The Ultimate Guide to Understand Girls

by Welcome to Outsons

If you’ve landed on this page then you must be having some serious issues understanding the female population. Yes we’re confusing, and yes sometimes we expect you to just get us, but we don’t mean to be annoying. To help you with whatever you may be facing right now, here’s a guide on how to understand girls from a women’s perspective.

Understanding girls can be difficult. We say things we don’t mean but actually we do mean them but we also don’t. Confused? I thought so. Seriously though we have to admit, as girls, we are a little confusing. But this doesn’t mean you need to avoid us. The main key to understanding women is to figure out what we want and how we think. It may be confusing but we’ll give it a go.

We Like Attention

It’s hard to admit (this is why I’m putting it at the top of the list before I change my mind) but girls like loads of attention. You probably already know this, but if you ask anyone, what do all women want? The answer will always be attention, or something along those lines. We like getting compliments and we like when you notice things, and even if you guys don’t want to admit it, you do to. Basically everyone does, so we should all just start giving everyone all the attention they deserve. 

Calm Your Ego

We like a big ego, but you’re not Beyonce so don’t milk it. Yes you need to ‘woo’ us and we’ll do the same back, but if you take it too far then sorry, but it’ll be a kick out the door. Having confidence is key, but being cocky isn’t. We love it and we hate it at the same time, and we’re not really sure why. See, we’re confusing. This is one of the things men don’t understand about women – we know that you’re trying to get our attention but there are ways to go about it, and having a massive ego isn’t really going to do it for us.


We Have our Own Language

Not technically a language, but it’s along the same lines as ‘girl code’. We say things that mean something completely different and we have a whole section of other words and phrases that are just part of a girl’s world. So to figure out how to understand your girlfriend, here’s a simple little guide. The first thing you should know is that there are three different types of ‘OK’. The nicest one is ‘okay’ and she may even add some extra y’s on the end if she’s feeling really good. The next best is ‘OK’ – this means you’re being a bit annoying but we’ll probably get over it. And the last is a simple ‘K’, and when you’ve received this then I’m afraid you’ve f*cked it.

Another phrase you should understand is ‘I just think it’s funny …’. If you get this then it’s definitely NOT funny and if you try to argue back then good luck to you. If you get a ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t mind’ when deciding what to do or decided what to eat (more importantly what to eat) then in fact she does mind and you’ll be judged for whatever choice you make. So you’re a bit stuck here. The trick is to ask where she thinks you’re going and then whatever she says, take her there. The last one to point out is the ‘I’m fine’ comment, because she most definitely isn’t fine. It’s just something we say when we think you should know what you’ve done wrong.

Don’t Waste our Time

When working out the big question, ‘what do women want’, a good thing to know is that we don’t like our time being wasted. Time wasting is annoying for everyone, so if something’s going to happen then make it happen, and if it’s not we may as well leave there. Knowing how to understand a girl’s feelings always relates back to this. If you drag it out for too long the girl will either get bored or we’ll catch feelings even more and become even more annoying. In conclusion to this, there’s no point in leading a girl on or wasting time organising dates if you know from the start that it’s not going to happen. Please save us the time and annoyance by calling it quits.


Chivalry is Key

Chivalry has always been key, since the times when women ‘relied’ on men, to even now when it’s all about female empowerment. Yes, it may be 2018, but we still like it if you open doors and pull out chairs for us. When we’re on the fence about a guy, chivalry may be the thing that sways us in your direction. Bring out the gentleman in you and you’ll have the girl that you’re chasing in no time – it’s really as simple as that. Every guy, no matter how ‘cool’ or ‘lad like’ you are, has a caring side. So what do women really want? Opening doors for us, giving us your jacket when it’s cold and occasionally buying us flowers. All simple and all doable. 

Take Initiative, Make the First Move

Women love a guy that takes charge, and not just in the bedroom (sorry, had to be done). Knowing how to understand girls is all about knowing that you still have a dominant role and a certain masculinity to live up to. And before we go on, this still isn’t a section on what do women want in bed (sorry again). It’s all about you knowing how to take charge in other areas of life. Where are we going, what are we going to be doing and most importantly where are we eating? If it’s your turn to choose what to do for date night, don’t be the one that says ‘you decide’ or ‘I don’t mind’, because even if it’s not our favourite, we’ll still like the fact that you’ve put some thought into it. How to understand women in relationships should be easier as you know her already – you should know what she likes and where she’s happiest. It’s the seeing each other stage that’s the real confusing part.

Treat Them Mean to Keep Them Keen

This doesn’t mean you should actually be ‘mean’ to us. There’s a fine line and you probably don’t want to cross it. You’ve basically got to figure out what qualities do women want in a man and combine it with a little bit of ego and you have the ideal mix. Girls love a ‘bad boy’, and you’ll see it in all the movies. But come the end of the film, that’s usually not the case, and the bad guy realises that to get the girl he has to be a little less bad boy. Again, this is confusing, but finding out what do women want in a guy is why your here, so basically you need to have a little rebellious edge to you and we’ll fall head over heels.


On That Note

So in summary, girls are needy, we want constant attention and want you to take charge (most of the time anyway). We say things we mean but also don’t mean, and we have coded ways to tell you that we’re p*ssed off. But when it comes to it, you still love us and can’t seem to stay away, so it’s a win win really. Right? On a serious not though, understanding female emotions is tricky and it’s the same for us and often we don’t know what’s going on in that boy brain of yours. It’s all just a load of trial and error until we realise that we’re never going to understand each other fully.

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