The Ultimate Guide to Festival Fashion

by Welcome to Outsons

With summer having pretty much already arrived, the many festivals of the year are starting to feel near. If you haven’t got any booked up, it’s probably a bit late now – although if you have we can guarantee you’re already worrying about what to wear. 

Festival attire is an age old worry, you have to make sure you’re prepared for any elements due to the outdoor lifestyle you’ll be leading for a few days, whilst at the same time of course you still want to look stylish. We’ve all seen the idiot in the rain-mac poncho, and no one wants to be him. 

When it comes to packing a bag for a festival what it really comes down to is versatility. You need to be ready to tackle any weather, be it rain or shine. First off though, checking the weather forecast before starting to pack is always the way to go. Although you can’t rely 100% on the predictions, they can usually give you a good idea of what sort of direction you want to be going in. You’ve also got to think about being comfortable. You’re not going to enjoy watching your favourite band or DJ if the coat you’re wearing is doing your head in. It sounds basic but getting the mix between comfort and style right is a fine tuned skill, once you’ve mastered it you’ll never look back.

The Essentials

Regardless of whereabouts the festival you’re attending is taking place, and ignoring your own personal style, there are some items that are simply essential. Whether you’re off to Reading Festival or the mighty Outlook Festival, packing items such as high quality T-shirts has got to take priority on your list. Be it the blazing sun or torrential downpour you want to have a solid base layer with you.


Alongside this, footwear has got to be up there with all the other must-haves. In reality, there’s only really going to be space for one pair of shoes in amongst all the other essentials you need to have with you. Make sure that the chosen pair are sturdy enough to withstand all the abuse they’re likely to receive in the coming few days. Whether you’re opting for a solid pair of boots or some classic sneakers, make sure you pick a winner. 



Don’t get caught out in the rain. Just don’t do it We’ve all seen that guy at the festival looking like a drowned rat in the crowd. It’s all a bit of a laugh for him until he realises he only packed one T-shirt has to wear the same one tomorrow. A decent outerwear option is absolutely necessary when it comes to festival attire. It’s highly likely to be warm over festival season, so you won’t be needing anything heavyweight. A good rain-mac or anorak will do the job just fine in our opinion. Even if you’re headed off to a sunny beach abroad, pack something light just in case – you never know when the weather might take a turn for the worst.


No outfit is complete without a good set of accessories, and the same goes when it comes to festival attire. Some of these are absolutely essential, and others are simply for the style. The obvious contender here is a pair of sunglasses – you’re not festival ready until you’ve got a naughty pair of shades at your disposal. There’s plenty of styles and colours to choose from on our store, so get shopping now and make sure you’ve got the perfect eyewear option ready.

Alongside shades, another essential you’re going to want to have in your arsenal is headwear. Whether you’re a seasoned bucket hat wearer or more suited to a dad-style baseball cap. As well as being the perfect style accessory, rocking a hat over the duration of your festival of choice will also protect you from getting sunburnt, which I’m sure we all know isn’t a pleasant experience.


The Final Touches

Once you’ve got all your essentials covered, the only part of your festival attire left to cover is your stand-out/flex garments. Of course at a festival you want to stand out from the crowd, and for many years festival-goers have been renowned for crazy, garish, and out there style. No, we’re not talking about that guy dressed as Jesus either. It would be rude not to deck yourself out in a lairy vintage sportswear jacket, or a head-turning pair of tracksuit bottoms. 

On That Note

Hopefully after skimming through this guide you should be well on your way to knowing exactly what to pack for the festival season this summer. Who knows, you might even get papped by one of the many street style photographers that roam the festival sites each year. Basically, anything you need to keep you dressed appropriately for a weekend of fun, we’ve got it right here. As per, stay locked into our blog for all the latest menswear news and advice.

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