How to Dress Like Tinie Tempah

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: November 3, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

One of the biggest artists to come out of the UK, Tinie Tempah has made a name for himself, not only in the music industry, but amongst the fashion crowds as well. Known for his experimental yet always smart style, Tinie Tempah is definitely one of the best dressed men in the world right now.

Since bursting onto the scene with his 2010 hit ‘Pass Out’, Tinie Temmpah has come on strides, not only in his career, but in his style as well. Tinie Tempah’s style can be spotted at almost every front row at London Fashion Week Men’s, rubbing shoulders with such style mavens as David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire and fashion editors alike.

Although Tinie Tempah’s clothing is always smart and tailored, he’s not afraid to experiment and throw in new shapes and styles. Tinie Tempah’s fashion is definitely enviable, and this guide will show you how to pull it off with absolute ease.

Tinie Tempah’s Suit

Tinie Tempah is definitely known for his sharp tailoring and ability to pull off a suit like no other man. Tinie loves to experiment with colour, texture and pattern, but I’ve got a feeling that some of his suits aren’t for the everyday man out there. Classic colours and textures such as navy, black and grey are always going to be a winner no matter who you are, but the one thing I must stress is that your suit must fit you perfectly. An ill-fitting suit is one of the worst things and can instantly bring your look down.

There are some of us out there who like to wear a suit but feel the whole regalia is pushing a little bit too far. This is where the humble T-shirt comes in. Wearing a T-shirt with a suit is something of a no-go with many men, but trust men, the T-shirt adds that hint of casualness to your look without bringing down the whole look. A white T-shirt will be your best bet, as it’s ability to go with every colour and style is unrivalled.

If you’re a little more experimental with your style that you can always play around with texture. Going for a neutral colour but adding in that textured element instantly makes your suit stand out from the crowd. Because your suit is doing all of the talking you’ll want to pair it with something quite downplayed. Opt for a simple T-shirt and a formal shoe and you’ll achieve a great look no matter the season.

Tinie Tempah’s T-shirt

There’s not a lot you can do to improve on the versatile and classic T-shirt, but somehow Tinie Tempah seems to elevate the humble T-shirts to new heights. When you’re looking at a T-shirt, you always want to opt for classic shapes and styles, avoid trend led pieces such as long-line or anything overtly slim fitting as these will instantly date your look.

Tinie Tempah always likes to keep us on our toes, even when he’s wearing a T-shirt. Here he wears a grey tonal look with an extremely statement coat over the top. Grey is always a great colour to work with as it isn’t as cliché as black yet you still have all of the versatility and ease-of-wear of a neutral colour. The beauty of a simple outfit is that you can team a more statement coat/jacket or shoes with it to liven things up.

Again, not one to shy away from a statement piece, Tinie Tempah exudes cool in this almost cow-like print T-shirt. Unfortunately, cow print isn’t going to see you through many seasons, but a slogan or T-shirt might. Slogan T-shirts are a massive trend at the moment as it gives a subtle nod to French street style, so why not try pairing one with some black trousers and a formal shoe for a different and stylish look.

Tinie Tempah’s Summer Style

As we’ve seen, Tinie Tempah isn’t shy about making a statement when it comes to his style, and in summer, he always opts for something with print. The classic short sleeve shirt and shorts riviera-esq look is always going to be a winner when the sun likes to make an appearance, and Tinie Tempah runs with it in style. A lot of the time Tinie Tempah’s summer style pays homage to his Nigerian roots with bright colour and bold pattern mixed in with some more traditional Nigerian garments.

Tinie Tempah’s Winter Style

Winter gives us the opportunity to really go all out when it comes to dressing. The cold weather mixed in with the freedom to experiment make dressing in winter an easy and stylish task. Living in the UK, you wardrobe is 90% made for colder weather, so once summer has had its two weeks of fun and sunshine it’s time to whip the coats and jumpers back out again.

Tinie Tempah si known for his outlandish and statement making coats. Teaming a simple outfit with something more striking over the top really hones in that he is a man who knows what he’s doing. Tonal is a great look for autumn/winter; classic and easy to wear, an all black look is timeless and will always work no matter what the situation or occasion is. Here Tinie pairs a black roll-neck jumper with a black blazer and coat over the top. Topped off with black jeans and trainers for a statement making look.

Tinie Tempah’s Clothing Range

As of January 2017 Tinie Tempah has had a dab hand at designing his own range of clothes called ‘What We Wear’. A brand born out of London it pays clear homage to the man himself, not only emulating his own style, but giving people a glimpse into his own dress sense and how he pieces outfits together.

With a real focus on silhouette, colour and fabric What We Wear is a brand that’s made for functionality and caters to the minimalists out there who like to dress well without all of the fuss.

Tinie Tempah’s Glasses

Of course, accessorising comes naturally to Tinie Tempah, whether it’s a watch or a pair of sunglasses, this is a man who knows how to add to any outfit without over doing it. Tinie Tempah has been seen in a plethora of sunglasses styles from the classic Wayfarer to the more eclectic round frame – either way, they work.


Not only does he look good in sunglasses, but he also looks good in glasses! Seen here with a pair of black framed, almost Wayfarer-esq glasses, Tinie exudes style and confidence whilst maintaining a smart and collected look.

Tinie Tempah Hair

Tinie Tempah’s hair changes just as much as his style, lately he is known for his high top fade hair cut that makes just as much of a statement as his clothing. Always smart and neat, Tinie is on top of his hair maintainance, and Tinie Tempah’s beard is just as neat as his hair.

When Tinie Tempah first started out in the music industry he was more commonly known to spot a shaven head, or a buzzcut. An extremely low maintainance haircut that allows the person to get up and go without having to worry about their hair.

How to Dress Like Tinie Tempah

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and pattern.
  • Rely on your staples such as T-shirts and trousers in neutral colours.
  • Make a statement with your outerwear with colour and texture.
  • Accessorise with sunglasses for an all round stylish finish.

On That Note

Tinie Tempah’s style is enviable. With a massive reliance on classic staples, Tinie Tempah has built a wardrobe around statement pieces over key basics.With tailoring always sharp and classic, Tinie Tempah is certainly a man who knows how to put pieces together with absolute ease.

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