Top 5 Slim Jeans for Men

by Jamie Wilson
Slim Jeans for Men

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The slim fit jean is one of the most versatile staple items you can own. Perfect for days out, a visit down to the local pub or even for a romantic dinner date, the slim jean is your ultimate wardrobe companion.

Men’s fashion has come a long way in the past few decades. We’ve had our fair share of trends, catwalk shows and fashion weeks, which in reality is going to get bigger as the years go on. With that, our sense of dressing has revolutionised, changing our whole perspective on ‘dressing well’. This has resulted in our wardrobes evolving – including our staple items.

So, what is one of those staple items? Denim, of course. Denim has always managed to find its way into our wardrobes every season, there’s no doubt of that. Versatile, durable and can pretty much be worn with anything, the fabric is more than a staple piece for any wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a jacket or a shirt, denim will always find its way into every seasons’ style.

Slim Jeans for Men
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Best Slim Fit Jeans for Men

When it comes to jeans, you’ll probably already own a pair or five. It’s inevitable that jeans are the most popular out the denim clang. The fabric originates from Nimes in France where the material was produced for the working class as a hard wearing material used for work. This material was later adopted by Levi Strauss who created the first riveted pair of denim trousers. The material was named ‘denim’ after people called it ‘de Nimes’ meaning ‘of Nimes’, which was later abbreviated to ‘denim’.

Nonetheless, when it comes to choosing the right fit of jeans, only some fits can get away with being worn for all occasions. Dad jeans and skinny jeans can be overly casual and can look a bit off when paired with either a too tight or too baggy top-half. Slim jeans, however, are much more versatile with your wardrobe. Refined and cosy around the thigh, calves and knees, the slim jean defines a crisp and clean shape.

The slim fit jean has soared the menswear industry as being the key secret to dressing well. Popular from the beginning with the whole ‘teen’ culture movement, slim fit jeans have grown to become the ultimate jeans to have in your wardrobe. A slim-fit jean can take you through the seasons, the days and the nights, becoming a highly transitional pair of jeans that you can definitely rely on.

Take a look at our Slim Fit Jeans in black, for example. Made of a strong, comfortable and slightly stretchy denim, these jeans are made to mould around every body type and last in wear for a long time. Jeans should be timeless, and these slim fit jeans will never go out of style. You can dress these slim fit black jeans up with a pair of Chelsea boots and a shirt to look smart or a pair of clean white trainers and a plain T-shirt to go casual. Black jeans are always a good idea.

Slim Jeans for Men
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How to Wear Black Slim Fit Jeans

Black men’s slim fit jeans are completely versatile between both seasons and occasions. You can wear them in a smart and formal outfit in the summer and the winter, being assured that they will always look good. Whether you are wanting to achieve the smart casual look with a pair of slim fit black jeans or simply step into the athleisure trend that’s big right now, then get investing in the right pair. Let’s take a look at how to style some slim fit black jeans below.

Smart-Casual Look

Unlike standard blue slim jeans, black is a smarter, refined and classic option that is much easier to wear when dressing for a smart casual look. When building the smart casual look, you could opt for a plain black T-shirt with a blazer or overcoat over the top. Finish this look with some clean white or grey trainers to stick with the monochrome theme.

Smart Look

Creating a smart look with a pair of slim fit black jeans is so easy. Black jeans are naturally smarter so the focus will only have to be minimal to get this look right. We suggest you go for a clean white Oxford shirt and either tuck it in your jeans or keep it untucked. Match this look with a pair of loafers with or without socks. Black or brown loafers will look the best.

Similarly, if you want to stick to the classic blue style jean, our Slim Fit Jeans in stone wash are the right pick for you. We have thought about the colour we like our blue jeans to be, and we decided that the most modern, temporary shade of blue is one that meets in the middle of being too dark and outdated or too light and washed out. Again, wear these with some loafers and an overcoat if you want to use these slim fit jeans as part of a dressy outfit or simply add a T-shirt and trainers to serve you fine for casual attire.

