7 Things Guys Should Never Do On a First Date – March, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Things Guys Should Never Do On a First Datess

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Going on a first date with a woman you really like can be a nerve-racking experience. You might second guess your every move or wonder what she’s really thinking about you. Well, I’m here to help! While every woman is different, there are a few things that should always be avoided on a first date. Here are the top 7 things guys should never do on a first date.

1. Insist on Picking Her Up At Home

It’s great that you want to pick up your date at her home, you probably think it’s the gentlemanly thing to do, and while your intentions might be in the right place, insisting on coming to a woman’s home on the first date can really turn her off before the date has even started! In this day and age, many women prefer to meet their date at an agreed-upon public location. When setting up your date, offer to swing by and pick her up, but if she resists, drop it and suggest meeting up at a restaurant instead. Easy!

2. Show Up Late

No matter if you’re picking her up or meeting her somewhere, it’s important to be on time! Bonus points if you’re 3-5 minutes early! If something happens outside of your control to delay you -you’re stuck in massive traffic, or you got called into a work meeting- let her know right away with a quick and sincere text message. She’ll be much more understanding if you keep her in the loop and apologize profusely than if you just keep her waiting, wondering if you’re standing her up or not.

3. Put Zero Effort Into Your Appearance

Many guys complain that they don’t know how to dress for a date or consider jeans and a slightly wrinkled t-shirt “nice”. When you reach into your closet blindly, grabbing whatever is on the floor and throw it on, don’t bother shaving or doing your hair and skip the deodorant, a woman is going to assume you don’t care very much about impressing her. It’s not about having the best personal style or model good looks, it’s about the effort you put into your appearance before a date. She can tell boys, she can tell.

4. Get Sloppy Drunk

I happen to think to have a few drinks on a first date is totally fine, even encouraged…it helps the conversation flow a bit more freely! However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw back six beers and a few shots of tequila. Pace yourself and remain in control of yourself at all times. There are a time and a place for drunken fun, and the first date isn’t it!

5. Talk About Sex

…even if you’re just joking! I get it, it’s the first date and you’re attracted to her, and playfully want her to know. Take my word for it, she knows! Talking about sexual things or constantly throwing innuendos into your conversation can backfire quickly and get you demoted from “cute” to “creep” in an instant, so it’s best to keep things a bit more PG on the first few dates.

6. Talk About Any of the following:

  • Your Ex. Just no.
  • Lamenting why you are single. “I never meet any nice girls…” etc.
  • The many bad and terrible dates you’ve been on.
  • What you think is wrong with your date. (Yes, seriously, this happens).
  • How much you hate your job, your roommate, your life, your family, your friends…
  • Yourself, for the whole duration of the date, without asking her many questions about herself.

7. Play It Too Cool

While some guys go overboard with compliments and flirting on a date, others take the opposite approach and wear their best poker face. These guys play it so cool that they’re basically an iceberg, and their date is left wondering if he’s even interested at all. You don’t need to be the Coolest Man on Earth to impress a woman, and chances are she’ll be able to see right through your cool guy act, anyway. If you like her, take down your walls and let her get to know the real you! That is who she wanted to go on a date in the first place!

The Bone Idle Guide to Things Guys Should Never Do on a Date

  • Insist on picking her up at home
  • Arrive late
  • Put minimal effort into your appearance
  • Get sloppy drunk
  • Talk about sex
  • Talk about: Your ex, yourself too much, your previous dates or the date you’re on, and why you’re single.
  • Play it too cool

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