Summer 2022: Men’s Fashion Essentials

by Jamie Wilson
Men’s Fashion Essentials

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Lockdowns, restrictions and fear of a seemingly unstoppable virus took a lot of the joy out of the 2021 summer fashion season. Fortunately, things appear to be returning to normal in 2022. 

Last year’s summer clothes were quite subdued and black was everywhere, but bright colors and flamboyance are beginning to make a comeback.

This is good news for men who choose their clothes carefully and want to be seen as stylish. Still, there are some men’s summer fashion faux pas to bear in mind. 

Here, we’ll discuss how to put your best foot forward when the weather is warm, and the atmosphere is festive. We’ll also outline how to avoid style pitfalls that could put a damper on your good time. 

So, for finding those must-have items for your summer wardrobe, look no further! This guide has got you covered with the latest trends and fashion tips. By the end, you’ll know how to put together the perfect summer look that will have everyone turning heads. 

What You’ll Learn

In this post, you’ll learn the following about summer fashion essentials for men in 2022:

  • How to step up your summer shirt game.
  • How to wear shorts like a pro.
  • Why the blazer is now mainstream. 
  • Three must-have shoes for summer.
  • The one accessory you need to make a statement.
  • The best colors for men’s summer fashion in 2022.

Summer 2022: Men’s Fashion Essentials

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to beat the heat is by wearing summer-appropriate clothing. But what exactly does that entail? Read on to find out the answer to that question and more.

Step Up Your Summer Shirt Game

You will not be wearing many sweaters or jackets during the summer months, so your shirts will be placed front and center. While band t-shirts and generic polos may be comfortable to wear, they do not do much to convey your personal sense of style. 

To accomplish that, you will need to step up your summer shirt game with some more imaginative choices. 

Before you start picking colors and styles, you should think about the fabrics you want your summer shirts to be made of. Cotton is the traditional choice, but the venerable fabric has a few drawbacks that can make wearing it tough when temperatures soar. 

Cotton is a very absorbent fabric that dries quite slowly, which means that it will become uncomfortable quickly if you sweat. Cotton also creases easily and can look disheveled after just an hour or two of wear, which is something you probably want to avoid. 

Synthetic fabrics like polyester are seen by many as being inferior to cotton, but they make much more sense when the weather is hot. 

A summer shirt made out of a polyester and spandex blend will keep you looking and feeling cool by wicking moisture away from your body. Plus,  it will dry quickly to help you avoid the dreaded ‘armpits drenched in sweat’ look. 

Summer is a time for exuberance and good times, so push the boat out when you choose your shirts. Pick bold colors and vibrant patterns and opt for shirts that accentuate your physique. 

Summer shirts like this will let everybody know that you think for yourself and are ready to have some fun. 

How to Wear Shorts Like a Pro

How to wear shorts like a pro
@Brandon Atchison via Unsplash

Many men who spend a great deal of time picking out their shirts and pants grab a pair of shorts without thinking twice. This is a mistake because the wrong shorts can completely derail your look. 

Cargo shorts festooned with pockets and shorts that are overly tight or baggy tell the world that you either do not think or do not care. On the other hand, the right pair of shorts can tie your look together and send out a much better message.

The ideal pair of summer shorts should be not too short and not too long. You should look for shorts that fall just above the knee, so a seven-inch inseam is a good choice for most men. 

The cut of your shorts should lean toward form-fitting rather than baggy, but they should be comfortable and leave something to the imagination. You should rely on your shirts to make a statement and your shorts to provide balance, so look for basic colors and subtle patterns. 

Gym shorts are made from durable materials and are extremely comfortable, and they can look good outside the gym when combined with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or sandals. 

When you plan to wear something dressier on your feet like loafers or canvas deck shoes, leave the workout gear in the drawer and pick a more traditional pair of shorts. 

If you are looking for gym clothes that look as good as they perform, you should check out these eight summer fashion trends for working out

The Blazer Goes Mainstream

The Blazer Goes Mainstream
@Tima Miroshnichenko via pexels

Blazers were once seen as garments worn almost exclusively by preppies or people who wished it to be known that they were members of a club or organization, but these iconic jackets have become far more mainstream in recent years. 

