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Everybody loves Lilo and Stitch, right? The adorable alien from outer space is just too popular, even after eighteen years have passed, so why not try out his design as a tattoo? This bright blue Disney character as a tattoo design is perfect for any gender and age. Ideas for Stitch tattoos are abundant on the internet and for tattoo designs, you can always turn to Instagram or Pinterest, or to our own top 10 picks down below. Check out these top 10 Lilo and Stitch tattoos we have chosen and consider booking an appointment at your favorite tattoo shop today!

Sinister Stitch Tattoo


Do you ever feel like there are two sides to your character and you don’t know how to express both of them? Then why not try this tattoo design where the beloved Disney character has a dark and monstrous alter ego. The watercolor effect the artist chose is perfect for someone with a creative soul. 

Colorful Stitch Tattoo Design


Are you someone who often wears flashy clothes, or just likes bright colors in general? Then consider this Stitch tattoo! You can choose your favorite colors for the leaves, as long as you reserve the iconic blue for the little alien.

Sketchy Stitch Tattoo 


Everyone knows the word ‘ohana’ beacuse of the Lilo and Stitch movie. But do you know where the word comes from? Ohana means family in Hawaiian and the word has become inseparable from Stitch. So why not combine this cute Disney character with ohana in a single tattoo design? You can opt for a sketchy design like in the picture or find any style of tattoos you prefer.   

Simple Watercolor Stitch Tattoo


How many Stitch tattoos can you come up with using just outlines and a splash of color? A lot, really. A sketch of a smiling Stitch with a background color or two is perfect for anyone in love with this Disney character. This tattoo fits well on any part of your body, from arm placement where everyone can enjoy it to a more hidden spot, like the lower part of your back, just for your own viewing. 

Stitch with Glasses Tattoo


We have found an awesome Disney tattoo for anyone who thinks of themselves as geeky or nerdy. This time the mischievous alien is wearing glasses, an important accessory when trying to find information on Earth and its inhabitants. If you see any other Lilo and Stitch tattoo ideas that include wearing accessories, be sure to pin them to your Pinterest board or start a new Instagram collection.

Happy Ohana Stitch Design


Is there anyone who doesn’t love a smiling Stitch tattoo design at this point? How about combining several elements in one tattoo design, such as: colors, a very happy Stitch, some background elements and the iconic ohana? You can always ask your tattoo artist for suggestions on the size and placement of your most loved Stitch tattoo design. 

Stylized Alien Stitch Tattoo


Tired of seeing the same art style of Stitch tattoos over and over again? Then consider this stylized Stitch with accentuated highlights also getting abducted. Don’t fancy the slightly realistic style we’ve chosen? Search tags on Instagram or Pinterest for the best tattoo design for you, in the end, when you tattoo Stitch on yourself he will be a companion forever.  

Elvis Stitch Tattoo Design


Even if you’re not a fan of Elvis, you must admit this Stitch tattoo design is so cool. Plus if you choose a tattoo design with just black ink and grayscale shading, you might save some money. Combine the musically talented alien with meaningful words to you or even your loved ones’ names. Afterall, ohana means family. 

Disney Lilo and Stitch Tattoo Design


If you are a big Disney fan, wanting a tattoo design on a budget, consider this simpler Lilo and Stitch tattoo. This tattoo style is perfect for everyone because it is simple, yet it has all the iconic elements a Stitch tattoo design needs –  the hibiscus flower and Lilo kissing Stitch.

Simple Stitch Tattoo


Choosing just a black outlined Lilo and Stitch tattoo, small or big, doesn’t always mean you are on a budget. Everyone can appreciate the simplicity of this Stitch tattoo, especially when it’s suited for any placement. Wouldn’t you agree these types of Stitch tattoo designs are ideal both for your wrist and ankle? 

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Are you ready to call your trusty tattoo artist for an appointment? Take inspiration from this article and choose your favorite among our top 10 Stitch tattoos.

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