The Best Kosher Travel Destinations: The Top 8 List

by Jamie Wilson
The Best Kosher Travel Destinations

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Passover 2022 begins Friday, April 15th. It ends Saturday, April 23rd. That means that right now is the optimum time for you to lock in on the destination you want to travel to during Pesach 2022.

There are an increased number of people interested in traveling this spring to one of the Passover programs celebrated worldwide, so it is crucial that you plan early, and book your rooms early, so you get to go to your first-choice location.

Maybe learning about the top 8 Kosher Travel Destinations will help you decide where to go this year. Learning this will more than likely allow you to establish a destination bucket list and provide you with options for many years to come.

8) Cancun, Mexico

The Best Kosher Travel Destinations
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Number 8 on the best Kosher travel destinations is the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, Mexico. A stay here is actually an adventure in paradise. 

The resort is a five-star establishment that offers the finest in accommodations, food, entertainment, and locations.

The beaches are pristine white sand bordering amazingly blue waters that will relax you from head to toe.

7) Israel

The Best Kosher Travel Destinations
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The Daniel Hotel Herzliya is number 7 on the best of the best list. Everyone that celebrates Pesach should have Israel down as one of the destinations they want to go to. 

The accommodations at the hotel offer rooms that face the city, rooms with a fabulous sea view, rooms that have family rooms so you can enjoy your family time, and Schizen spa rooms fit for royalty.

Private balconies that look out over the amazing surroundings of this beautiful location.

6) Sicily Straits, Italy

Number 6 is the beautiful Altafiumara Resort and Spa located in Calabria Italy. The resort and spa is situated on a cliff overlooking the waters of the Costa Viola, On the horizon the Etna volcano and Aeolian Islands create a superb focal point.

The guests at this fortress will be offered a tour package that will provide them with experiences around Calabria. You will visit the local plantations, see the volcano, and enjoy relaxing cruises.

5) Mykonos Island, Greece

Number 5 on our list lands you in Greece at the Myconian Imperial Resort & Spa. Everything about this location is beautiful and alluring, but the one thing that sticks out in the minds of every past visitor is the amazing foods.

The food is prepared by renowned chefs who strive to make every morsel Pesach kosher and delightfully tantalizing to the taste buds. 

There is a bar that serves all manners of liquid libations, soft drinks, snacks, and more anytime before, during or between meals.

The Best Kosher Travel Destinations
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4) Bahamas

Number 4 on the list of the best is none other than the Atlantis Resort & Spa in the Bahamas. The Atlantis is located on a two mile stretch of white sandy beach. It has a world-famous day camp program, and you will enjoy the largest water theme park in the world during your visit.

3) Costa Rica

The 3rd pick is the Hotel Casa Conde in Costa Rica. This hotel is in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The surroundings are nothing more than paradise on earth.

This is an adventure lover’s dream come true! The hotel is perfect, there are zip line opportunities on the Congo Trails, there is a Catamaran trip along the Papagayo coast and the Guancaste, and a trip to Diamond Eco Adventure Park Zoo, Top all of that off with an African Safari Tour. 

2) Orlando, Florida

The Best Kosher Travel Destinations
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Our second pick for the best destination is the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld. The fun and adventure never stops while you are staying at the DoubleTree.

There are wine tastings, Luaus, and outdoor western barbecue, afternoon snacks and beverages served outside so you can enjoy the fabulous weather and beautiful landscapes surrounding you.

Your seders can be designed according to your preferences. Private, semi-private or a more traditional communal seder is available at your request.

1)San Diego, California

Rancho Bernardo is our number one pick as the best Kosher travel destination for Pesach 2022. You will stay at a facility with an impeccable reputation. This resort has won many awards in the past 8 years for being the most favored resort, for providing the greatest experiences, and for delectable cuisine that is simply the best.

The Best Kosher Travel Destinations
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This destination offers the greatest amount of visitor activity tours. You can experience snorkeling at La Jolla Beach, visit the San Diego Zoo & Safar, see Legoland, go to SeaWorld, go kayaking, play paint ball at the US Camp Pendleton and more. 

This is the dream experience for the young and the older members of your family. There is fabulous golf, beautiful shopping, local flare, and an active nightlife. All of this is combined with luxurious guest rooms, spa facilities, religious accommodations, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Final Thought

The best Kosher travel destination is the one that your family enjoys. All of the Pesach programs offer incredible activities, food, and experiences. The thing that makes one destination better than another is not where you travel but who you are traveling with. Enjoy your family and your holiday in style in 2022.

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