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Suit and Tie Combinations with a Pink Shirt

by Jamie Wilson
The Lazy Artist Gallery

The pink shirt can be a welcome addition to any everyday wardrobe. We’ve put together a list of ways to style suit and tie combinations with a pink shirt, that’ll have you itching to add some colour to your closet!

While the pink shirt has traditionally been more associated with femininity, looks featured on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways of designers such as Etro, Louis Vuitton and Ermanno Scervino prove that the colour is one that men can indeed pull off. With shades ranging from fuchsia to rose and blush to salmon, pink can offer endless possibilities for styling, depending on the specific look you are going for.

Along with the classic white and pale blue oxford button-down, a mens pink shirt is a sartorial must-have, particularly for those that want to try their hand at a bit of colour for the first time. Simply put, if you want to stand out from the fashion crowd, then you’re going to have to start thinking outside of the box.

Men’s Pink Shirts

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Light/pastel pinks are great shades to begin with, as they are ideal for those looking to test the waters of colour experimentation before committing to bolder shades. Fret not guys, as pink goes with almost every neutral colour and flatters most skin tones. The key to success is first choosing the shade of pink for your shirt (whether light or dark) and building the look around that. This minimises the risk of overkill and ensures that the rest of the outfit compliments the shirt.

There are two key styles to consider; the casual shirt (whether short or long sleeve) and the more formal dress shirt. Another important element to consider is how the shirt fits.

Shirt Size

In regards to the fit of the shirt, classic and slim fit will be the two main styles to choose between. Whichever style you opt for is completely dependent on the way you choose to style the look. As a helpful note, due to its boxier shape, the classic shirt is a good option for those who value comfort over style. Are you a man more concerned with being on trend? Then slim fit is for you.

Light Pink Shirt

If you prefer to introduce yourself to pink shirts gradually, then it’s best to go for the shade in a paler colour. Pastels are a great place to start, and work best when paired with a tie in a bold shade to offset the look. Blues and purples are great choices. For a more casual look, go for a normal shirt sans tie, and pair this with chinos in a muted, versatile colour like grey or biege.

Light Pink Shirt
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Light Pink Dress Shirt

The dress shirt is a must in any wardrobe, with the right choice transforming a formal look effortlessly. The three indispensable colours of these every man needs to own are; a crisp white, pale blue and of course, a pale pink. Look to preppy designers such as Ralph Lauren for notes on how to rock these essentials. The dress shirt is extremely versatile as it can be dressed down, but also looks great when styled smart with brogues and a blazer.

Shirt and Tie Combinations

When tackling dress shirt and tie combos, you can match with patterned ties or go for a more solid hue. Exactly what tie colours work, I hear you ask? The colours can be in an assortment of shades, but for those who are a little intimidated to match brights with brights, then going for a tie in the same family but in a darker hue will be the best way to go. For instance, pairing a pink shirt with a dark purple tie. Note that the tie should usually be a darker colour than your shirt.

The Colour Wheel

For those of you unsure about exactly which colours to feature in your shirt and tie combinations, the colour wheel is a handy tool for determining complementary shades. The general rule is that the colours directly opposite each other – as well as those next to each other – on the wheel, are ideal for matching. For example, light pinks match well with blues, blue-greens, mauve-pinks and reds.

For the more tentative of you, stick with mauve-pinks and purples, as while the colours are still bold, keeping them in the same family ensures that your look has a sense of clear harmony as well as remaining subtle. Well, as subtle as wearing a pink shirt allows you to be. For those that are a little more adventurous, you can experiment with choosing tie shades that are an altogether different colour than your shirt, but still complementary.

Think grey suit with a red tie, or different shades of blue. While the idea of matching a pink shirt with an equally eye-catching colour may seem mortifying, when done correctly, a welcome pop will be added to your outfits.

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Introducing Patterns and Fabrics

Though keeping it simple is tempting, once you’ve embraced a bit of colour, why not consider introducing patterns into the mix? While this notion may be a little much for those just getting used to the idea of a pink shirt, getting inventive with your tie and shirt combinations is a prime way to show your originality. Approach this with caution however, as mixing colours and prints together can be a disaster when done incorrectly.

Tie Patterns

Ties are the easiest place to start when looking at injecting pattern, colour and character into an outfit. Stripes and polka dots are perhaps the easiest to work with, and can effortlessly be worked into both casual and formal looks. Once you’ve mastered these, you can start to look at more ornate prints such as paisley.

