10+ tattoo outlines ideas that need to see!

by Jamie Wilson
tattoo outlines

Reviewed & updated: May 21, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

Well, well, well, if it ain’t another fresh face eager to dip their toe into the rich, inky sea of tattoo artistry! Now, don’t get all antsy on me – Jamie’s here to guide you through this thrilling journey.

In my decades spinning the needle, I’ve seen every shape and kind of design you could imagine. From intricate sleeves that’d make Michelangelo drop his chisel in awe, to minuscule symbols so subtle you’d miss ’em if you blinked. But today, folks, we’re peeling back the layers, stripping away the fuss, and talking about something deceptively simple yet devilishly delightful – outline tattoos.

Now, don’t let the simplicity fool ya. I’ve been around the block more times than I care to admit, and in my experience, it’s often the simplest designs that pack the biggest punch. There’s just something about a crisp, clean, outline tattoo that can take your breath away. Like the perfect little black dress or the crispest of white shirts, an outline tattoo has that undeniable allure – less really can be more.

When I first plunged my needles into the canvas of skin, I quickly discovered the beauty of these outline tattoos. They’re like the backbone, the very skeleton of an image, and there’s a certain kind of magic in that rawness, in that unadulterated creativity. They don’t eat up your time, nor do they nibble away at your wallet. Instead, they give you the essence of the image, its very soul if you will, in the most uncomplicated and unembellished form.

Now, don’t be under any illusions. As easy as they might seem to accomplish, every tattoo demands respect. It ain’t just a simple prick and scribble job. Each design, no matter how minimal, is like a dance between the needle and the skin, a delicate ballet that demands precision, rhythm, and a steady hand. There’s a reason they call this craft an art, my friends.

So, how does one choose a perfect outline design? Well, I’ve dealt with this conundrum quite a few times. My advice to you – dig deep into your heart. Your tattoo should be a reflection of your soul, your passions, your dreams. It could be anything – a delicate feather, a symbol, a fierce beast, a favorite word, or even a cherished memory. An outline tattoo is a story whispered in the subtlest voice, but boy, does it echo!

Now, before you bolt outta here to find your nearest tattoo parlor, remember, a great tattoo is like a good bourbon – it’s all in the preparation. The skin needs to be prepped, the design perfected, and you’ve gotta be ready for a bit of a sting. But trust me, once you hear that hum of the tattoo machine, feel the slight buzz under your skin, catch a whiff of the antiseptic in the air, your heart’ll be pounding with anticipation, and all that’ll be left is pure excitement.

So there you have it. A sneak peek into the world of outline tattoos, straight from old Jamie. In my many years behind the needle, I’ve come to appreciate the quiet elegance of these outline designs myself. They’re straightforward, unpretentious, and yet so incredibly profound. Now get out there, brave soul, and start etching your story. And remember, whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth, each one is a new chapter in the story of you. Enjoy the journey, ’cause the destination is a work of art!

How To Shade A Tattoo?

Picture this. You’re sitting in my chair, nerves humming like a plucked guitar string, your skin prepped and ready. You’ve chosen to create a beautiful outline design, but, my friend, the journey is only half finished. You’re about to embark on the mesmerizing, at times challenging, but ultimately rewarding world of shading.

Now, in my years spent bent over countless large canvases of skin, I’ve learned that shading, while an art unto itself, is a whole ‘nother ball game compared to your standard tattooing. It’s like the difference between a quiet ballad and a soul-shaking, foot-tapping rock n’ roll riff.

Shading is done with a series of smaller needles, delicate little things that dance across your skin, breathing life and depth into your tattoo. It’s an intimate waltz, a carefully choreographed number that, I won’t sugarcoat it, can feel a touch more prickly than the initial ink placement. But bear with me, ’cause here’s where the magic really starts to happen.

Precision is key in this stage of the game, and your tattoo artist – whether it’s me or some other lucky devil – needs to have the steady hand of a seasoned surgeon and the endless patience of a saint. Rushing through a shading job is like skipping through a masterpiece novel, you’ll miss all the best parts.

A skilled tattoo artist, in my humble opinion, should be a master of shading. We’re talking Da Vinci level dedication to their craft. I’ve spent countless hours drawing and perfecting my technique, making sure every swirl of the needle is purposeful and precise.

Bright And Beautiful Outline Tattoo

Bright And Beautiful Outline Tattoo 2 Outsons

via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Fancy a rose with a side of drama? Now, don’t wrinkle your nose just yet. Picture this – a bouquet of roses, each petal a work of art, etched on your arm. It’s a dance of bold outlines and vibrant colors, a blend of masculine strength and feminine elegance. Every time you flex, your garden blooms. It’s more than just a pretty design – it’s a testament to your spiritual journey and the many facets of your character. So, who said roses were only for the ladies?

