The Best Coats For Autumn/ Winter

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It’s that time of year again, the temperature’s starting to drop and the coldest weather is soon to hit. If you’re in the market for a winter coat, the sheer abundance of styles out there can leave you a little overwhelmed at the best of times. With this in mind, we’ve broken down some of the best options out there to save you the work!


Best Men’s Warm Winter Coats

Jacket buying season has well and truly arrived and if you’re looking to weed the quality winter warmers from the less cushy numbers; we’ve compiled a list of the best winter jackets for the season.

Men’s Winter Parka

Optimal winter wear, the parka has been keeping the Inuits toasty for nearly a century. Thick padding, plenty of storage and longer length make it perfect for chillier days and safe to say, most of us have owned a winter parka at some point, attesting to the style’s staying power. Check out some of our favourites, like an iconic parka with a fur hood below.

Conquer Winter Wilderness

Men’s Winter Padded Coats

As one of the most popular coat styles of the season, the market is currently flooded with an abundance of padded and puffer jackets – which, as a consumer, is great news. While not as easy to style as others, you can rest assured that a padded jacket or coat will keep the cold at bay.

Best winter coats

Men’s Winter Rain Macs

When the heavens have opened but the temperatures aren’t at their lowest, you can’t beat a rain mac. The typically lightweight nylon means it’s great for packing away when the rain stops and they’re also great for layering over the top of thicker pieces of knitwear when it’s a little chillier outside.

We’ve all been caught in the rain without an umbrella and it isn’t helped when you’re wearing a hoodless coat. Gone are the days when a mac is an unsightly bright yellow fashion faux pas, these days, macs are contemporary, stylish and practical – what more could you want?

Top 7 Men's

Men’s Barbour Coats

How could we make this list without mentioning a true British classic, the Barbour jacket. With a premium quality manufacturing process, the iconic outerwear brand marries style and practicality with their epochal waxed jackets and ever expanding lines of superior outerwear.

The Barbour International

Men’s Winter Military Jackets

As with most things in menswear, a lot of military jackets and coats have trickled down from their use in times of war by the military. Whether that be the pilot’s bomber or the namesake trench coat, some of our most popular styles of jackets to this day were inspired by their wartime counterparts. Check out some of our favourites below.

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Bomber Jackets

Originally known as a flight or bombardier jacket, the simple bomber is easily one of this season’s most popular styles of jacket. A classic that deserves a place in every man’s outerwear arsenal, they’re hands down, one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can own. While, arguably, not the most winter suited option, they often come with shearling collars and are packed with padding to give you that bit more insulation.

Ways to Wear the Alpha

Men’s Trench Coats

The history of the trench coat dates back to the 1850s with a design from Burberry being put forward for the British Army in 1901. While Burberry is still pushing the same classic design, many contemporary iterations from other brands have cropped up since then meaning there’s something for every man’s style and budget.

Best Men's Trench Coats

Men’s Camouflage Jackets

Another incredibly popular style for autumn / winter 2016, camo has seen a revival the past couple of seasons thanks to being featured heavily by various high-end designers. As it’s not technically a ‘style’ of jacket in itself, camo jackets can come in various forms meaning there’s something suited to every season and personal style.


Men’s Winter Dress Coats

Typically speaking, dress coats veer closer to the tailored end of the spectrum than their more casual counterparts. Think smart pea coats, tailored trench coats and clean cut overcoats for men, of which we’ve included our favourites below.

Styles of Men's

Men’s Winter Pea Coats

Ideal office and weekend attire, the pea coat will sit well with both your casual outfits and smarter ensembles. Originally worn by sailors, the double breasted design is perfect for keeping out the cold, while giving you a classic finish. If you’re looking for a coat to keep you snug and smart, the pea coat is one of the best options out there.

Stylish For Winter Outfit

Men’s Camel Coat

With the abundance of camel coats consistently available on the market, there’s never a bad time to pick yourself one of these seasonless gems. Whether thrown on top of an all black ensemble or carefully put together with a tonal outfit for an occasion, a camel coat will easily be one of the hardest working wardrobe wonders you can own.

How to Choose and Buy An Overcoat

Men’s Wool Coats

A snug and smart addition to anyone’s arsenal, the wool overcoat is a warm winter staple that’ll pay for itself within weeks with the amount of wear it’ll be getting. Go for a muted colour like black or olive green and you can throw it on top of any outfit for instant elevation, both sartorially and in terms of insulation – win!

Mens Trench Coats

The Best Coats for Autumn/ Winter 2016

Waterproof coats like rain macs are a great choice for the autumn, wool coats are ideal if the weather’s cold but relatively dry, while parkas and padded jackets are suited to damp, dark and wetter days. Whatever your choice, pay attention to fabric composition, washing instructions, etc. to ensure you get the best value for money jacket!

mens street style red jacket blue puffa

On That Note

Whether it’s something as iconic as the parka or trench coat that has a long military history, or a contemporary take on an old classic like the above rain macs; while it boils down to personal preference, it’s important to consider your coat’s suitability to where you plan on wearing it. Don’t see anything above that takes your fancy? Follow the link below to shop our collection of cool winter coats and jackets!

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