to refinance it. That way, it’s possible to use a student loan refinancing arrangement to completely reorganize the debt into a simple, one-payment situation. 

The result is lower monthly expenses and the chance to gain access to more advantageous rates, terms, and repayment schedules. Note that a large number of professional men are currently paying on more than one college loan, which makes refinancing an ideal way to go.

What’s the Smartest Way to Stay Healthy?

There are several tactics for optimizing physical well-being, including commonsense tactics like getting regular exercise, staying healthy at the office, sleeping enough every night, eating right, finding ways to reduce stress, and seeing the doctor at least once annually. Men’s health is one of those subjects where there are multiple factors that determine which answer is right for a given individual. Always talk with your doctor to create a checklist of what to do to optimize your health.

How Can I Find a Wife?

Assuming you want to get married, there are many commonsense ways to find a wife. If you don’t plan on marrying, it’s possible you’ll still want to find someone who will eventually become a life partner. Either way, the journey begins with acquiring enough social skills to make it happen. For most guys, the process entails joining at least one club or organization that focuses on matching people for long-term relationships. 

In the 2020s, the two most common ways men and women meet are through churches or online dating sites. Both come with time and financial commitments, but men who are in search of partners should consider joining a church where they feel at home and a dating platform that has a good reputation. Avoid high-priced matchmaker services and faith-based organizations that don’t align with your personal beliefs.

Is Joining a Gym Worthwhile?

For adult males who want to prioritize their overall health and physical conditioning or who wish to train for a specific athletic event, like a marathon or rock-climbing event, gyms can be a fun, inexpensive way to socialize and get access to all the workout equipment necessary to achieve fitness goals. With so much competition in the marketplace, it’s wise to avoid clubs that want to lock you into a long-term commitment. The best gyms offer month-to-month memberships, are open from early morning to late at night seven days per week, and have male and female members of all ages.

Is My Career on the Right Track?

Do an honest assessment of where your career is and where you want it to go. Then, explore the idea of speaking with a professional career counselor if you feel there’s room for improvement. The fact is that most guys have doubts about their careers and wonder whether they’re making enough money, advancing in their fields, and amassing job security as the years pass. 

It’s easy to second-guess yourself and assume that things are okay when they’re not, or that the situation is dire when the reverse is true. For so many men, the solution is to get outside advice, which is why it’s worth the modest fee to book a session with a career counselor.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

There are four factors that go into the decision about the right dollar amount of life insurance: age, income, plans, and personal wishes. Men in their twenties and thirties are lucky because they are young enough to take advantage of low rates. But even guys over 40 can still get affordable life coverage from a reputable carrier. 

Speak with an experienced, licensed agent to find out what your options are. Most working people are surprised at how reasonable the premiums can be on a policy that takes into account your income, age, and family needs. Stick with top-rated insurance companies and aim for whole-life policies that offer a savings feature.

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