The Best Men’s Summer Suits 2018

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

It can get a bit confusing adjusting your outfit to the seasons. How do you stay cool and look slick without compromising your style? To help you out a little, here’s our definitive guide on the best summer suits for men.

It gets to that time of year when everyone starts to book their summer events. The summer weddings, BBQ’s, family parties, you name it, it’s booked in for summer. It may initially seem great for all, as catching some rays has never been a bad thing, but it can be difficult to then adjust your outfit to the heat. A suit can get too hot, but what else is acceptable, say for that summer wedding? 

From the fabric to the colour, everything plays a part. You’ll want to look as slick as possible but without sweating too much. So, in this guide you’ll have everything you’ll ever need to know about the best men’s summer, affordable and summer wedding suits – with additionally the best men’s summer suit fabrics, so you’ll still be looking suave whilst keeping cool. Read on for what we recommend and to find the best suits for the summer months ahead. 

Men’s Summer Suit Fabrics


The first material we’ll mention is probably the most common, and that’s cotton. This natural fibre means the suit will be breathable, and it’ll absorb moisture well, so it’s good for the heavy sweaters as you won’t be showing loads of visible sweat marks. However, even though this is a fairly breathable suit, it may have issues with flexibility as there’s no natural stretch, so movement may be restricted. But, if you’re in a suit, realistically you won’t be needing all the movement like a pair of joggers would have.

One last point to mention about this fabric suit is that you should remember that men’s cotton suits will show wear and tear. You need to care for the suit and make sure it’s looked after. Depending on the colour of the suit and how clumsy you are (if you spill things easily, you’ll be it washing a lot more) you need to look at how you wash it and how often you’ll be able to wash it.


Linen is the stereotypical summer suit. It’s light, looks very spring-ready and can be worn as the perfect summer wedding piece. The lightweight fabric obviously contributes to how good it is at keeping you cool, plus linen men’s suits are always available in a range of light colours. From white and creams to greys and browns, your linen suit can brighten up the look.

However, while they are commonly found in much more tonal and light shades, a black linen suit is also a great choice for more formal events. Pair with a smart pair of shoes and a light shirt, left open at the collar, and you’ll be spring wedding ready.


Silk is, believe it or not, one of the strongest materials around. It’s a natural fibre so it’s comfort and breathability is good, making this a brilliant material to invest in for the hotter months. However, silk can be effected by perspiration a lot more than the others so if the jackets lined (which it usually is) it will be fine, you just need to be a bit wary. The silk is cool to touch and gives off a professional finish, so if this is what you’re after, investing in silk is the one for you.

Men’s Summer Suit Colours

Summer colours are very different to the winter tones you see in the suit world. There’s less dark navy’s and blacks and more light pinks and whites. Here are some alternative suit colours that’ll give you that ideal summer suit look.

Mid Blue – A great alternative to the traditional navy, the mid blue suit gives a fresh and effortless look. Team with extra blue like a crisp light blue shirt, and finish off with light brown shoes.

Pale Grey –  Grey may not be something new for you when it comes to suits, but opt for a couple shades lighter to get the summer feel. This neutral shade can be teamed with any kind of shirt, so the choice is yours. Opt for gingham shirt if you want to mix it up or, a classic white one.

White – This is a go-to colour for summer, but it’s also a difficult one as you don’t want to out do the bride at a wedding. Unless of course, you’re the groom, then you should be on par. This is a fairly easy shade to style – just make sure your whole look doesn’t consist of all white, because you should have another colour to break up the look, otherwise you’ll run the risk of looking like a ghost.

Beige – A great twist on white and an alternative to the men’s cream linen suit, opt for beige to keep you feeling cool and looking cool. Slightly more practical than white, a beige suit is a great blank canvas, allowing you to mix and match with any other shade. Go for a light blue or pale pink shirt to add a pop of colour.

Men’s Summer Suit Styles

The Cut

The fit of the suit will be based entirely on your preference. There are three main ones to choose from.

  • Classic Fit – This cut has a clean body shape, but is cut big enough through the chest and waist, which results in less construction for the wearer. It is perfect for those who aren’t used to wearing suits very often, or the bigger guy as it allows for more room, as it won’t enhance your lumps and bumps.
  • Modern Fit – It’s neither a classic fit or a slim fit: it falls between the two. They’re not as spacious as the classic fit, or as sharply tailored as the slim fit. These suits are perfect for men who want to look sharp, but are not sure they can pull off a slim fit suit.
  • Slim Fit – This suit cut is fitted closer to the body and doesn’t have any excess fabric. Remember that if you can’t lift your arms in a suit, it is probably too small for you. Even suits with extreme slim fits need to be comfortable and allow you to move freely.

Two or Three-Piece Summer Suit?

Choosing between a two-piece or three-piece summer suit is entirely your choice. It will partly depend on the formality of the event, as the more formal, a three piece may work better. While this seems like an expensive formal go-to, three-piece can be just as affordable for your budget.

A three piece suit is a great look as it makes you look incredibly formal and slick. It’s also a great choice for when it’s warmer as you can ditch the jacket and spend the rest of the day or evening in just the waistcoat, but still look presentable. The three-piece suit is better teamed as double breasted jacket, particularly the waistcoat, in order for all of the pieces to better combine. Double breasted suits are otherwise harder to pull off if the waistcoat is missing.

On the other hand, a two piece suit is a great option for those who want to keep their look low key. You can still take the jacket off and look made up with your tucked in shirt and suit trousers. For a this, opt for single breasted jacket as it’s better suited to a two piece suit. Single breasted jackets are also easier to incorporate into more looks, such as teaming them with a smart casual look like jeans, or a simple white tee.

Men’s Summer Suit Shirts

Now that you’ve decided on the suit, it’s time to think about how you’re going to wear it. So first of all, it’s time to choose the shirt. You don’t want anything too dark as this will throw off the whole concept of the light coloured suit. Go for pastels, so pinks and blues mainly as these will work best. If in doubt, white is always the safe option. With this you’ll be able to incorporate colours into your outfit without having to overthink your shirt and suit colour.

Men’s Summer Suit Shoes

When pairing your suit with your shoes, brogues and loafers are the best formal shoes to go for. However, loafers may be the choice to sway towards as they offer a cooler equivalent to your usual smart shoes, meaning you can scrap the bulkiness and the socks. They’ll also give the look more of a summer vibe as they look pretty light on your feet.

With such a range of colours, you can incorporate any shade into your look. However, you should always try and opt for shades of black, light or dark brown. This will give you the best formal look, as these colours are great for combining with a whole range of suits. Another bonus is that they’re great value for money because it’s no doubt you’ll be wearing them for most of the summer.

Men’s Best Summer Suits

  • The material is important as you don’t want to be overheating in a really thick suit. You want one that’s breathable and light.
  • The colour is also worth looking at, the lighter fabrics will of course feel a lot lighter and absorb less heat.
  • The shirt colour can either be kept simple or it can be mixed up with pastel pinks and blues.
  • Loafers or brogues are good for the summer suit look. Keep the colours simple and in tone with the rest of your outfit.

On That Note

Looking for the best men’s summer suits can be a daunting task. But with such a range of fabrics, fits and colours to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect one for your summer event. From a summer wedding suit, to another formal occasion, there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, there are great options for everyone. So there you have the ultimate guide to the best men’s summer suits. You’ll now master the warmer season with no problems.

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