The 10 Best Supreme Box Logo Hoodies

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Supreme’s box logo is one of the most recognisable logo’s of all time, and often the T-shirts get way more attention than the hoodies. Therefore, we’re going to list the best box-logo hoodies of all time. Read on to find out our choices. 

There’s nothing better than a warm and cosy hoodie for the winter, and no brand are more renowned for their hoodies (mainly due to hype) than Supreme. Their box-logo hoodies are by far the most desirable in the streetwear world, and as it goes, they’re also exceptionally comfortable and warm. We’ve rounded up our favourite box-logo hoodies from throughout Supreme’s history over the years. Whether you agree with our choices or not, we hope you find this list interesting.

10. Supreme Acid Green Box Logo Hoodie

When this colourway first released, it was greeted by mixed reactions from Supreme fans. Fans originally labelled the hoodie as ugly, calling it the “vomit sweater” and other rather negative nicknames. However, in recent years, the hoodie has actually generated some hype, and is now just as desirable as other box-logo hoodies. This may be due to the fact that several celebrities such as Lil Yachty have been pictured wearing the hoodie, or just due to the fact that times have changed.

9. Supreme Tonal Black Box Logo Hoodie

For their FW14 season, Supreme spiced things up a little with their box-logo hoodie release. Instead of having the box-logo a contrasting colour to the rest of the hoodie, they made a series of tonal hoodies. By far the best out of this collection was the tonal black version. It’s easy to rock with anything, understated, yet still a flex piece. I remember these dropping and trying to get one myself, unfortunately, as often is the case with Supreme, I was left disappointed.

8. Supreme Snow Camo Box Logo Hoodie

Everyone loves camouflage right, so what could be better than a camouflage Supreme box-logo hoodie? Well, a snow-camo one would be better. Thankfully, Supreme have produced one. For their FW13 season, the brand produced all the usual box-logo hoods you’d expect, as well as two camouflage options. The snow-camo (pictured), and urban-camo, which we’ll cover later on. These are some of the most desirable box-logo hoodies of all time, and don’t often pop up on the market in good condition.

7. Supreme “Stars and Stripes” Box Logo Hoodie

Here’s a design for the more patriotic of us. This “Stars and Stripes” or “USA” box-logo hoodie released in FW14 alongside the tonal releases we covered earlier. Much like the acid green box-logo, it was shunned upon release. Fans claimed it was “a mess” and “too in your face”. We’re not saying they’re wrong, but the opinions of many have completely changed in recent years. After the initial drop, this colourway barely resold for £50 over retail. In the current market, you’d be lucky to find one for double retail.

6. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Box Logo Hoodie

In the spring of this year, Supreme totally broke the boundaries of the fashion world by officially collaborating with Louis Vuitton. As part of this collection, the two brands released a classic Supreme box-logo hoodie in red, featuring the LV monogram print all over. It’s not the most visually attractive box-logo in our opinion, but we feel it deserves a place on the list seeing as it’s the most expensive logo hood to ever release – retail was just short of £750. Nevertheless, the hoodie sold out instantly, and now resells for an insane mark-up price.

5. Supreme Peach Box Logo Hoodie

Around this time last year, peach was the in colour. Supreme took advantage of this for their FW16 season, and many items released in peach or baby pink colourways, only to be snapped up by fans. Even their classic box-logo hoodie got treated to it’s very own peach colourway. The said colourway was by far the most hyped of the FW16 offerings, and rumour has it that they were reselling on drop day for near to £1500. Crazy considering retail price was just shy of £150. These were produced in extremely limited numbers and also don’t pop up often.

4. Supreme x Comme des Garçons Box Logo Hoodie

2012 saw Supreme team up with Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons for the first time. The collaboration featured box-logo T-shirts and hoodies, Vans, and a whole heap of other apparel. The box-logo hoodie is probably the most iconic piece that featured in the collection. It was adorned with an all-over polka-dot print, and featured the now legendary reversed box-logo. This variation of the box-logo hoodie is now extremely hard to find in good condition, and certainly won’t be found cheap either.

3. Supreme Teal Box Logo Hoodie

The “teal” box-logo is easily in the runnings for one of the most iconic Supreme hoodies of all time. The design itself is effortlessly simple, a classic red bogo placed onto a teal hoodie. It released way back in FW09, and is near impossible to track down today. The hoodie was famously worn by Tyler, the Creator in the music video for his single “She” featuring Frank Ocean. Tyler was partly responsible for helping Supreme reach it’s peak today, as he introduced a whole new generation to the brand. If you do manage to track one of these iconic hoodies down, it certainly won’t be cheap – so if you’re interested, start saving now.

2. Supreme Black on Black Box Logo Hoodie

This colourway has released multiple times, and it doesn’t surprise us, as it’s an absolute classic. Black goes with everything, and with the Supreme text in contrasting white, everyone is going to notice that you’re flexing that box-logo. Despite the multiple releases, this is still one of the most expensive colourways to buy, due to the fact it’s such a wearable classic. Many celebrities over the years, for example Kanye West, have been spotted in the black on black rendition, and the hype surrounding them doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

1. Supreme OG Box Logo Hoodie

The original is always best, and in the case of Supreme this statement is 100% true. The “red on grey” box-logo hoodie was one of the first items Supreme ever released way back in 1994. Since then, the hoodie has had countless re-releases, yet still manages to be elusive and expensive to get hold of. If someone mentions Supreme, the first item to pop into your head is likely to be this – it’s just such a timeless and iconic design. Surprisingly, these become available on the resell market often, possibly due to the amount of times the colourway has released. They’ll still cost way above retail price, but not as high as some other renditions we’ve mentioned in this list.

On That Note

It’s safe to say that Supreme have dropped some pretty legendary box-logo hoodies over the years. There’s been so many that we struggled with which renditions to even include in this list. If you’re after a Supreme bogo hoodie, there are plenty of options available. It all depends on how much you want to spend, and whether the colourway you want is for sale somewhere. At the moment, box-logo hoodies are a more than worthy investment, as they show no sign of depreciating in value anytime soon. So if you’re liking the look of one, take the plunge, take good care of it, and when you’re finished with it, it’s likely you’ll make your money back – or even possibly more.

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