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The Best Hoodies for Your Body Type

by Jamie Wilson
The Best Hoodies for Your Body Type

When it comes to the cooler months, the silver lining to the bitter cold is the chance to pull out your stylish winter jackets, coats and hoodies. With the recent surge in popularity of the hoodie, knowing how to choose the best option for your body type is essential for nailing the trend. With this in mind, let’s break down the hoodie and what’ll work best for your body.

What Type of Hoodie is Best for my Body Type?

The first step to finding stylish, high-quality hoodies is to understand the basics of body types and the cuts of clothing that work best for your particular men’s body shape.


The Best Hoodies for Your Body Type
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Shorter Guys: If you’re a little on the shorter side, the first red flag to avoid is an oversized hoodie. Baggy or longline fits will do nothing but make you look broader, drawing more attention to the height deficit. Instead, opt for a hoodie that falls no lower than just past your belt, is generally slim in fit, and has sleeves that drop no further than where your thumb begins.

Taller Guys: If you’re a little taller than average, your priority should be in finding the correct length. You should go for something long line or a little oversized, just nothing that’s any higher than your belt. Be careful to check out the quality of the fabric and if the hoodie is liable to shrink in the wash, if so –  consider buying the next size up.


Slimmer guys: If you are of a slim or average build, go for a hoodie that is fitted/slim to avoid sagging around the waist which will only make you look bigger than you are. If you’re on the muscular side, a slim fit hoodie will also work best – in both cases, we’d also suggest going with a zipless option.

Heavier guys: If you are a little on the heavier side, ensure that your hoodie doesn’t draw too much attention to your belly. Your main priority will be to find something that is comfortable but which equally flatters your shape. Choosing a hoodie which is too large in an attempt to deflect attention from your physique can work if you’re relatively tall, but if you’re a shorter, broader guy – it’ll do the opposite of what you’re looking for and make you look larger.

How to Style a Hoodie

Looking at the four most popular coloured hoodies (black, white, navy & grey), the combinations of styling are endless. Check out some street style inspired looks below.

Black hoodie: About as cool as it gets, mixing one of your best zip-up hoodies (or double pocketed option, as below) into an all-black-everything ensemble is not only incredibly easy to replicate but right on trend for winter months also.

Navy hoodie: Another simplistic ensemble, try mixing your navy hoodie with a denim jacket and some black jeans. While the hoodie and jean jacket are relatively similar in colour, the textural differences between the cotton and denim will add a little depth to the outfit.

The Best Hoodies for Your Body Type
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Grey hoodie: Another timeless wardrobe essential, a grey hoodie or a grey zip-up hoodie is a great addition to any man’s casual arsenal, arguably one of the best hooded sweatshirt colours around. While the options for styling are endless, a good pair of blue jeans and converse will lend itself well to the muted nature of the grey.

White hoodie: While arguably not the most practical, if you’re the kinda guy who isn’t prone to coffee spills; a men’s white hoodie can elevate even the simplest of ensembles through some smart contrasting. Mix your white hoodie with a starkly different black overcoat and some simple chinos for a put together, yet casual look.

Best Hoodies for Men

So now that you’ve got an idea of what will and won’t work for your body, let’s take a look at some of the best hoodies out there.

Best Men’s Zip Up Hoodies

For one reason or another, good quality, cool zip-hoodies for men are harder to find than their non-zipped counterparts, so you’ll need to look for options that have a high cotton ratio and quality. Anything less than 80% – avoid or be sure you’re getting a bargain.

Best Men’s Slim Fit Hoodies

Best Men's Slim Fit Hoodies
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With a slim fit hoodie, while it can be done with 100% cotton, it’s normal to expect a very small percentage of elastane. This will give a little more grip around the sleeves/the bottom of your hoodie. Easily one of the most versatile pieces you can own, it’s best to go for an understated colour choice for maximum wearability.

Best Men’s Designer Hoodies

Designers have dipped in and out of the sports luxe market for the past few years, and that dabbling has left us with some extremely suave hoodies on the market. Most notable of the moment are the Vetements hoodies – the French brand has seemingly come out of nowhere and has dominated the sports luxe category.

How to Shrink Hoodies

If you’re thinking about shrinking your hoodie, then the first thing you need to consider is the fabric. Most hoodies are cotton, and cotton is easy to shrink. If the hoodie is made up of a blend or mix then you may have to consider taking it to a dry cleaner for some tailoring.

Another element you need to think about is, does the hoodie have any features? Zips and metal inserts will not shrink the same way the fabric will, leaving your hoodie misshapen.

The best way to shrink a hoodie is to put it on a high-temperature wash, this will shrink the hoodie a size smaller, another way is to cold wash your hoodie, then hot dry (in a dryer) until dry – this will quickly shrink a hoodie two sizes.

How to Get the Best Hoodie for Your Body Shape

Best Men's Slim Fit Hoodies
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  • When buying a hoodie it’s important to get the right fit. Bigger guys shouldn’t automatically go for bigger fits, but slim cuts in the right places
  • With smaller guys, it’s all about flattering your body with a hoodie that’s suited, not only to your shape but your style as well.
  • Hoodies come in a few styles and colours, so figure out which one will suit your style more.
  • Hoodies also come in a variety of materials, such as cotton or a sherpa/borg. Make sure you dress right or your body and for the season.

On That Note

That’s your lot! From its 90s streetwear roots, good hoodies have risen once again as one of the most prominent items of clothing in fashion. Whether you’re aware or not, it’s a great example of how the world of high-end fashion effects us all. All the way from, arguably, the best hoodies ever from Vetements, the hoodies resurgence has trickled down to the high street and now, no doubt, into your wardrobe. There are hoodies which suit all men’s body shapes, so take a look at our range and see what suits you the most.

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