101 Best Snake Hip Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Snake Hip Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

If you are looking for something equal parts sensual and edgy, check out these gorgeous collections of snake hip tattoos.

Snake Hip Tattoo
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Snake tattoos as it is are a hit in the tattoo community.

It does not much introduction as we are all aware of how popular and in-demand snake tattoos have become. Once it was introduced, there was no turning back.

Every tattoo artist and tattoo enthusiast can vouch for the popularity of snake tattoos. The number of variations, themes, motifs, and styles of a simple snake tattoo is pretty much uncountable. They are not only aesthetic but also representations or a sign of many elements including healing, immortality, rebirth, transitions, transformations, etc. A snake tattoo can be adorned with a wide range of motifs, that include skulls, flowers, butterflies, daggers, and more.

Highly customizable, this snake tattoo idea will never go out of style.

While we understand that, we are also aware of how popular hip tattoos are. Now bring them together, and voila, you have one of the most sensual-looking, aesthetic, and sexy tattoo designs. We have curated a list of the ten best snake hip tattoo ideas and designs, you just cannot look away from. Let us explore the beauty of a tattoo theme that men and women alike, go gaga for.

Small Snake Tattoo On Hip

Small Snake Tattoo On Hip
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We are getting started with a small, dainty, and gorgeous-looking piece of tattoo art that will tickle many tattoo enthusiasts and their fancies, especially that of the women population. While it is a small piece, it can hold its own charm. Placed on the upper area of the hip; this small snake hip tattoo is not only cool but also ideal for those who are getting their first tattoos and would like to experiment with something small yet attractive.

The design is a simple one; a slithering snake, with dotted patterns. So cute. It might not have any bold colors, but the black thin borders give the tattoo a clean look and fit perfectly in the corner.

Polka Dot Patterned Snake Hip Tattoo Design

Polka Dot Patterned Snake Hip Tattoo Design
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Here is another piece quite similar to the one we first discussed. It goes on to show the variations a simple creature can have. It shows the creativity of tattoo artists who play with different sorts of patterns, tattoo work, designs, motifs, and illustrations.

Here the artist drew a small and beautiful patterned snake, slithering its way. It is well detailed with the tongue of the snake, hissing out. Such small delicate, dainty-looking pieces are always a hit among the tattoo community of women. Especially when they have such sensual hip placements, adding to that edginess a snake tattoo. no matter big or small holds.

Huge Elegant Snake Hip Tattoo With A Broken Face

Huge Elegant Snake Hip Tattoo With A Broken Face
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How stunning does this piece look? It is quite impossible to look away from its beauty. Those people who are extremely committed to getting tattooed often find themselves experimenting with great things; the ones that consume a lot of time but the end game is definitely worth it.

Here the artist showed their creative talents to ensure that the end result is something that is more than just pleasant. The gothic, mythical look is beautifully depicted with the snakes and the broken face. The artist used the color black to create the whole look.

Not only is the piece looking cool, the style and contour it provides the curved hips look immensely gorgeous. The flowers, snakes, and the face blend well together to bring this masterpiece to life.

Gorgeous Snake Hip Tattoo Of Medusa

Gorgeous Snake Hip Tattoo Of Medusa
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When we think of snakes, we automatically are aware of a woman named Medusa, we all know who she was and what she represented. In the tattoo community, Medusa is just as popular as snake tattoos, if not more.

There are various reasons why a Medusa tattoo is popular. Especially ones that look this meticulously illustrated with beautiful details highlighted in the overall piece. The artist used simple black lines to make the outline of the tattoo, while the insides hold a blushy, almost red hue adding to the intensity of the whole look.

Such tattoos are inspired by the well-known myth of the character. While some find inspiration in Medusa and see her as a strong-headed figure. Others see it as expressing one-sidedness. No matter the meaning, such a stunning piece of artwork is perfect for hip placement as hips provide the artist with the freedom to get creative with a large space.

Large Snake Hip Tattoo With Flowers And Animal Skull

Large Snake Hip Tattoo With Flowers And Animal Skull
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Another gorgeous design we just cannot miss out on. It might seem like such detail and design might take an eternity to finish but the reality is, tattoo artists who have lots of experience and expertise can finish such elegant work within 6-8 hours. So if you are someone looking to get a snake hip tattoo, but are unsure about the amount of time it will consume, then fret not, these designs are safe to go with.

It is a great way to enjoy the creativity of an artist while also satisfying your need for quirky, gorgeous tattoos that are real attention grabbers. Snakes hold a haunting, dark charm as it is, adding animal or human skulls to the motifs will surely put emphasis on its haunting charm.

