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At the best of times, men can be extremely choosy especially when it comes to buying something that will be a classic symbol of your love adorning their finger for the rest of their lives.

Having said that, finding the right engagement ring is not an easy task and even more so when you don’t purchase jewellery very often. However, in order not to stress you on the subject any further, just consider the following tips for choosing the right ring for the man in your life.

Fix your budget

Wedding rings don’t come cheap, so make sure you set aside the right amount before you begin to shop for one. You can find a simple beautiful ring for $300 or one that is loaded with diamonds for thousands of dollars, depending on your choice and budget. So long as you do not spend more than you can afford, there is no right or wrong amount you can fix for a ring. Once you have settled on a comfortable budget, you will easily find the ring you love within your means.

Find a timeless design

The main aim of selecting a ring that will be an ideal match for your fiancé should be a design which makes a statement. The ring should be of the current jewellery style and a symbol of everlasting love. Whether you want to be extravagant with diamonds or prefer a single solitaire will depend entirely on your partner. After all, you are buying for him and not yourself. Ensure to check out all the top jewellery stores (find out here) before picking the perfect jewel for your beloved.

Match it with his personality

Rings come in so many shapes and sizes, chances are that some will be more suitable than the others. If he is a jewellery fan, then diamonds may be a good choice, but if he is conservative then even a simple band will do. Whatever material you choose, it should be long lasting and one he would be willing to wear and flaunt forever.

Get it measured correctly

This may sound obvious at first, but it is important that your partner’s ring fingers are measured accurately. You would not want to plunge your hard-earned money into an investment that either cuts off circulation or is at the risk of falling off. The ring should be comfortable and good fitting. Ask your partner for the size or bring up the topic with the people in the know to find out which size fits him best.

Don’t shop alone

Buying an engagement ring is not an easy task, so there is no harm in taking help from friends in the know. Persons who have already got engaged can guide you to the right jeweler. Additionally, if you know someone who knows your future partner, then take their opinion about his taste. Chances are that they must have expressed what they like to your friend and you can then shop easily and accordingly.

Shop smart

A wedding ring can be an important and expensive purchase in your life, so take time out to shop carefully and smartly. Once you have made the selection, make sure you are buying a stone which has been certified by an accredited authority. Any other purchase may give you an illusion of a good deal but with a lower quality diamond. This is a big trick most jewellery outlets play.

The engagement ring is an important part of the wedding jewellery and a sign of declaration of love and commitment, irrespective of the make, cost etc. All that matters is that it should portray love and affection above everything else.

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