The Best Faded Jeans for Summer

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Naturally, the obvious option to counteract this happening is to reach for the nearest pair of shorts, but at the same time it might not always be suitable for the occasion in hand, especially if your work’s dress code prohibits them or you’re heading somewhere you should probably dress on the smarter side of the sartorial spectrum.

Fortunately, however, the menswear gatekeepers out there have brought back faded denim in a big way recently, thus providing us with plenty of warm-weather alternatives to the usual go-to denim. And, no, we’re not talking dodgy acid washes akin to 80s heavy metal icons, but more light blue iterations that are worthy of a place in your wardrobe.

Raw Hem Dad Style Jeans

The “Dad” trend is still in full effect as of current. Dressing like a dad is no longer uncool and behind the times, in fact, it’s currently at the pinnacle of fashion. We’re talking loose fitting jeans, chunky sneakers, and retro style baseball caps. This style will keep you cooler than ever during the summer months, due to the loose fit and lightweight denim used.


Lightweight Stonewash Jeans

It goes without saying that any summer jeans are going to have to be made of lightweight denim, otherwise you’re going to be sweating and just generally uncomfortable for the duration of the wear. However, it’s also massively important to consider colour and wash during the warmer months. Darker jeans will make you hotter than lighter shades, and also won’t look as good with your more seasonal attire. Stonewash is pretty much the perfect candidate here – it literally cannot be beaten when it comes to a pair of staple summer jeans.

stonewash jeans street style


Loose Fit Jeans

The last thing you want in the summer is a pair of tight fitting jeans. Sweatiness, heat, and being constricted – need we say more. It might seem obvious, but the amount of guys we see in the summer looking like they’re struggling in skinny jeans is pretty worrying. Avoid the skinnies. Stick to a pair of loose fitting jeans that’ll give you plenty of flexibility and allow the air to flow through. A good pair of lightweight and loose fitting jeans can be as comfy as a pair of shorts on a warm day.

loose jeans street style


Faded Jeans

As the title of this article implies, faded jeans are also a solid option for the summer months. This style combines many of the features we’ve already highlighted in this article, as most faded jeans follow a stonewash colourway, and are also more often than not created from lightweight denim. Faded jeans follow the distressed theme, so many pairs also features rips and tears, which as well as being stylish are perfect for allowing airflow during the summer period.

faded jeans street style


The Best Faded Jeans for Summer

  • Faded jeans are perfect for the warmer months, offering a comfortable and also stylish look.
  • Make sure you go for a loose fit, no one wants to be constricted during the heat.
  • Stonewash is one of the nicest colour schemes out there when it comes to jeans, and compliments summer attire perfectly.
  • Never choose skinny jeans in the summer, it won’t be a comfortable experience.
  • If you really aren’t a fan of jeans, work-pant style trousers are the perfect alternative.

jeans men street style

On That Note

If you’re going to brave jeans in the summer, which seems to be unavoidable sometimes, you’re going to want to make it as bearable as possible. Hopefully from the pointers in this guide you’ve got some sort of idea of how to do it. Just remember to stay loose, light, and most of all comfortable. All the products we’ve included throughout the guide are a great starting point, however if you’re still unsure you can find hundreds more options over at our online store.

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