The 25 Best Air Jordans Of All Time

by Jamie

Air Jordans are one of the most popular choices of trainer in the world. Backed by Nike and Michael Jordan, the Jordan Brand is huge and has a back catalogue of releases that span decades. We’ve rounded up the best 25 Air Jordan releases of all time and put them into an easy to read list. 

There’s a huge list of Air Jordan models, let alone the colourways. To be precise, there’s been 32 renditions to date, with the most recent being announced just yesterday. Some silhouettes are a lot more popular than others, and have made the transition into sneakers for fashion, rather than solely for on the basketball court. However others are still very much performance shoes for sport. We’re going to focus more on the shoes that are made for style in this list, as high-end basketball sneakers aren’t the most fashionable thing about right now.

25. Air Jordan IV White Chrome/Classic Green

Original Release: 2004

This colourway of the Air Jordan 4 is still recognised as a classic today. It’s much less hyped than certain other Jordan 4 colourways, but is still an absolute must for any serious collector. You can pick up a pair relatively cheaply on the resell market, however finding a pair in decent condition may prove a slight challenge seeing as they released 13 years ago, and have never seen a re-release.

24. Air Jordan V “Grape”

Original Release: 1990

This original Jordan V colourway will always be a classic. It’s been retro’d twice – first in 2006 and then again in 2013. If you’re serious about Air Jordan, you’ve no doubt owned or at least wanted a pair of Grape’s at some point. There was also a “Black Grape” release in 2013, which swapped out the white parts of the sneaker for black, giving it a meaner look.

23. Air Jordan XI “Concord” Low

Original Release: 2014

The 11 is a much more modernised Jordan silhouette, and was used on the court by Michael Jordan himself in the late 90’s. However this “Concord” low colourway was a much more recent release. The colourway itself is simple but effective, and the low top edition of the 11 is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the high top, in my opinion.

22. Air Jordan I “Royal”

Original Release: 1985

The Jordan 1 was MJ’s first signature shoe, and is the only Air Jordan to feature Nike Swoosh branding. The Royals were also one of the first colourways to ever release, following shortly after the original Bred 1’s. This colourway has had several re-releases – 2001, 2013 and 2017. A low-top edition was also released in 2015.

21. Jordan IV “Black Cat”

Original Release: 2006

Who doesn’t love triple black? The Black Cat is exactly what the name implies. Your favourite Jordan IV in a clean and stealthy triple black colourway. There was a re-release in 2014, which sold out as quickly as the original. A classic silhouette and triple black is a recipe for easy success.

20. Air Jordan XI “Space Jam”

Original Release: 2000

Famously worn by Jordan himself during the 1995 NBA playoffs, and then in the 1996 movie Space Jam, the colourway wasn’t actually released to the public until the year 2000. It then re-released in 2009, and once again in 2016. This colourway has always had hype around it and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

19. Air Jordan IV “UNDFTD”

Original Release: 2005

Arguably the rarest and most desirable Air Jordan of all time, this collaboration with LA based retailer UNDFTD was promo only, and was available via auction back in 2005. At the present day, pairs have been known to sell for upwards of £15,00 to collectors. Serious, serious money.

18. Air Jordan V “Tokyo T23”

Original Release: 2011

A very exclusive release basically impossible to find outside of Japan, these 5’s are extremely hyped and are a very distinctive colourway. They were released to commemorate the Tokyo23 tournament in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.

17. Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux”

Original Release: 1992

One of the more obscure Jordan colourways, the Bordeaux is still a firm fan favourite. It’s had numerous re-releases including the 2011 and 2015 drops, and has sold out every time. The 7 is also one of the stranger silhouettes, featuring angular design and a suede upper. The Bordeaux however has certified its place in the Air Jordan hall of fame.

16. Air Jordan XIII “Bred”

Original Release: 1997

Bred is always a classic colourway, and it suits the Jordan 13 perfectly. Michael Jordan had already won 5 championships by the time he was wearing 13, and he was well on his way for a sixth. They’ve had multiple re-releases over the years, and have sold out every time.

15. Air Jordan IV “Military Blue”

Original Release: 1989

Another classic Jordan 4 colourway, the Military Blue edition is still hugely popular today, as it’s such a clean colourway. It was re-released in 2012, then once again in 2016. Pairs are relatively easy to pick up on the resell market, and won’t set you back too much either. If you’re looking to start your Jordan collection, these could be a great pair to start with.

