Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatments – The Cure for Baldness?

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

With countless researchers across the globe constantly seeking the cure for baldness, a stream of new and exciting hair loss breakthroughs continually excite those that suffer from a dwindling barnet. With stem cell hair restoration being one of the most exciting new hair loss treatments on the horizon in recent years – we investigate.

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss?

The latest and greatest in hair transplant news, scientists at a Californian lab pioneered the idea of applying stem cell technology to the task of finding the cure for baldness. While it get’s quite technical, we’ll try to make this as simple as possible for both of us.

The general idea is to begin growing human stem cells into dermal papilla cells, which are where hair follicles are created – pretty much serving as the central system for the human hair growth. Applying the research to mice in the lab, scientists discovered that they could regrow new hair by using embryo or foetal tissue. So… em, while it’s all a bit morally questionable, the stem cell hair regrowth breakthrough is one of the biggest innovations in modern times.

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Can Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Work in Humans?

From the current hair regrowth research, the application of stem cell growth as a new baldness treatment is expected to eclipse the current popular baldness cures – should it prove successful. That being said, however, there are certain restrictions when it comes to implementing this to human subjects.

With the current regulations on stem cells, stem cell research and the administration of such technologies to a hair loss sufferer; dermal papilla cells cannot be gathered in the quantities needed to make a difference. Alongside this, stem cell breakthroughs involve a great deal of analysis and exploration before the required levels of hair follicle formation are anyway pertinent to humans.

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When will Stem Cell Therapy be Available?

So, what’s next? In order for the treatment to move into the realms of applicable treatments – the next stages of human testing must be undertaken. At the current rate, however, scientists are expecting to have the hair loss cure by 2020… maybe.

What can you do in the meantime? There are a plethora of treatments, hair loss concealers and hair growth products that can minimise your loss with pretty reliable results. Consider hair transplants, propecia or regaine as some of your best options. That being said, always check with a medical professional before going for anything drastic.

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On That Note

So there you have it! Whether stem cell regrowth is the answer and we’ll have a baldness cure by 2020 as predicted, or it’s another treatment damned to be thrown into the realms of research for another decade…. only time will tell.

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