Top 6 London Restaurants That You Need To Visit

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Have you been looking for cool, trending restaurants to check out with your mates or go to on date night? We have explored London and picked out our favourite 6 places that you need to go to, too.

There is always going to be the struggle of wanting to take someone somewhere special but not knowing what’s around or what a place is really like. We have visited places of different price ranges and dress codes, but every restaurant has it’s own cool, unique twist to it. So, we hope this features gives you a clear guide and inspires you to check out a new experience. Take a look at the restaurants below.

Best London Restaurants for Interior Design Lovers

Where: Conduit Street, Mayfair, London.

About: Sketch is well known for their peculiar interior, especially that of the all-pink Parlour, designed by artist David Shrigley and interior designer India Mahdavi, which is nothing short of spectacular. No matter what room you enter, you are sure to be blown away by the innovative, creative spaces. The impressive interiors don’t stop at the bars/restaurants either, the Sketch toilets are an attraction of their own. I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen them plastered all over Instagram before; it’s not often you pee in an egg! We visited the Glade room; Sketch’s own forest wonderland. Designed by Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu, the Glade offers cocktails, tapas, breakfast and brunch in a contemporary fairy-tale space. Each restaurant has their own menu, so you are not by any means short of choice.

Interior: The interior of Sketch is what puts it so magnificently on the map. Artists and designers alike have joined forces to create the series of bars and restaurants, each following their own unique theme. The Glade room has a fresh fitted handmade 3D carpet, which reflects the forest floor. This goes hand-in-hand with the rich, intricate woodland surroundings. The tables are mirrored, resembling pools and reflection, and the room is lifted with a magical self-playing piano.


Price Range: Mid Range

Top Picks: Cocktails: Not Far From The Tree. Food: If you’re visiting the Glade, select a range of tapas dishes.

Atmosphere: Most respectable places with high reputations come with an intimidating atmosphere, but Sketch makes you feel the exact opposite. The staff are welcoming, the rooms are cosy and the vibe is genuinely relaxed. Whether you’re an avid fancy-restaurant-goer or you’re treating someone to a birthday meal, you’ll feel right in place here. Sketch has an ‘art smart’ dress code- a code that permits personality and a sense of character through style.

To see more of Sketch, take a look at their website.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist-Mad-Hatters-cocktail-best-bar-london-top-style 15

Where: Bevis Marks, London. The Alchemist has 9 locations throughout London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle.

About: The Alchemist is the perfect destination to set free your inner scientist. Described as ‘the masters in the dark arts of molecular mixology’, you can escape to The Alchemist for not just a drink, but an experience. Every drink has a theatrical element to it, whether it’s clouds of dry ice, syringes of shots or chemistry flasks filled with alcohol that’s been infused before your eyes. If watching the magic isn’t enough for you, you can book yourself, and friends, in for a cocktail masterclass. During the masterclass, you’ll have a one-on-one with a mixologist to learn how to create (and drink) the cocktails- yes, please! The Alchemist doesn’t stop at cocktails, either. They serve a wide selection of food from breakfasts and nibbles to warming desserts. If you’re looking to go to a place that genuinely excites you, makes you feel special, and fills you with memories (and plenty of alcohol), you need to check out The Alchemist.

Interior: Bevis Marks’ Alchemist boasts a moody and mysterious brass interior, dimly lit with hanging light bulbs and walls of fairy lights. There are large, grand sofas- perfect for getting cosy and enjoying the company of your friends. If you’re visiting the Alchemist in Bevis Marks, be sure to check out the tucked away terrace, hidden between the towering buildings of the city.


Price Range: Cocktails: £8.25 (£4.65 non-alcoholic) – £20.50. Food: £5 – £23

Top Picks: Cocktails: The Mad Hatters, Bubblebath, Dead Red Zombie. Food: The Sharing Platter and The Vegetarian Sharing Platter.

Atmosphere: The Alchemist attracts all, from the bustling businessmen (and women) of the city and large groups to couples experiencing the wonders of the 3.5OZ Of Happiness (that’s a cocktail, by the way, and yes, happiness is an ingredient). The atmosphere is laid back, relaxed, and fun. Dress smart casual, but don’t feel you need to dress up too much- the cocktails will do all the impressing for you.

Head over to their website to book yourself in for the best cocktail experience around.

The Trading House


Where: Bank, 89-91 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7NQ

About: The Trading House celebrates the forgotten art of trade by allowing you to enter the residence and embark on a journey to discover the ingredients and flavours they use throughout their menus. Their cocktails menu explores the tastes of jasmine, chai, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger; drinks that are both exotic and refreshing. We love the Trading House’s show-stopper, famous hanging kebabs, which come in chicken, halloumi, salmon, pork and lamb combinations. Their food menu covers classics from different areas of the world, ensuring you have the best pick that trading has to offer. From gumbo dishes to fish and chips, you’re sure to discover something you love. On a final note, you’re mad if you don’t try their Banana Split… just trust us on this one.

Interior: The interior of The Trading House goes hand in hand with the theme. Find trunks and cages balanced on the ceiling beams, overlooking the centralised bar that splits the room in half. For a ‘quieter’ experience, sit in the dining area towards the back where the noise is, slightly, reduced. If you’re looking for that extra touch, wonder up the spiral staircase to the Mezzanine which overlooks the entire stunning main area.


