101 best tattoo outlines ideas that need to see!

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tattoo outlines

Outline tattoos are some of the prettiest yet easiest tattoos to get. They are easy to place down and achieve since they are not time-consuming, at all! They are also not too pricey because they consist of different half-finished images. Interested in placing some beautiful outline designs? If so, find your tattoo inspo down below.

How To Shade A Tattoo?

Shading is a lot different than tattooing itself. The process is done with smaller needles and it often hurts a lot more than tattooing and initial ink placement. What is important is that your tattoo artist is precise, slow, as well as skilled enough. They should also be experts with shading, and they will follow circular motions when giving you the perfect outline tattoo!

Bright And Beautiful Outline Tattoo

Do you want a unique rose art design? Place this outline tattoo over your arm and stick to dramatic ink and colorful roses. This tattoo will symbolize your spirituality, as well as different sides of your character! This tattoo is perfect for men who like powerful tattoos with a bit of femininity to them.

Outline Tattoo Ideas Cartoon Inspiration


Tattoo designs for men can also be playful and childish. This outline tattoo is great for men who love cartoons and who love funny designs. Time-wise, this outline tattoo will take you 2 hours to get.

Tattoo Outline Designs Clover Tattoo


If you like simple tattoos and you want a design that is a piece of art, this black outline tattoo is for you. This is a clover tattoo that is petite as well as easy to place. Time-wise, it will take you around two hours to place this outline. It will also bring you good luck, so why not go for this design and stick to positive thoughts all the way!

Small Dog Tattoo Outline


If you want a cool tattoo design and you are an animal lover, embrace these outline tattoos! This is a small dog outline that you can place anywhere on your body. Some men may prefer larger prints, but talk the process through with your tattoo artist since they will customize your tattoo!

Cute Family Inspired Tattoo Outline Design


Are you a family person? Maybe you want tattoo designs that remind you of your loved ones? Feel free to grab this image as your go-to tattoo choice! If you are on a search for something sentimental that can remind you of your family, place this one over your skin.

Funny Duck Tattoo Outline


Smaller tattoo outlines can also be funny as well as simple to get. Do you need an unusual outline image? This may be perfect for people who like quick & easy-to-get tattoos! This black duck won’t take a lot of your time to place, and you will need only around 60 minutes to place this tattoo on your body.

Family Outlines Tattoo Design


Tattoo outlines are fun tattoos to go for, especially if you want something that you can match with your partner. If you two are joggers or sporty people, why not get this outline tattoo and embrace your spirit? Place tattoo outlines over your legs and enjoy a noticeable placement!

Spiritual Outline Tattoo


Are you a spiritual person? Do you love stars & the Moon? Images such as this one are a piece of art and they will look the best once placed in a straight line and over your forearm. If you are into the zodiac, this can also be an amazing conversation starter! Just be open to suggestions!

Woman Silhouette Outline Tattoos 


If you like detailed work and you are a fan of simple black ink, you will find this tattoo as a piece of art! This outline tattoo of a woman is sensual and empowering. If you are a player and you enjoy tattoos that are not that common for men, this outline tattoo is for you!

Kangaroo Inspired Outline Tattoo


Outline tattoos of animals are great for men who don’t mind sharing their sweet side. This design will look great over your hand. You can also place it on your forearm. If you are a fan of tattoos that are easy to place down, they are affordable, and you also need something that everyone will adore, this is the best outline tattoo for you.

Having Said All Of That

Tattoo outlines and line designs are quick and easy to get as well as place. If you are into simple outline tattoos and you are on a budget, and you also have no time to spare, we can vouch that you will like at least one of these 10 outline designs!

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