101 Best Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

by Mark

We all love to jam out to Taylor Swift’s hits from time to time in our bedroom pretending we’re having one of the best concerts of all times! Here is everything you need to know about Taylor Swift tattoos and those inspired by her!

Does Taylor Swift Have Tattoos?

No, Swift does not have any tattoos. Many people wondered if Taylor Swift’s tattoo was real from her set of the You Need to Calm Down music video and she assured her fans that it is fake.

Taylor Swift New Tattoo


With a simple new tattoo like this one, you can’t go wrong! We are confident everyone is going to think your single ink tattoo is amazing.

Taylor Swift Snake Tattoo


Not only is this snake tattoo an amazing Reputation album tribute, but you could also get it in so many colors for the perfect unique design.

You Need To Calm Down Tattoo


You can get this tattoo as your first video single tribute and you could also do it in colorful ink for the coolest design.

Reputation Album Tattoo


Go all out and get this neck tattoo that is going to make everyone think you’re one of the biggest fans of Taylor of all time!

Paper Airplane Taylor Swift’s Tattoo


Simple, meaningful, and cool paper airplane tattoo like this one is going to make sure all compliments are coming your way!

Lover Taylor Swift Tattoo 13


While it isn’t a back tattoo butterfly, this lover tattoo is definitely something you are going to want to show off to everyone around you!

Having Said All of That,

There are many Taylor tattoo ideas to choose from. Whether you are getting your first fans’ tattoo or you are just getting a new back tattoo, we are confident you are going to love it!

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