Price Range: Cocktails: £7.95 (£4.50 non-alcoholic) – £10.95. Food: £4.50 – £25.95.

Top Picks: Cocktails: Honey And Ginger Cosma, Blueberry Gin Crush. Food: The Hanging Kebabs.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere in The Trading House resembles the hustle and bustle of the exciting art of trading. Every night on Monday-Wednesday, The Trading House present live musicians who play their music that fills the open plan restaurant. This is the perfect destination for after work drinks or a bite to eat with a friend. Their welcoming vibe doesn’t call for a smart dress code, so just go with the flow.

Check out The Trading House’s website to see more.



Where: 265 Hampstead Road, Camden NW1 7QX. Inamo has two other locations in Soho and Covent Garden.

About: Inamo restaurant truly reigns home the child in you. Their interactive tables are the heart and the selling point for the Asian fusion restaurant. The idea behind these tables was to allow the customer to take control of their dining experience, by being able to browse the menu, order the food and pay the bill all on the table. Don’t worry though, waiters are available for whenever you may need them. Inamo has now expanded what you can do with the interactive feature, introducing games, a kitchen cam and a feature where you can draw on the table surface (our personal favourite) as well as many others. A word of advice: don’t get too competitive with the games if you have wine on the table! We visited the Camden restaurant, where they have their Robato BBQ fired up- a perfect choice for summer dining.

Interior: The interior of Inamo follows their Asian theme with a modern twist. The Asian-inspired interiors of bamboo and onyx contrast the bright colours of the technological tables and the modern detailings.


Price Range: Cocktails: All at £8.95 (£5.95 non-alcoholic). Food: £6.95 – £21.95.

Top Picks: Cocktails: Lychee Martini, Asian Mary Food: The Dragon Roll, Robato plates.

Atmosphere: Inamo is appropriate for all ages and for all occasions. Neither your little ones or ‘older’ ones will ever be bored with the range of activities that your table has to offer. If you’re looking for a first date location, we would highly recommend Inamo. Go casual, and enjoy this incredibly fun experience.

Head over to their website to discover more of Inamo.



Where: Bond Street. 8 Lancashire Court, Mayfair, London, W1S 1EY

About: As the name suggests, Hush is hidden away in the cobbled courtyards not far from Bond Street station. Hush has gathered quite the reputation, with many Londoners and International’s seeking out the place designed to be like a members club where no membership is required. Hush host 5 different dining spaces, each with individual designs. We visited the Courtyard; a cobbled outdoor space that oozes with summer sunshine. Hidden away in the heart of London, it’s easy to imagine you are in a remote town far away from the city’s chaos. If that alone doesn’t make you want to go chasing after the secrets Hush hold, the food will. The modern European menu boasts flavours that will truly take your taste buds on a journey.

Interior: Hush prides themselves in their attention to detail when it comes to interior. The Aviator Bar takes the customer back to the golden ages of travel, decorating their bars with American discovery in mind. The Aviator’s drinks follow the theme, from the flavour to the presentation. The Riviera Courtyard, described as an oasis, is beautifully decorated with flowers and tall plants, all rested on a floor or artificial grass.


Price Range: Cocktails: £16. Food: £8 – £42

Top Picks: Cocktails: Head In The Game, Forbidden City. Food: The Hush Hamburger, Monkfish

Atmosphere: The Courtyard at Hush has a relaxed, easy and extremely vibrant atmosphere. Londoners and internationals come together to experience the dining that Hush has to offer. Set off to the Courtyard if you’re after a delicious, scenic break.

Check out Hush’s website to take a closer look.

Bob Bob Ricard

 Bob-Bob-Ricard-Blue-Dining-London-Restaurant-Best-Top Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

Where: Piccadilly Circus, 1 Upper James St, London, W1F 9DF

About: Bob Bob Ricard is well known for their ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons, which is an absolute favourite of ours, for sure. Designed by David Collins, the restaurant stands tall in its luxury Russian influences with pink and gold interiors. The restaurant is divided into three spaces; The Blue Dining Room, The Red Dining Room and The Private Dining room. Fun fact: Bob Bob Ricard pours more champagne than any other UK restaurant. We enjoy a restaurant where the food looks as good as it tastes, so we loved it here. There is an all-round attention to presentation, from the food to the interior. If you’re looking for somewhere to treat somebody, look no further.

Interior: The interior is beyond impressive and adds to the dining experience. The all-booth seating consists of leather seats, with marble table tops, a mirrored ceiling and a hand painted wallpaper. The attention to detail is exquisite, and the ‘Press for Champagne’ addition is iconic.

Price Range: Alcohol: £5.50. Food: £8.50 – £39.75

Top Picks: Drinks: Champagne, obviously. Food: Salmon Tartare, Beef Onglet

Atmosphere: You’ll want to dress up for Bob Bob Ricard, as the establishment calls for your finest, and it gives you nothing short of fine in return. Although the waiters are extremely attentive, and the restaurant is usually filled, you are still able to enjoy your company in the beautifully decorated booths.

Head over to Bob Bob Ricard’s website for more.

On That Note

We hope this guide inspires you to go and explore more of what London has to offer in terms of food and drink. The 6 restaurants we have selected all vary in price, so we have made sure we’ve included something everyone can enjoy. Each of these restaurants are inspired, fashionable and just…cool. Therefore, this is the perfect guide if you’re looking for somewhere or something a little different.

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