The Best Men’s Watches to Wear With a Suit

by Jamie

The perfect accessory for a suit, watches add elegance, class and convenience. Picking a watch that goes perfectly with your suit can be trickier than it sounds. Here are the best watches to wear with a suit.

Best Men’s Watches

Navy Blue or Black Suits

Easily the most popular colour for suits, the dark tones of a navy or black suit gives a sleek and sophisticated finish as well as being incredibly easy to work with. You may want to stick to tonally similar pieces or choose something that stands out a little more while maintaining a classy and clean finish.

Picking something with a simple face but a coloured strap can add a bit of character without clashing, this is particularly good for navy suits, where it’s easier to find complimenting colours. If you don’t like the idea of a coloured strap then a black leather strap is a classic option that will add an elegance that doesn’t require a lot of dressing up.

For a classic look choose a silver strap and face. This is perfect for a white shirt and black jacket look, as it will add an interesting contrast to the black, but be complimented against the white. Note: Although a completely silver watch can give your suit an interesting edge, a completely gold watch is never a good idea.

Grey Suits

Grey suits can greatly vary in shade, spanning from charcoal to a lighter marl grey, so it can be tricky to get a clear idea on what will work. If you’re looking to keep things a little subdued, go with a lighter coloured watch face and strap like a silver face and light brown strap. This will go well with both a light grey suit if you’re wanting to keep the whole outfit a little cleaner, and a dark grey suit, to add a little contrast and keep your look balanced.

For a bolder look, an all black watch will work well with most shades of grey; giving you a clean, chic and contemporary finish. Not for everyone, but if the shades match well – it’ll earn you some style points!

Brown and Tan Suits

Usually reserved for warmer weather or less formal affairs, brown or tan suits are never the less still a stylish and classic look, and you gotta make sure you’ve the right watch for it. Brown on brown is actually a surprisingly smart combination, so don’t be afraid to pair your favourite brown strap watch with your suit.

As brown suits are usually less formal you can afford to go for extra detailing, such as added time zones, artistic additions and a different coloured second hand. Whether you choose to add extra details or not, it’s best to choose a warm gold over a cool silver for the face of the watch, as this will match better with a brown suit.

For the different shades of brown, the rules are a little different. While with grey, it’s best to pair a lighter watch paired with a dark coloured suit and avoid pairing a darker watch with a light suit. With brown, where the colouring is much warmer, you can afford to match a darker brown watch with a lighter brown suit without it looking too heavy.

The Best Men’s Watches to Wear With a Suit

  • Your watch strap should be tight enough that your watch only moves an inch or so.
  • Traditionally, a watch is worn on your opposite wrist to your dominant hand. So if you’re left handed, wear your watch on your right hand and vice versa.
  • For grey and black suits go for black, silver, or otherwise cool -toned watches.
  • For brown or tan suits opt for gold, brown, or other warmer-toned watches.
  • Try wearing a black watch with brown shoes for a bold look.

On That Note

We’ve given you our tips and suggestions on what watches to wear with a suit, and although there are certain rules on colour and material, it can really just boil down to taste and what feels right. It’s a good idea to have a few classic watches with different coloured straps – black, silver and brown will probably get you through any situation, but feel free to experiment with various colours, patterns and sizes if you want to add a little more detail to your suit. Follow the link below to find the perfect black, brown, gold or silver watch to go with any outfit.

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