Outline Tattoo Ideas Cartoon Inspiration

Outline Tattoo Ideas Cartoon Inspiration Outsons

@la_leti_tattoo via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Well, how ’bout a dash of good ol’ cartoon nostalgia? You’d be surprised how many men and many strapping fellas out there harbor a soft spot for their childhood heroes. Whether it’s the coyote finally catching that pesky roadrunner or Popeye downing a can of spinach, the world’s your playground! And the best part? You’re just two hours away from a trip down memory lane.

Outline Tattoo Drawings Designs Clover Tattoo

Tattoo Outline Designs Clover Tattoo Outsons

@herr_lehmann_taetowierungen via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Next up, the humble clover. Simple, understated, but oozing charm. It’s like the quiet kid in the class who turns out to be a math genius. This little gem, it’s an artwork in its own right, a blend of minimalism and elegance that won’t keep you squirming in the chair for too long. Plus, who couldn’t use a bit of good luck, right?

Small Dog Tattoo Outline

Small Dog Tattoo Outline Outsons

@kayseeshuster via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Now, any dog lovers in the house? How about the option of immortalizing your furry friend in an outline tattoo? There’s just something heartwarming about carrying a piece of your loyal companion wherever you go. From the tiniest chihuahua to the mightiest Great Dane, the choice is yours. But remember, communication is key – let your tattoo artist in on your vision, and they’ll bring it to life.

Cute Family Inspired Tattoo Outline Design

Cute Family Inspired Tattoo Outline Design Outsons

@handpoke_rozne/ via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

In my years behind the needle, I’ve found that the most beautiful tattoos are often the ones with the deepest meaning. An outline of your family tree, a tiny pair of footprints, flowers or perhaps the first letter of your loved one’s name – each one tells a story, a personal tribute etched in ink.

Funny Duck Tattoo Outline

Funny Duck Tattoo Outline Outsons

@litchiink via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Ever fancied sporting a quirky little creature? How ’bout a duck? Yes, you heard right, a duck. It’s a fun, easy-breezy design that’ll have you chuckling every time you catch a glimpse. And the best part? You’ll be in and out of the parlor quicker than a duck takes to water – we’re talking 60 minutes, tops. So, if you’re itching for a unique conversation piece, why not take the plunge?

Family Outlines Tattoo Design

Family Outlines Tattoo Design Outsons

@gabhortontattoos via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Now, how about a design that shouts “couple goals”? Picture this – you and your significant other, partners in crime in all aspects of life, sporting matching outline tattoos. Maybe it’s a pair of sneakers for those who share a love for jogging, or perhaps a pair of intertwined hands, symbolizing your bond. And hey, how about placing it on your legs? It’ll be like carrying a little piece of each other wherever you tread.

Spiritual Outline Tattoo

Spiritual Outline Tattoo Outsons

@kawkatattoo via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Let’s delve into the mystical realm of spiritual tattoos. Stars, the moon, the zodiac – oh my! These celestial beauties are more than just pretty pictures – they’re a gateway into the cosmos, a connection to the universe. Imagine them lined up on your forearm, a personal constellation that’ll have everyone starry-eyed. And who knows, it might even spark a deep, meaningful conversation or two.

Woman Silhouette Outline Tattoos 

Woman Silhouette Outline Tattoos Outsons

@pauletteceyrat via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

The silhouette of a woman. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s a statement piece. Every curve, every line, an ode to femininity. It’s a captivating design that’ll keep ’em guessing, a mystery wrapped in ink. If you appreciate the subtlety of black ink and aren’t afraid to walk the path less trodden, this one’s for you.

Kangaroo Inspired Outline Tattoo

Kangaroo Inspired Outline Tattoo Outsons

@na.nago via Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Last but not least, how about something that hops right off your skin – a kangaroo. It’s a charming nod to your softer side, a design that’ll have everyone oohing and aahing. The best part? It’s versatile – looks great on your hand, your forearm, or pretty much anywhere you fancy. Plus, it’s easy to place and won’t have you emptying your wallet.

Having Said All Of That

Well, well, well, we’ve had quite the colorful journey today, haven’t we? From ducks to kangaroos, roses to animals to celestial bodies, we’ve painted a vibrant picture of the wonderful world of outline tattoos. And I have to say, folks, it’s been a real pleasure sharing these tales with you.

Outline tattoos, they’re the unsung heroes of the tattoo world. They’re simple yet striking, economical yet effective. A good outline tattoo, it’s like that perfect pair of jeans – comfortable, versatile, and always in style.

