The Best Smart Casual Trainers

by Jamie

‘Smart-casual trainers’ is a phrase that many of you may have never heard of, but that’s the ever changing world of menswear for you. This guide narrows down the best smart trainers and best casual trainers for men so you can pick out a pair that’ll suit you and your style with minimal added effort.

Men’s Smart-Casual Trainers

Trainers aren’t the usual shoe you think of when looking for smart-casual footwear. Normally designated for the most casual of outfits and events, the humble trainer has come on a long way since its inception.

More and more often we’re seeing the catwalks and street style reflecting the trainer’s progression into formal and casual wear. Men wearing trainers with a suit has become the new go-to outfit for many men, albeit they’re men’s smart trainers, not the shabby ones you’ve been wearing for years. Wearing trainers with a suit has to be done right – keep them clean cut and neat and you’ll feel comfy but look stylish.

Men’s Smart Trainers

Smart trainers for men aren’t tricky to come by, you’ve just got to know what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a pair of smart trainers, then we’d always suggest grabbing a pair in a neutral colour such as white or black.

Smart white trainers are usually the go-to when it comes to formal versions of these comfy classics. With so many styles out there, it can be difficult to decipher which ones will work with you; stick to a simple and clean silhouette rather then trend lead pieces, as these will work better for you in the long run. Teamed with a black roll neck jumper and a pair of grey trousers, you can have a smart, office ready look in no time at all.

Smart Black Trainers

You may find that smart black trainers are a little easier to style as they resemble black smart-casual shoes. However, if like me you find them a little tricky to style, then you can always go for a black pair with a hint of white, breaking the block colour up and making them easier to style. Keep your outfit with your black trainers simple by wearing a dark grey or black jumper and a pair of black trousers.

Keeping your outfit colours simple is a necessity if you want to make your black trainers look smart. A tailored pair of black or dark grey trousers will instantly smarten up the outfit. A denim or coach jacket will finish off the look without you looking overly smart, you’ll therefore have the smart casual dress code nailed in an instant.

Alternative Trainers

Alternative trainers can mean a plethora of things. It could depend on a pair of trainers that are more trend lead, or it could mean a pair of trainers that don’t fit in with what we know to be trainers. Converse are a trainer brand that’s known globally for casual and comfy trainers that complete any street style outfit. Perfect summer trainers, they encompass casual men’s style with their slim silhouette and, sometimes, alternative look.

You may not think of wearing Converse with anything other than a casual outfit, but mixing it up a little bit and teaming your Converse with a suit or something more formal will really make a difference. So why not make the most of this smart-casual combination by teaming it with some tailored trousers and a T-shirt. This gives you the ideal smart casual combination that’s suitable for a trip down to the pub.

Smart-Casual Dress Code

“What is smart-casual?” or “What does smart-casual mean?” I hear some of you cry. Well, it’s a little easier than you may first think. It’s those dreaded words you see on an invitation and you immediately start to think what on earth am I going to wear? Well, pulling together a smart-casual look is simple, as it’s about teaming the two singular styles together.

There are some variants when you’re speaking about smart-casual, as it can range from a little more casual to a little more formal (it sounds tricky but it’s not). For something on the more casual end of the spectrum, team a smart sweatshirt or jumper with a pair of wide leg trousers. Then, take a pair of simple white trainers to top the look off as this still gives the look a casual edge whilst also being quite smart.

Smart-casual wear is simple to crack. To add a little colour into your wardrobe, then why not try out a different coloured hoodie or sweatshirt. Teamed with a pair of slim leg trousers and some white smart-casual trainers, you can have a great look that’s perfect for the office and the transition to the night out afterwards.

Another option that keeps the smart theme going is to team a plain shirt over a simple tee. A white T-shirt and a green or pink overshirt will keep the smart vibe going with a little added colour. Colour shouldn’t be shy’d away from, so a simple overshirt is a good way to incorporate this into your wardrobe. With a good pair of trainers, this is a go to smart casual outfit.

The Best Smart-Casual Trainers

  • Stick to clean silhouettes and styles so you can pair the trainers with any style or coloured trousers you have in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear them with a suit, white will work best but if you want to opt for black, keep them smart and clean.
  • Add some colour to your smart casual outfit with a hoodie or a smart overshirt.
  • White, clean trainers should be your go to when you want to wear trainers in a smart situation.

On That Note

The best men’s shoes are the ones that can transition you from day to night with ease. Smart-casual trainers have the ability to be worn with a multitude of looks and styles; but what you must remember is that you need to stick to classic styles and designs if you want a long lasting and stylish pair of smart-casual trainers. White, black and even grey are perfect for paring with pretty much any outfit, and always stick to stream lined silhouettes for the best style results.

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