The Ultimate Guide to Going Bald Gracefully

by Jamie

You go about your day-to-day life until, one day, your suddenly left standing in front of the mirror asking yourself where all your hair went. Still a little perplexed? Check out our complete guide to why your going bald, how you can slow it down and suitable hairstyles for your receding hairline.

What to do if Your Balding?

Depending on your budget and how badly you feel about losing your hair, there are a few options at your disposal. While some will embrace balding (nothing wrong with that!), understandably – others can’t fathom life with their tresses. If you find yourself in the latter group, here’s what can be done.

  • Thickening Shampoos: There is an abundance of thickening shampoos that should help give you another few years of hair harmony. While it won’t fix the balding, it’ll give the illusion of a fuller head.
  • Propecia: Arguably one of the best treatments for male baldness, Propecia is a tablet you take to stop the effects of male hormones on your scalp. It can stop further hair loss as well as making your hair grow back.
  • Hair Implants: Ever since gaining some celebrity endorsements in the form of Wayne Rooney and his ilk hair transplants have become increasingly popular and even more advanced than before. Expensive, but you’re pretty much guaranteed results.
  • Short Haircuts for Balding Men: There’s a wide range of styles that’ll either hide or work with your balding – a great, cost-effective option for the thinning man.
  • Shaving It All Off: Last up, you can always shave it all off! Not for everyone, but always worth considering.

Will I Go Bald?

Not yet going bald but concerned it’s only around the corner? Hair loss is generally a genetic thing, so take a look at the older men in your family: your father, grandfathers, uncles, and older brothers if you have them. What kind of state is their hair in? There are plenty of hairstyles for male-pattern baldness, so if you’ve got it in the family it’s always worth forward planning.

If you don’t have any genetic markers to check on your next trip to the barber, why not ask ‘am I losing hair?’ If it appears so, you can start to fight it early on with tools like medicine or transplants.

Short Haircuts for Balding Men

The problem with having short hair is that it can show the baldness more, but then again, long hairstyles can look even more terrible when balding. Hairstyles for male pattern baldness need to have the right balance, and that can be tricky to get right – everyone is familiar with the cliché bald hairstyles like combovers that never look good.

There are various short hairstyles for thinning hair that help to both disguise hair loss and keep you looking sharp. Check out some of our favourite men’s hairstyles for thin hair below, as well as a little inspiration from balding male celebrities.

Celebrity Inspiration

Jude Law Hair

If you want short hair with a bit of texture, then doing it like Jude Law is going to look fantastic. Ask your stylist to maintain length, but in proportion to the rest of your head – this will help a receding hairline at the temples blend in a little better with the remaining hair.

Tom Ford Hair

Take a look at Tom Ford and Tom Hardy, and you will see two versions of the different trick. The hairstyle tips for balding men that they are leaning on involve keeping your hair to the same length all the way round, and trimming it around the neck and the ears. It’s quite a graceful way to approach balding hairstyles and doesn’t require you to have anything other than bone-straight hair.

Prince William Hair

Now, Prince William, being a prince and all, might be able to get away with a bit more than us mere mortals. As far as hairstyles for balding men go, this is definitely more graceful and subtle than the dreaded combover. A great hairstyle for men with thinning hair, and one that’s a little more subtle than some of the previous cuts.

Bruce Willis Hair

The key thing about the Bruce Willis is that it’s so short you aren’t even sure if he’s really balding or not. He started out with the receding temples and then took it down almost to the skin. This a good example of an extreme receding hairline haircuts where bringing the hair down to a buzzcut makes it appear as a though it’s a style choice rather than a necessity.

Jeremy Piven Hair

Look at images of Piven back in the 90s and you will see a clearly receding hairline in need of a style. These days he wears a longer quiff of hair right at the front, without too much length at the sides. A longer front and middle will give you the illusion of thicker hair, so cultivate that quiff while you still can.

David Beckham Hair

A word of caution: those with thin hair like Prince William absolutely will not suit this look, and will end up looking like they’ve got less hair because of the way the light shines through the thinning strands. For those with hair like Beckham, however, you can bend it backwards to cover a thinning crown.

The Ultimate Guide to Going Bald Gracefully

  • Thickening shampoos can help to create more volume to disguise thin hair.
  • Propecia and hair implants can permanently increase the amount of hair.   
  • Faded haircuts can conceal a receding hairline without cutting away too much hair.
  • Bold hairstyles like buzzcuts are an effective but drastic way to deal with thinning hair.

On That Note

All of these haircuts for balding men offer a temporary solution – but when talking about hair loss, ‘temporary’ could mean twenty years, so they are worth a shot. With an abundance of receding hairline styles at your disposal, alongside a host of other cures and remedies you’ll surely be able to stop your hair in its tracks. Just make sure not to put extra stress on your hair which will end up speeding up that hair loss while you are trying to hide it!

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