Top 5 Beanies for Men

by Jamie

Beanie hats come and go, and with different styles and trends dominating fashion all the time, it’s quite hard to pick the right one. Luckily you can invest in more than one style, so to get you started, here are five styles for you to try.

Beanie hats for men come in a wide range of styles. Wool and cotton are usually the most popular materials for beanie hats – they’re warm, insulating and look good. But which do you prefer? And while we’re on the subject of choosing what beanie hat is ideal for you, what style beanie are you going to go for? If you’re struggling to choose, we’ve got the low down on all things beanie related.

Cuffed Beanies

If you’re after a traditional beanie hat without all the bells and whistles, then you should go for a cuffed beanie as it’s one of the best winter hats for men. You’ll often see cuffed beanies in both wool and cotton, but a woollen style will give you a great texture and pattern that cotton just can’t provide. Cuffed beanies come with extra material knitted into the bottom of the hat, allowing for a fold in material that creates the cuff on the hat. The cuff usually sits just on top but slightly over your ears and around your forehead. This makes it great for keeping your head warm during the winter season without looking too wrapped up.

How to Wear a Cuffed Beanie for Men

Due to the simplicity of a cuffed beanie, you can wear one with more or less anything. You will usually find that this style of beanie is worn most popularly in block colours like black, grey or burgundy making it an extremely versatile accessory.

Try combining a grey cuffed beanie with a stylish suede jacket and black jeans. Due to the simple grey colour, your hat won’t clash with the bright tan of your jacket. Instead it will create uniformity throughout the look as it’ll connect with the dark of the black jeans. Finish the look off with a pair of black Dr Martens for a great smart casual style.


A fisherman beanie is fairly new on the scene in terms of trends – we’ve seen the beanie become increasingly popular, but what actually is it? The fisherman is a thick, chunky ribbed material hat with a shallow crown and it will sit literally just on the top of your head without covering your ears. You need some serious style confidence to pull it off, but if worn correctly you’ll have it nailed.

How to Wear a Fisherman Hat Beanie for Men

When it comes to what to wear with your hat and what colours to wear it in, you’ve got a fairly good selection. Keeping it neutral is always a good idea so black, grey and navy are the go-to. If you’re after something a little braver, a pop of block colour will keep your outfit interesting.

Hipster Beanie

Hipster beanies may sound a little cringeworthy, but it’s probably the only way to describe them properly. So what are they? As a variation of your standard cuffed beanie, the hipster beanie has become one of the most popular hats that men are wearing. Hipster beanies are similar to fisherman beanies but sometimes have a little more material so they cover more of your head and bad hair day. This means that the hat fits tightly to the shape of your head, with the cuff sitting just on top of your ears and forehead. Although this style of beanie isn’t going to keep your head as warm as other styles, it is certainly a hugely stylish accessory. Traditionally, sailors and workmen would wear this style of hat as a practical piece of clothing to keep warm whilst labouring in harsh weather conditions, but it’s now moved on to become a must-have fashion piece.

How to Wear a Hipster Beanie for Men

Out of all the men’s beanie hats, the hipster beanie is probably the most stylish around. This means that it has more versatility in terms of outfits. Whereas you probably wouldn’t wear a bobble beanie with a formal outfit, you can get away with it when wearing a fashion oriented beanie.

Why not try wearing a white T-shirt, long grey overcoat on top and some smart shoes. This is a simple way to create a stylish and formal winter outfit. The long design of the overcoat makes you appear taller and creates verticality within your look. If you then wear a hipster beanie in a similar shade to the coat you create uniformity within your outfit. Add a pair of black dress pants and some leather shoes for a nice wintery smart casual look.

One of the best things about the hipster beanie is that just as you can wear it with formal clothes you can also wear it with an extremely casual look. On the other end of the spectrum, why don’t you try wearing a beanie with a simple grey T-shirt for the ultimate casual vibe. As the hipster beanie doesn’t really cover your ears you don’t have to worry about your head getting too hot during summer. This makes it a perfect hat to wear in spring or summer, as well as winter. If you want to stick with trends then wear some smart chinos or trousers. These have recently come back into fashion in a big way and even though it doesn’t sound that casual, wearing it with a T-shirt will tone down the look.