Slim Jeans for Men
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Slim Fit/Dad Style/Tapered Jeans

If you have larger thighs and are looking into nabbing a pair of slim fit jeans, then go for tapered slim fit jeans, also known as the straight leg fit. With a straighter cut from the waist to the hem, they are just as versatile and comfortable in the movement similar to the standard slim fit. These jeans are also called ‘dad jeans’, which follow the exact same straight leg cut.

The straight leg means they are a little looser around the thigh than slim fit jeans are fitted, but they are still loose enough so they don’t make you lose all of your shape. With a tapered fit at the bottoms, these jeans give you a great, relaxed fit. The black of the jeans will work perfectly with most outfits, so once again, these would be a highly transitional pair of trousers to have in your wardrobe. You can be assured these jeans will last you a lot of wear because we don’t compromise on the quality of our denim.

Our straight leg jeans come in the same shade of wearable, on-trend blue as our slim fit jeans, making them the perfect jeans to pair and lighten up with every outfit. With a button up fly, slim thigh shape, tapered ankle with five pockets, these are the best and easiest jeans to own in your wardrobe this season. Why not wear these dad style jeans with a rugby style polo neck and some high top converse for a relaxed weekend vibe?

Slim Jeans for Men
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Edwin Slim Fit Jeans

Edwin is renowned for their care in design and structure of their denim jeans. When it comes to slim tapered jean fit we recommend going for any of their ED-55 to their ED-80 jeans. The ED-80’s demonstrate the perfect tapered leg, made with 10.5oz selvedge denim to ensure quality and style. They have a button fly and five heavy-duty pockets, so they tick the functional box, too.

The ED-55’s have much more of a relaxed tapered look and are made out of an 11.8oz denim – a little heavier than the ED-85’s. Both of these jeans are great options if you like your jeans to be a slimmer fit rather than too tight or far too baggy. If you are wanting to get the best out of your tapered slim fits, self-style your Edwins by folding the cuffs up at the bottom. This elevates the straighter leg and looks great with a pair of trainers or a pair of Dr Martens.

How to Wear Edwin Jeans

Tapered jeans are the ultimate staple piece for transitional dressing. Comfortable and spacious around the legs, opting for tapered slim jean can work with a full range of seasonal shoes, however, go for a simple and classic look with these jeans by pairing them with a simple white T-shirt and a formal shoe. A loafer or a Dr Martens boot will suit this look. Equally, an Oxford shirt and a pair of black Chelsea or chukka boots will do the trick.

How to Look After Your Slim Fit Jean

Caring for your jeans is important to the up-keep and life of the denim. So, to preserve your jeans, in the first 6 months of purchase we recommend not putting your jeans through countless washes – so only wash them when needed. This may sound pretty unhygienic, so if you’re a hygiene enthusiast, you should invest in some denim refresh products. Mr Black have you covered here with their garment care refresh sprays and denim washes for when you eventually do run them through the machine.

Additionally, to resist your colour from fading, always wash your jeans inside-out. This will preserve the colour of your jeans washing out and additionally dying your other clothes. When using a washing machine, always wash with cold or at most, lukewarm water. This also applies the same for hand washing.

Lastly for drying, never tumble dry your jeans – denim can shrink, just as much as cotton. Hang your jeans up to air-dry straight after they’ve come out of the wash to prevent your slim fit turning into a spray-on fit. If you follow these steps, we promise your jeans will last you throughout the seasons and you will get much more wear out of them.

Slim Jeans for Men
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The Best Slim Fit Jeans for Men

  • Slim Fit jeans have evolved into a classic fit for men’s fashion. If you end up purchasing one or even five pairs, we promise they won’t be budging anytime soon.
  • Slim Fit is defined and crisp compared to other jean fits. Definitely opt for it when going for a smart casual outfit as there are so many looks you can wear them with.
  • Like most fitting clothes, slim fit isn’t for every body type. Take this into consideration if you are new to the fit.
  • Lastly, once you have a pair, refrain from folding them away. All jeans including slim fit are always to be hung on a hanger.
Slim Jeans for Men
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On That Note

So, from reading this, we hope you are convinced enough to go grab a pair of slim fit jeans to add to your collection. With more possible outfits than any other jean, the slim fit is the denim which can take you through from day to night and from casual wear to smart wear. If you want to integrate any of these looks into your already existing wardrobe, check out all of the styles and coinciding outfits below.

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