Tie Patterns
@Deepak Verma via pexels

This won’t be for everyone however, and if you do decide to go for this look be sure to keep everything else fairly simple and allow the tie to be the focal point. This also includes keeping the shade of your shirt a subtle pink as well. A pastel pink shirt paired with a burgundy or mauve tie in a paisley print, would be an example.

In terms of colour, sticking to the colour wheel will ensure you don’t go far wrong. We can’t emphasise this enough. Navy, burgundy, red, and teal are all hues to consider. Bow ties are also a viable option and will give outfits an immediate quirky edge. Break these out for summer parties and weddings, and you’ll be the most well-dressed man on the dance floor.

Shirt Patterns and Fabrics

Pattern play can also apply to the shirt itself. For instance, both checked and striped shirts can be considered as alternatives to a plain pink. Stripes look particularly good with a solid coloured suit and tie. If opting for a check pattern, be sure to go for a small rather than a large print to avoid creating a bit of an eyesore.

If you do choose to stick to a plain pink shirt, why not play around with different shirt fabrics to upgrade the look, while still keeping it simple? Herringbone and twill are just a few examples, with seersucker, poplin and linen being great spring/summer alternatives.

Shirt Patterns and Fabrics
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Suit Combinations

Working the pink shirt into a more formal look is certainly something to try, with a good suit and tie really grounding the look if you’re attempting to go a smarter route.

Suit and Tie Combinations

A good quality suit and tie is the foundation to any successful formal look, and must be considered carefully. While the standard two-piece suit is a no-brainer, consider three-piece suits for effortless sophistication. For ultimate relaxed summer style, pair your pastel pink shirt with a silk tie and a linen suit in a muted shade. Skinny ties can also be considered FYI.

Suit, Shirt and Tie Combinations

Once the suit and tie are chosen, all that remains is the shirt to complete the look. If going for a more formal vibe, a dress-shirt will be your go-to. Silk ties are always advised if you’re dressing up however they can easily be worked into more casual looks. If you are indeed opting for something a little more casual, try a cotton tie paired with a blazer and chinos instead.

Suit Colour Combinations

When looking at suit colour combinations, darker shades are a good place to start for those a little apprehensive about trying the trend. Black is an obvious choice, and always looks good. For those that want a departure from standard black, navy is a great option, offsetting the pink perfectly.

Throw in a tie in a complementary shade, and you’re all set. Though grey, navy and black are all failsafe options, the adaptable nature of the pink shirt should be taken advantage of. For example, light blue and camel work well too. Experimentation is key.

Suit Colour Combinations
@Kaysha via pexels

Grey Suit Combinations

Grey can also be a great colour option. As it’s easy for a grey suit to look drab, a pink shirt provides an instant pick-me-up, making it a perfect choice for work attire with a twist. Both a dark grey suit and a light grey suit can be considered.

A dark grey suit should be paired with a lighter pink, while a light grey suit looks better when worn with a darker shade of pink. Note that neutral tones should always be paired with darker shades to avoid washing you out. If you’re in danger of heading in this direction, add a bold tie to break up the look.

Grey Suit Pink Shirt

The grey suit and pink tie combination is great for a subdued look that still packs a punch. For those that don’t want to make too much of a statement – but still want to stand out from the crowd – this is for you.

Suit and Tie Combinations with a Pink Shirt

  • If you feel slightly intimidated by a bright pink shirt, try a pale one first for a less intense look.
  • Ties should always be darker than the shirt for a well put together look.
  • Navy, grey and black suits look best when paired with pink shirts.
  • When in doubt, refer to the colour wheel to determine which colours go well together.
  • The fit of your shirt, as well as your suit, is key. Slim fit is perfect for a contemporary look, while a classic fit is built for comfort. 
Suit and Tie Combinations with a Pink Shirt
@The Lazy Artist Gallery via pexels

On That Note

So guys, don’t be afraid to play around with a bit of pink. One of the greatest things about fashion is that it allows for experimentation, whether it’s with different colours, cuts or patterns. So grab your pink shirts, striped ties and have fun. Sure it can be intimidating, but a little practice goes a long way. The only accessory you really need is confidence, then you can rock anything. Just remember, real men wear pink.

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