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Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Tailoring

by Jamie Wilson

Suits and shirts are timeless pieces and you can wear them all year round, any occasion, whether formal or informal. You can never go wrong with a good tailored suit; you can dress a suit down for a casual look or dress it up for a dinner party or business meeting.With social media soaring high and people being able to access it easily through any gadget they can muster here, they can access tailoring at their fingertips. Here, I have handpicked the top 5 best GB Instagram themes accounts for tailoring. Now you will never be short of style tips or ideas!


‘Men’s fashion post’ is an account that not only caters for the man’s tailoring needs, but also caters for the urban looks. Choose from classy brogues to a casual urban outfit. The choice is yours. With 2.1 million followers, they surely must be doing something right to grab your attention.

moss bros Collage


‘Men’s suit styles’ has 373 posts jam packed with ideas and patterns for all types of suits. Plaids, pinstripes and small check seem to be a hit with this account.

noose Collage


‘High fashion men’ is a mixture of clothing pieces for everyday including formal occasions. The different types of suits and silhouettes are often updated on a daily so you won’t miss out on that hot new trend.


‘Fashionable man’ is a street style account based on the current menswear street styles out there. Style is something that evolves and each individual has their own take on fashion and styling. This account is perfect for someone who needs that extra bit of a push to go all out and try new styles, or, just needs ideas to spruce their outfit.

Camel, Grey, Black


‘The fashionable men’ is an account that inspires men to wear what they like whether it be casual or formal. This page daily uploads posts on recent campaigns and collections of the latest men’s fashion. There’s a wide range of collections to pick from. It’s very current and trendy and a hit with the followers.

The Fashionable Men

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