Slouch Beanie

In a list about the best beanie hats, we have to mention the slouch beanie. As possibly the only beanie around that doesn’t have a cuffed brim, the slouch beanie has many unique features. This beanie has a longer style that sits over the top of your ears and has extra material slouching down at the back of your head.

This style of beanie used to be very popular in the early to mid-2000s, and you do have to be careful not to end up looking like Sid from skins when you wear one. Although the slouch beanie was once synonymous with greasy teenagers, it is slowly losing this reputation. This makes it a perfect piece of men’s fashion to reclaim and wear with pride in a stylish fashion. As is proven by David Beckham, who regularly wears this style of beanie, it is possible to still look good in one. Whether the slouch beanie looks stylish, or whether it looks childish is pretty much all down to the outfit that you wear it with.

How to Wear a Slouch Beanie for Men

Wearing a smart outfit is a good way to stop your slouch beanie from looking too childish. For instance, if you wear a polished overcoat and either smart jeans or trousers, you’re slouch beanie will start to look formal and in fashion. Throw on some brown or black boots and a scarf for a rustic winter style. Cuff your jeans to show off the tops of your boots and to add some extra detail to your outfit. Keep the colour palette neutral and pair pieces of similar tones – this way it’s the perfect outfit for the office as well as the pub.

High Top Beanie

If you’re looking to make a statement with your beanie hat, then try wearing a high top beanie. Although this way of wearing a beanie probably won’t keep your head warm, it is most likely the most stereotypically cool way to wear a beanie hat. It has become a popular staple as it can be worn many ways and still look good.

How to Wear a High Top Beanie for Men

When wearing a beanie in the high top style, wear it as high up on your head as possible without it falling off. Make sure that the excess material at the top is poking up at the back without it looking like you’ve got a weird shaped head. You can combine this look with more or less whatever you like. However, chucking on some selvedge denim jeans, a tan coat and some white Converse is a great style to compliment this hat.

How to Wear a Beanie for Men

Before you even think about the style of beanie you’re going to wear, you need to make sure you know how to wear it properly. Although different styles of beanie can fit in different ways, there are certain rules that more or less apply to any beanie hat. Fortunately for you, wearing a beanie hat isn’t actually that hard. In fact, it’s pretty low down on the list of things that require skill. Therefore, learning how to wear one should be pretty easy.

Firstly, make sure that when you’re wearing any style of beanie that it doesn’t come too far down your head. If a beanie is completely covering your ear lobes and is sitting on or just above your eyebrows then you’ve probably got it too far down. You don’t want your head to look like an egg. Instead, you want to always have at least some hair coming out from underneath the hat.

Make sure it’s not too small. Unless you’re wearing an extremely hipster beanie, which is supposed to barely cover your head, then make sure it’s big enough. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly pull your beanie down because it’s too small and slips off your ears.

Top 5 Beanies for Men

  • Cuffed Beanie: This classic hat has been around for years and works in lots of different looks.
  • Fisherman Hats: This hat is the major trend driven style, so get your hands on one asap.
  • Hipster Beanie: This style has become increasingly popular and sits above the ears.
  • Slouch Beanie: Made famous by people like David Beckham, this hat looks great when worn casually.
  • High Top Beanie: Wearing a high top beanie can be tricky to pull off but looks great when worn correctly.

On That Note

Beanie hats have been a staple in men’s winter fashion for as long as anyone can remember. Whether you’re going for woolly hats, a cotton blend beanie, or something that’s more synthetic, they’re a perfect winter accessory. As men’s hats go, beanies are definitely up there with the best when it comes to combining practicality and style into one design. Although different hat trends come and go, the beanie remains everlasting.

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