14. Air Jordan V “Toro Bravo”

Original Release: 2009

One of the only Jordan 5’s to release in such a bold red colourway, the Toro Bravo’s are still highly desirable today. A black pair also released alongside this pair, but weren’t as well appreciated. The pair came in a limited edition box making it highly desirable for collectors, and have never been re-released.

13. Air Jordan I “Black Toe”

Original Release: 1985

Another one of the very first Jordan colourways to release, the Black Toe is, at a glance very similar to the classic Bred colourway. However as the name implies, the toe box has been treated to a black makeover. Once again, this classic colourway is still very much relevant today and makes a great addition to any Air Jordan collection.

12. Air Jordan IV “Eminem x Carhartt”

Original Release: 2015

This groundbreaking three way collaboration between world famous rapper Eminem, legendary workwear brand Carhartt and of course the Jordan Brand only released two years ago, and was available strictly via charity auctions. Ten pairs were available to the public via the auctions, and not many more other than those initial ten are circulating. Pairs sold for upwards of £15,000 via the auctions and resale now would be of relatively the same price.

11. Air Jordan III “White Cement”

Original Release: 1987

Jordan 3’s are a love or hate silhouette. Upon their initial release they divided opinions of sneakerheads worldwide. Probably the most iconic colourway of the 3’s is the White Cement. Featuring a clean leather upper and an interesting print for added detailing, they’re worthy of a spot in the 25 greatest Air Jordans of all time.

10. Air Jordan VI “Infrared”

Original Release: 1991

The Air Jordan 6 is a solid silhouette all round, and has had many successful colourways. However easily the best out of them all has to be the Black/Infrared colourway. With subtle hints of neon red and the rest of the shoe being blacked out, it’s a statement trainer that will certainly make you stand out. It re-released recently in 2014 and once again, not to our surprise, sold out.

9. Air Jordan I “Shattered Backboard”

Original Release: 2015

Inspired by that time Michael Jordan literally shattered the backboard with one of his dunks, this relatively new release became an instant classic. It now resells for over double retail price, and has inspired another colourway, the “Reverse Shattered Backboard”, which had much of the same success.

8. Air Jordan XI “Bred”

Original Release: 1995

Bred is always a classic colourway, what can go wrong? Combine such a renowned favourite with a silhouette as great as the Jordan 11, and you’ve got an absolute classic. If you’re into your Air Jordans and haven’t got a pair of Bred 11’s on your collection, something isn’t right.

7. Air Jordan IV “Pure Money”

Original Release: 2006

A classic triple white colourway with metallic details, the Pure Money was a big hitter when it originally released in 2006. It was revisited just earlier this year, and once again saw queues outside of sneaker stores worldwide, and obviously, it sold out. Definitely a pair that’ll be a pain to keep clean though.

6. Air Jordan V “KAWS”

Original Release: 2017

One of this years hottest and hardest to get sneaker releases was the Air Jordan 4 “KAWS”. The Jordan Brand joined forces with the legendary designer and created a beautiful looking suede sneaker, featuring KAWS all over print branding. The pair now resells for over £1000, and rumours are circulating that a black colourway will be up for a release soon.

5. Air Jordan IV “Bred”

No surprises here, another pair of 4’s have popped up, and it’s another Bred colourway making the list. Basically, any Air Jordan silhouette in the Bred colourway is an instant classic. If you mentioned Air Jordan to someone, chances are this is the pair that would initially crop up in their mind.

4. Air Jordan V “Fire Red”

Original Release: 1990

An OG Jordan 5 colourway, it’s probably the most classic 5 ever made. Featuring a translucent sole and revolutionary foam ankle supports, it was a Jordan that changed the game. It’s been re-released twice, once in 2000 and then once again in 2006, and both times it proved as popular as it was upon the original release.

3. Air Jordan I Banned/Bred

Original Release: 1985

The original, the best. The first ever Air Jordan to release. It’s had 6 releases over the years and sells out every time. It simply can’t be beaten, and sneakerheads love it every single time. Countless “Bred” models have followed in it’s footsteps over the years.

2. Air Jordan VIII “Aqua”

Original Release: 1993

Michael Jordan wore these on court during the 1993 season. Air Jordan fans worldwide went mad for this release, and it’s remained a classic ever since. They were re-released in 2007, and once again sold out worldwide.

1. Air Jordan IV “Fire Red”

Original Release: 1989

When this colourway originally released it caused a storm of hype, with sneaker fans around the world going mad for it. We saw queues out the door even way back then. It’s had several re-releases over the years and all have had the same reaction – sold out.

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