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8 Tips on How to Buy Palace Clothing – [current_date format=’F, Y’]

by Jamie Wilson
Palace Clothing

Palace is up there with the other streetwear giants such as Supreme. This is great for the brand, but not so great for their loyal customers who can no longer cop any items as easy as they used to. This guide will give all the old fans, and the new ones, our top tips on how to buy Palace.

Go to the NY or London Store

The obvious option, surely? Luckily for us, Palace hasn’t introduced a raffle/ticket system for a store queue (yet), which means it goes by the classic first come, first serve principle. From personal experience, if you get to the Palace London store any time before 8 am they will tell you to leave. Even though they are supposed to open the store at 11 am, they almost always open it at 10 am. So, if this is the route you want to go down, get there early, have a coffee in a nearby shop and park yourself outside the store at 8 am on the dot. We’re not too sure whether the same principles apply for Palace NY, but we don’t think the system will be too different.

Get A Bot

Palace Clothing
@Mathias Reding via pexels

So, how to buy Palace online? Getting a shopping bot for a Palace drop seems like the simplest way to go about copping some of their pieces. However, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Bots usually involve you downloading a Google Chrome extension which you’ll more than likely have to pay for. These will then work by an autofill system where you can autofill all of your checkout details prior to the release.

You may or may not have noticed that Palace and Supreme don’t let you have an ‘account’. This means that everybody has to go through the process of filling out their details when a new drop comes out. An autofill bot will do this for you, meaning you’ll be a lot quicker checking out and more likely to bag what you want.

Some auto-checkout bots will allow you to type in keywords of the items that you want to get from a collection as well as the size. This will automatically search the items and check them out without you having to do anything. These kinds of bots are a lot more complicated and will require a lot of research. When you download a bot, be 100% sure that you trust the site – there will always be a risk when it comes to these types of things, especially when it involves all of your personal information and bank details!

Become an Influencer

Palace Clothing
@Юрий Лаймин via pexels

This tactic is a little easier said than done, however, it is definitely effective if you get there. Becoming an influencer means you will often get sent items to wear from brands to promote before or when they drop, but how do you get there? To have Palace send you clothing, you’ll have to have a pretty big following, mainly on Instagram – we think around 15 thousand would be the minimum number you’d have to have. To do this, you’ll need to start getting someone to take some cool pictures of you in different outfits and start to build an Instagram based on one strong aesthetic. This will take some time…

Influencers to look at include Gully Guy Leo, Daniel Desmarais, and Gullucks and Blondey McCoy.

Become A Skater

Palace Clothing
@KAL VISUALS via Unsplash

Palace is foremost a skating brand – skating came first, fashion came later. They started by selling T-shirts in a small store in London, and now they are easily regarded as one of the biggest streetwear brands. When Lev Tanju decided to start Palace in 2009, he had one thing that was more important than anything else: his skate family. He’s previously stated in interviews that everything could be great, but if his skate family isn’t happy, that’s all that matters.

With this being said, it means you are more likely to get a shot at copping the new Palace drops if you actually skate, or make a name for yourself skating.

Skating influencers include Lucien Clarke, Ty Shaun Jones, and Shane Oneill.

Get a Job at a PR Agency

This tip may sound odd, but there is a theory behind it. PR agencies are known for being well-connected – obviously, they have to be. If you work in a PR agency or you know anyone who does, you may find getting a link to the latest and greatest Palace drop is that little bit easier – no guarantees! Palace doesn’t have a PR agency but there will be plenty of other establishments that will be in touch with them.

Facebook Groups to Join

Palace Clothing
@Jack Lucas Smith via Unsplash

Joining or following certain Facebook groups doesn’t mean you’re 100% in with the new drops, but they can give you a lot more information on them, as well as some inside tips on how to get hold of the collection.

First up, make sure you follow Palace on Facebook where they release videos, information, and pictures. Other groups like Hypebeast will report on any news they hear about the brand and similar ones as well as giving tips on how to buy Supreme. There will be plenty of Facebook groups that are fan-made, filled with customers of the many streetwear brands. These Palace talk groups will be a place where discussions are held giving information on how to buy Yeezys online and how to buy Supreme online.

Basement Approved

Basement Approved is the go-to destination for everything you need to know about streetwear. Also, a Facebook group, the document collections, collaborations, and drops, as well as create their own content about all the people who buy and wear it.

The Basement, founded by Peter Mitchell, is a group that started as a few people and grew to thousands and thousands of members. It’s group members are all hardcore streetwear fans that discuss everything from the rumored collaborations to whether anyone has a pair of size 10 Yeezys for sale. The group became so successful that they launched their own mini-collection and even organized some London pop-up events. You can also follow their Instagram here.

Tips for Buying Palace on eBay/ Depop

Palace Clothing
@Abhishek Upadhyay via Unsplash

Depop and eBay are the two most popular destinations for resale. Those who are lucky enough to get pieces from the Palace online shop will most likely buy to resell. There will always be other people willing to pay more than the retail price, even though the Palace resale prices can be pretty ridiculous.

How to buy Palace on resale? Depop and eBay are your friends (if you can afford it). If you want the pieces at a more affordable price, it’s best to wait a month or so after the drop so that the hype, and therefore price, goes down. If money is no object, people will be putting their cops on these sites straight away, and for around double the price they could be yours!

The price of resale items is usually set by the first people to cop the drop. They set the bar for how much something should go for, and the rest of the people who resell will follow their lead. Complex created a ‘simple’ equation for resale prices:

Hype = Notoriety x (Mystery + Exclusivity)

Take from that what you will.

On That Note

Palace has dominated the streetwear seen in recent times, and there are absolutely no signs of it slowing down. It becomes a vicious cycle of hype, demand, and resale which gets so many people, whether they’re actual fans of the brand or not, interested in when the next drop is going to be. Whatever your reason for getting it, we hope these pointers on how to buy Palace in the UK and NY give you a helping hand.

Feature image from Unsplash

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