Black or dark blue blazers with gold or silver buttons are still available, but they have been joined by a dizzying array of modern styles that eschew the traditional in favor of the avant-garde. 

Blazers have become a hot fashion item because they are incredibly versatile. You can wear a casual blazer with a pair of jeans or dress pants, and you will not look out of place in one of these jackets no matter what kind of social situation you find yourself in. 

In addition, blazers can be worn with sneakers or wingtips, baseball caps or fedoras and t-shirts or polos, so you should definitely have at least one in your closet.

If you do decide to add a blazer to your summer wardrobe, try to pick a garment made out of a soft and stretchable fabric that can be dressed either up or down. 

Look for something that has minimal structuring, as you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard. For instance, choose a jacket that sends out a casual message with patch pockets and relaxed lapels.

Three Must-Have Shoes for Summer

Three Must-Have Shoes for Summer
@Keanen Geego Kilian via pexels

Every man needs to have a great pair of sneakers, a solid set of loafers and at least one dressy pair of shoes in his closet. But these are not the only options available to you when summer rolls around. 

There are many other types of shoes that can help you stay cool and look good when the temperatures start to rise. 

Here are three summer shoes that every man should consider adding to his wardrobe:

  1. Canvas Deck Shoes: Canvas deck shoes are the perfect choice for a casual summer look. These shoes are comfortable and breathable, and they go well with everything from shorts to jeans. 

You can wear them with or without socks, and they look great with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a polo shirt and a pair of khakis. Canvas deck shoes come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you should have no trouble finding a pair that suits your taste.

  1. Sandals: Sandals are another great choice for summer footwear. They are comfortable and easy to slip on and off, and they go well with shorts, jeans, khakis and even suits. 

If you are going to be wearing sandals out in public, make sure that you get a pair that fits well and provides support for your feet. You should also avoid wearing socks with sandals as this is a surefire way to look like a tourist.

  1. Dress shoes: You might not think that you need a pair of dress shoes for summer, but they can come in handy when you have a wedding or other formal event to attend. 

If you don’t want to break out your wingtips, consider getting a pair of loafers or even a pair of driving shoes. Just make sure that you avoid wearing black dress shoes with a suit as this is a fashion mishap.

The One Accessory You Need to Make a Statement

@William Larsen via pexels

When it comes to summer fashion, less is often more. However, there is one accessory that can help you make a statement without going overboard: a great pair of sunglasses. 

The right pair of shades can help you look cool and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. So, look for a pair with UV protection that compliments your face shape. Also, choose a style that you feel comfortable with. 

Sunglasses are a great way to add a touch of personality to your summer wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors.

The Best Colors for Men’s Summer Fashion in 2022

We touched on color a little bit earlier, and summer is the perfect time to experiment with varying hues. In the past, men have been afraid to stray from the traditional black, white and gray color palette, but times are changing. 

More and more men are realizing that color can be used to express their personal style. When choosing colors for your summer wardrobe, don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Try pairing a white t-shirt with a pair of pastel shorts or wearing a brightly colored polo shirt with dark wash jeans. And don’t forget the accessories. A stylish pair of sunglasses or a colorful watch strap can add a touch of personality to any outfit.

The Key to Summer Style

Summer comes and goes very quickly, so you want to make the most out of it while it lasts. Summer is a time for beaches, barbecues and relaxed gatherings with friends, so the clothes you wear should be playful and fun. 

This is a season when you can take a few fashion risks without worrying too much, but you should resist the urge to go too far into Hawaiian print territory.

The word that should be at the front of your mind when you choose summer clothes is comfort. You may have spent hours in the gym toning your body for summer, but tight clothes that show off the results of all your hard work can become stifling very quickly in hot weather. 

To make the right impression, choose clothes that are flattering without being restrictive, and look for fabrics that will keep your body cool and dry no matter how long the party lasts.

The Takeaways

Summer is the perfect time to try out new trends and experiment with your personal style. With a few key pieces, you can put together a summer wardrobe that will have you looking your best all season long. 

Remember to choose comfortable, breathable fabrics and to accessorize with a great pair of sunglasses. And most importantly, have fun! Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and the company of friends, so make sure your clothes reflect that.

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