6 Things Men Wear That Women Love – March, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Things Men Wear That Women Love

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The ladies have spoken, we know what we like and we know what we don’t. And although you may say you just throw on clothes so you don’t go about life naked, you have to admit that there is a thought in the back of your mind that considers whether women actually like what you’re wearing. 

Whether you follow trends or simply go for comfort, you’ll always be thinking (no matter how aware you are) about whether you’ll impress the girls. Many women will have a preference when it comes to men’s style, so it’s no surprise that you do sometimes dress for us. What women like in men ranges from their hair, all the way down to the shoes and sock situation. So if you do want to dress the way women love then there are a few things that we really do like to see. Some of the clothes us women love on men may be fairly obvious, for example, the suit – everyone man knows that women love seeing a well-fitted suit. But some may be quite surprising. We all know that women are complicated creatures and for some reason, we end up liking things that we may not even realize we like.

We don’t mean to judge a book by its cover (although the cover can help a little), but the appearance and what you wear does have an impact on how women see guys, and it’s the same with how guys see girls. First impressions matter, so you want them to be good. If you’re trying to impress someone on a night out, on a first date, or if you’re a married man, you need to keep up your appearance. You want the spark to remain, and not get lost somewhere in your ill-fitting suit or old tracksuit bottoms. So to make sure you stay on top of things, here are some things women like in men.

What Women Want Men to Wear

Men In Suits

Men in suit
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Every guy must have heard women go on and on (and on and on) about how they love a man in a suit. This kind of formal menswear has us, girls, weak at the knees, and do you want to know why? It may be due to the sense of power you seem to have when you wear a suit or the class that comes with it. The moment you put on that suit jacket you seem to have a whole new sense of confidence and we like it. Your stance changes and because you feel good, we feel good. You seem to show a lot more authority and that’s what we like to see in men’s fashion – a good sense of authority. A suit is the kind of mature clothing you wanted to wear when you were younger, and the status and formality it gives you are both things that women like in a man. So if you don’t have a suit that fits well, maybe you should invest in one.


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This is something that isn’t actually that widely known to guys, but when you’re wearing a pair of fitted trousers, you have a good bum, and everything (for women) seems to be good in the world. Thankfully, long gone are the days where guys were wearing their trousers halfway down their legs – it’s not the 90s. We want to see a fitted, slim pair of trousers worn with a belt. A simple piece of fashion that you can wear in both smart and casual situations. Wear with a plain T-shirt or go for an Oxford shirt, but just remember to tuck them in.

A sub-heading to this point is being able to get the right mix of smart-casual in an outfit. As much as we love your casual attire, we do like to see some classes. A simple way to show this is by mixing smart pieces like trousers and smart shoes with casual options like a simple T-shirt or crew neck jumper. A hot guy in a suit is all well and good but you really can’t wear a suit for every occasion, so if you’re having a dress down day, your outfit still doesn’t have to be completely casual. We’re not that into sloppiness. Keep the authority that a good pair of trousers gives you and you’ll catch a lot of attention from the ladies.

A Well Fitting Shirt

This may seem obvious now you know that women love this whole smart, power dressing thing, but if you get the shirt wrong it instantly goes from really good to um, really? The shirt you choose, firstly, needs to fit well. Not too tight, as it looks like you’re about to have an Incredible Hulk moment, and not too loose as we can’t see any shape or arm definition. Because women love the arm definition. If we can see some muscle outline then we have a winner. Even if you’re not the most muscly guy, a little glimpse of arm shape is always good – it’s manly and we like it. Simple.

Good Loungewear

Yes, your old faded tracksuit bottoms and holey sweatshirt may be comfy but when you’re around women, you still need to look good, even if you are just chilling. Casual men’s outfits can actually look alright and women love a guy that ‘can do both’. Yeah, you may look suave in a suit, but do you still look good in your loungewear? Nothing too baggy or ill-fitting will work. You still need to keep things fairly slim, but they can have a more relaxed feel to them. Grey is also a good color. For some reason, women love a good grey T-shirt or sweatshirt, and grey slim tracksuit bottoms are also something to invest in for when you’re lounging around the house.

Men in suit
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A Varied Selection of Footwear

What shoes women want men to wear can be tricky to understand if you’re a guy. This is a fairly broad thing to think about, but to simplify it, we like smart shoes. As again, the whole power dressing thing comes up. A good pair of shoes, either Oxfords, brogues, or Monk straps are a definite yes. From looking at just your shoes, we women can instantly understand some things about who you are. If they’re scruffy then we get the idea that you don’t look after your things. If they’re flimsy and old, you seem to not care about investing in good pieces of footwear. Think about your shoes and then we’ll start thinking about you.

However, confusingly, not all shoes have to be smart. We do love a good pair of trainers but there are some rules we’d like you to follow. Firstly, just because they’re a designer, it doesn’t mean you can get away with them for smart occasions when you should be wearing something smart. However much of your trainers cost you doesn’t counteract the fact that you’re going to a fancy place and you’re wearing trainers. Smart shoes for these occasions, please. The second rule to remember is that you should keep your trainers clean. Men in sneakers that are dirty don’t catch our eye at all (in the right way anyway). If you can look after your shoes then you can take care of yourself and every girl likes to see that.

Men in suit
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A Stylish Watch

Women love a man that pays attention to the details of an outfit, so when you have a slick piece of wristwear, we like it. A decent watch will give you a suave edge, especially when paired with a suit or trouser outfit. A man should always have a good watch as it’s an accessory that gives women a little insight into who you are. Have you got one with loads of small details or are you more of a simple, minimalist man? A watch can tell a million stories that only women can decode.

On That Note

So what have we learned? What do girls like guys to wear? The conclusion, girls like you to have a good balance between smart and casual and we like your clothes to fit well. Don’t wear anything too tight and don’t go overboard with the bagginess. Work your clothes so they fit your shape, each outfit should be thought about, and if you have the occasion to look smart then go for it, use that confidence.

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