The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type

by Jamie

Whether you have hair that’s thick, thin, long, short or somewhere in the middle, it can be hard to pick out the right product. So let’s get it sorted once and for all – here are the best men’s hair styling products for your hair type.

Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type

Straight Hair

Pretty self-explanatory: when the hair shafts grow from the root without any bending or curling, you’ve got straight hair. While it’s possible for the hair to curl or kink when wet or styled in a certain way, if left to its own devices, straight hair falls naturally from the root maintaining a kink-less form.

When looking for products suited to straighter locks, there’s little in terms of restriction, as the hair can be moulded to suit your desired style with pretty much any product. That being said, the consideration lies with maintaining hold and texture of said style – so it’s best to tailor your choice depending on this.

The Best Men’s Hair Products for Straight Hair

Do: One of the pros of having a straight barnet is that pretty much any styling product will work, purely depending on your chosen hairdo. It’s important to note that, although most products will suit perfectly fine, straight hair can look a little thin and flat so it’s typically best to go with a product that adds a little volume.

Gels and pomades will offer varying levels of hold while giving hair a wet-look finish, whereas hair putty, creams, wax and clay will give a more natural, matte finish while maintaining a little more volume. Mousse can be used for a firmer hold while adding texture and volume and men’s hairspray will work as a finishing product to seal a style in place.

Don’t: Those with straight hair needn’t worry about styling restrictions. Due to the ‘blank canvas’ nature of straighter hair, it’s more about choosing the right products to suit the finish you’re going for.

Wavy Hair

While not a million miles away from straight hair, wavy hair grows out at a marginal curve from the follicle giving a slight kink or wave to the hair. Typically speaking, it won’t be as evident when the hair is at a shorter length as the waves won’t have a chance to show their coils until about 1.5 inches long.

When choosing a product for wavy hair, it’s good to go for something that’ll hold moisture as, when not styled, wavy cuts have a tendency to become wiry. You can also curtail this drying with the use of quality, moisturising shampoos and conditioners.

The Best Men’s Hair Products for Wavy Hair

Do: You should be looking for moisture-rich products that give a somewhat wet finish, notably hair pomade and creams. On top of that, a moisturising hairspray can be used to hold a style in place without excessive drying out.

Don’t: Even the best hair gels for men, although quite wet in consistency, have a tendency to dry hair out after some time, so are best avoided. Clay and wax will be too dry and mattifying, possibly creating an undesirable texture. With a mousse, although it can dry out hair, it can also be used to give curls or waves a more defined finish, so if this is the look you’re going for, try incorporating an oil to counteract drying.

Kinky Hair

The curliest of the lot, kinky hair is defined by its small, tight curls that make it difficult to tell where one curl stops and the next one starts. While it’s quite difficult to style because of the coarse nature of the hair strands, it lends itself particularly well to shaped, clipped styles and cuts.

On the downside, however, kinky hair is incredibly prone to drying out, so maintaining moisture is your biggest goal here. Alongside being selective with your choice of styling, some of the best hair care products, such as deep conditioner and men’s hair oil, should also be incorporated into your routine.

The Best Men’s Hair Products for Kinky Hair

Do: Kinky hair is quite limited in terms of styling product due to its close, coarse texture and its tendency to dry out. Your best option is to use a cream for styling and, as mentioned previously, incorporate oils to keep hair nourished and healthy looking.

Don’t: Most other hair products such as gel, wax, pomade, clay simply won’t work in kinky hair. Depending on the composition, mousse and hairspray may be of use but could result in further drying unless specifically formulated for your hair type.

Curly Hair

Curlier than slight waves, but not as dense as a kinky hair type, curly or coiled hair is relatively easier to work with than it’s wavier counterparts. When properly cared for, curly hair can stand out as one of the most stylish do’s a guy can have. Thick, full and naturally textured, once you know what you’re doing – it’s a breeze to work with.

Curly hair lends itself particularly well to being left in its natural state, but it’s still important to use the right products to give a little hold prevent drying out.

The Best Men’s Hair Products for Curly Hair

Do: Styling creams and pomades will add moisture while giving you a little more control over the hair’s shape. Another option is applying curl enhancing mousse which will give your curls a more defined, textured and overall healthy appearance.

Don’t: Gel, wax or clay are generally too dry for curls, giving you a dry wiry hair texture that you’ll be trying to avoid. Hairspray, typically, will have the same effect on your curls unless you’re going for one specifically tailored to adding moisture while maintaining its hold.

Best Hair Products for Your Hair Length


Longer styles varying from shoulder length to a full-on men’s ponytail come with their own set of requirements, much the same as the hairs texture would. When it comes to lengthier styles, you’re mainly looking for men’s long hair products that are tailored towards enhancing your chosen style as opposed to offering a firm hold.

The Best Men’s Hair Products for Long Hair

Do: Men with long hair should be aware of the products that’ll nourish hair while giving control and a small amount of hold. The best styling products for long hair include hair styling cream, hair mousse and hairspray. The wetter nature of the product during application will make for an easier styling experience without holding the hair too tightly.

Don’t: While debatable, typically speaking gels, waxes, pomades and clays will either dry out lengthier hair or offer more hold than is needed, clumping hairs together.

Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type

  • Straight: Pretty much any product will suit a straightened barnet – play around to see what works best for you.
  • Wavy: Pomade, creams or moisturising hairsprays will work best on wavy hair. Why not try out a salt spray to enhance your natural waves?
  • Kinky: Creams and oils work best to keep kinky hair moisturised and frizz free. A great trick is to leave your hair to dry without brushing it, which will reduce frizz.
  • Curly: Creams, pomades, oils and mousse will have curls looking their finest. Salt spray is also great for curly hair.

On That Note

There we have it. With all the knowledge above, you’re now more than clued up on how to style men’s hair. You should now be able to pick out the right products every time. It’s important to note, while we’ve broken things down independently, you should be considering several of the above. For example, if you’ve got long, thick, straight hair – consider all three before choosing the product for your style. That being said, no amount of imparted info will beat playing around with different products in front of the mirror. Get a feel for what works and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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