Now, as with all good things, they do come with their share of considerations. They’re quick and easy to get, sure, but remember, simplicity can be deceiving. You want an artist who can bring precision and creativity to those lines, a person who can transform a humble outline into a masterpiece. And while they’re easier on the pocket, don’t skimp on quality. A bargain might seem attractive at first, but you want a tattoo that will stand the test of time, not fade faster than a summer tan.

But let me tell you, when done right, an outline tattoo can be a thing of beauty. It’s a design that speaks volumes with just a few strokes, a testament to your unique story. And the beauty of it? There’s something for everyone. You can opt to keep it simple, go a little wild, or anywhere in between. The world, or should I say, your body, is your canvas.

So, if you’re a tattoo rookie looking to dip your toes into the inky waters, or a seasoned pro searching for a fresh idea, give outline tattoos a whirl. Trust me, you won’t regret it. And hey, next time you’re all inked in the neighborhood, swing by and share your story. I’d love to see what kind of magic we’ve inspired. Until then, happy inking, my friends!

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2020 05 09 14.41.12 2305075814181860034 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 14 06.42.35 2308458801978462704 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 18 14.25.23 2311590840030865059 tattoooutline Outsons
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2020 05 23 01.53.07 2314836091925970826 tattoooutline Outsons
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2020 05 23 21.15.20 2315421050585143666 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 25 19.10.32 2316807788303038485 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 25 19.36.34 2316820891869977997 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 26 07.01.01 2317165392143092734 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 27 02.39.52 2317758724814899799 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 05 30 05.08.24 2320007809066228220 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 06 12.40.54 2325308993819188458 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 07 04.18.52 2325781082823452506 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 13 04.13.41 2330127131315828029 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 13 07.28.43 2330225291544594933 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 15 23.39.04 2332163241779964004 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 15 23.39.30 2332163453634466058 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 15 23.40.40 2332164043949065192 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 15 23.42.20 2332164879143988678 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 16 23.57.50 2332897461632627178 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 17 15.06.56 2333355021821023950 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 17 15.10.28 2333356799526501951 26988289985 Outsons
2020 06 18 23.57.32 2334346859860150231 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 19 02.44.39 2334430973012502719 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 20 12.24.51 2335447775550300739 1517129348 Outsons
2020 06 21 15.22.26 2336261932486935658 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 21 19.26.25 2336384733453471334 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 22 12.47.16 2336908605586764631 7860712284 Outsons
2020 06 25 06.51.55 2338904081508112061 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 27 02.54.15 2340234012125115231 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 29 11.30.30 2341943395923797034 5788096584 Outsons
2020 06 29 14.16.15 2342026822761133357 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 06 30 23.12.51 2343021676855742306 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 01 20.19.42 2343659302928913555 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 02 21.44.25 2344426718003003328 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 07 00.18.05 2347403162964247814 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 10 06.14.14 2349756750542271420 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 10 22.43.44 2350254781569699912 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 12 23.42.23 2351733851502846913 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 13 21.47.00 2352400556549351948 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 13 22.50.57 2352432737330612576 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 14 00.21.05 2352478109147431791 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 14 02.23.42 2352539817885545747 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 15 05.55.50 2353371367476438197 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 16 10.31.09 2354234714347693581 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 20 19.15.20 2357397644094299508 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 20 19.36.25 2357408256311515959 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 24 17.24.02 2360240735443503777 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 07 25 13.13.09 2360839237349424816 568771817 Outsons
2020 02 04 03.09.32 2235874000075485077 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 09 05.28.50 2239567987388420782 16964350 Outsons
2020 02 09 08.53.05 2239670783830328863 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 15 05.29.08 2243916794782021125 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 16 04.58.04 2244625931205829511 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 17 12.49.43 2245588098594670327 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 20 11.58.21 2247736571200892484 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 20 11.59.18 2247737051733938566 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 20 12.02.32 2247738674174726134 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 21 10.01.17 2248402425475915289 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 22 10.56.42 2249155095382073473 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 22 23.37.46 2249538150832120331 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 02 23 04.39.25 2249689978814679586 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 01 08.19.48 2254874327043170289 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 01 08.35.35 2254882270343482048 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 01 09.02.46 2254895953756373111 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 02 04.12.38 2255474701044054689 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 03 06.54.30 2256280950030650693 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 04 09.32.18 2257085142895352813 tattoooutline Outsons
2020 03 06 08.37.31 2258507125960389837 1451422468 Outsons
2020 03 09 06.38.29 2260621541010930986 tattoooutline Outsons

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