Button Down Shirts That You Need to Know

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The Best Men's Button-Down Shirts to Wear in the Summer Heat

The classic button down shirt for men; a wardrobe staple and and style icon. It has taken men from casual to formal occasions with ease and it’s ability to be seasonless and timeless is admirable. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about men’s button down shirts and how to style them this and every season. 

The Best Short Sleeve Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts are a versatile and easy piece to wear. With a seasonless appeal, they have all the qualities and aspects of a wardrobe classic, allowing the wearer to really play around with colour and texture when it comes to their shirts. The problem is with a lot of shirts is that they can be quite heavy and thick, leaving the wearer bogged down and sweaty come the summer.

Summer button down shirts for men or summer shirts for men work a lot better when your skin has the ability to breathe. You can go for a classic white short sleeve shirt, as this will allow you the versatility and ease of wear, but, you can always try something new come summer. Cuba collar shirts are a massive trend at the moment as they give you classic styling mixed with modern cuts and prints.

A short sleeve button down shirt is an easy piece to pull off whether it’s for a formal or casual occasion. If you really want to tackle one of this season’s biggest trends then take a Cuban collared shirt and team it with a pair of black trousers. Tuck the shirt in for an extra added touch of formality and add a formal shoe, such as a brogue or loafer.

Men’s Black Button Down Shirt

Not a choice that every man makes, but the black button down shirt offers that subtle sense of style that can go unnoticed, but can be very effective. What you want to be careful about with about your black button up shirt is the colour; bow this may sound a little weird, but a faded black can look like you’ve washed it no end of times before you’ve worn it.

Go for a tonal look when you’re wearing a black button down collar shirt as you can easily throw off your look if you wear it with any other colour. A pair of black jeans or black trousers will work perfectly when piecing together a look for a black button down shirt. Again, go for a pair of black shoes to keep the tonal look in check and you’ll be good to go.

Smarten up the classic black button down with a blazer and a pair of contrasting trousers for a great formal look. Grey works exceptionally well with black so team your black shirt with a pair of grey trousers and a blazer, in black over the top. Finish off by throwing on a pair of formal shoes and you’ll have yourself a great outfit perfect for any formal occasion.

Button Down White Shirt for Men

This is a classic example of menswear, the white button down shirt. Its versatility speaks for itself as it’s in the wardrobe of almost every man out there. You can pair the white shirt with pretty much any colour and style and it will work; go for formal and tuck it in with a pair of trousers and a pair of loafers or brogues, or, don’t tuck it in and pair t with some black slim leg jeans and a pair of boots. Either way, the white button down shirt will work.

The power of the white shirt is endless. With the ability to be teamed with a multitude of colours and looks, it’s no wonder why it’s loved by some many men worldwide. For a more formal look then take your white button down shirt and couple it with a pair of navy trousers. White and navy work tremendously well together and when teamed with a pair of brown formal shoes, it can really set a look off.

Casual Button Down Shirts for Men

Casual button down shirts for men build up the majority of men’s wardrobes around the world. The casual button down shirt is perfect for teaming with a pair of jeans and trainers for those causal days when you still want to look smart, but also comfortable at the same time. The humble flannel shirt is the perfect option for this as it combines one of the biggest trends at the moment, heritage, and the relaxing style that most men crave.

The red flannel shirt is probably the most recognisable and easy to wear casual button down shirt out there. With versatility to boot, the red flannel shirt works perfectly with a multitude of colours; try wearing yours with a simple pair of blue jeans and desert boots in a neutral, stone colour. Perfect as a layering piece, the casual button down shirt will work perfectly for you now matter what the season.

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If red isn’t your thing then you can always opt for a more neutral tone such as black or white, or both! Sticking to a neutral palette may be the best choice for many, especially if you want to keep a certain style or wardrobe aesthetic intact. Teamed with a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans, the black and white shirt will allow you to experiment with other colours, or you can keep it as the statement piece to your look, the choice is yours.

Button Down Shirts That You Need to Know

  • Always make sure that the shirt fits. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting shirt.
  • If you’re struggling, always go for a neutral colour as these will incorporate easier into your wardrobe.
  • For the warmer months, opt for a shorter sleeve version to keep yourself light and airy.
  • Got for a causal flannel option if you don’t want to stick to formal styles.

On That Note

Button down shirts are the perfect wardrobe essential. Worn formally or casually they can help elevate any look and style with ease. If you’re struggling to choosing then always opt for a more neutral colour and classic style as you’ll find it easier to wear and style. If you’re more experimental, then go for a bolder colour or style.

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