Snakes And Flowers Tattoo Design For Hip

Snakes And Flowers Tattoo Design For Hip
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Such tattoo ideas are always designed or illustrated with blackwork. Women and men, alike look for tattoo designs that are not only popular but also aesthetically pleasing; and what more could look aesthetic than flowers and snakes.

The dark aesthetic of snakes and flowers tattooed on a hip could never go out of style. Rather it adds to the sensuality and the feminine aspects of tattoo work.

Here, the artist used simple blackwork to highlight the elegance of the illustration. The whole tattoo holds a sketched or shaded look that blends beautifully, while also adding to its charms.

Simple Snake Hip Tattoo With Unique Patterns

Simple Snake Hip Tattoo With Unique Patterns
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Patterned snakes, too, will never go out of style. We love a pretty-looking pattern on a snake. Both aesthetic and edgy.

The artist, while keeping it simple, also makes sure that the aesthetic and pleasing appeal of a snake with a pattern does not go wrong. The patterns are so unique, despite it not having any colors other than black, it is sure to tickle many fancies. Especially for those who are experimenting with hip tattoos for the first time. A great way to improve their tolerance for pain in case they want to get a bigger piece of artwork.

Skull And Cobra Hip Tattoo

Skull And Cobra Hip Tattoo
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Tattoo ideas that include skulls and snakes and other such dark aesthetic motifs are often highly preferred by folks in the tattoo community who want to go for a more daunting and edgy look.

To the unknowing eye, these photos depict the shadowier side of existence. Things that are frightful or bring to mind death. Those are the things that both the skull and the snake have going for them. You might be shocked, though, if we told you that not all that the skull and snake represent is bad or wicked.

While for some, a skull is a representation of death, others also believe that a skull is a symbol of mortality. It reminds us that we are mortals. A snake, in many cultures, is a representation of transition, rebirth, and even fertility. There are two sides to each of these motifs and both form a sense of creativity and are representations of many different things.

Beautiful Fine Line Snake Hip Tattoo

Beautiful Fine Line Snake Hip Tattoo
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Here is another piece of artwork with the simplest of details, that is sure to catch a lot of attention. The thin red lines that the flowers have been drawn with contrast beautifully with the blackwork of the snake wrapped with it. The unique and sensual look fits right in with the placement of the tattoo.

Such a beautiful piece highlighted with the color red can never go wrong and we can assure you that you will never regret getting yourself tattooed if it is your first time experimenting with bigger-sized tattoos.

Cute Sun And Moon Patterned Snake Hip Tattoo

Cute Sun And Moon Patterned Snake Hip Tattoo
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Last but not the least, this cute little tattoo with the sun and moon pattern on the snake is surely a unique and quirky idea. While the tattoos on this collection have been mostly edgy and sensual-looking, this one has a cute look to it.

Though people get snake tattoos for a multitude of reasons, some of the common reasons for getting a snake tattoo are its popularity and the variety it holds. For example, this customized pattern on the snake adds to its cute charm and is sure to tickle your fancy. Not only is it cute, but tattoos of snakes are also representations of many things which might mean different things to different people.

People are just drawn to snakes for some reason. Perhaps it’s their slithering motion or the way they curl up before striking. We particularly adore their sense of dominance, especially when combined with their ferocity. And it’s because of their allure that snake tattoos are so fierce and widely popular. We have seen many tattoo enthusiasts look for tattoo designs that go well with the snake theme and we assure you that these are some of those pieces of artwork that you will never regret getting tattooed on your body.

So we have curated this list of popular snake hip tattoos so that you can find your perfect choice before you get your snake tattoo. In this collection, there are some of the coolest, most gorgeous, and unique-looking illustrations and pieces of artwork, sure to blow your mind. Also, we have another small list of snake tattoo ideas for you to further explore:

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What does a snake hip tattoo mean?

Snake hip tattoos are often symbolic of protection, fertility, and strength. They can also be seen as a representation of the wearer’s connection to nature or their ability to handle difficult situations. The tattoo may also be used to honor family ancestry, symbolize rebirth and renewal, or represent a person’s willingness to fight for what they believe in.

What are some of the best snake hip tattoo designs?

Snake hip tattoos come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Popular designs feature realistic depictions of snakes, which can be coiled around the body or winding up the side of the hip. Other popular designs include abstract patterns featuring multiple colors, geometric shapes, and ornamental designs. Some people also choose to get snake tattoos that feature a tribal or classic style, as well as a variety of lettering styles. No matter what the design is, a snake hip tattoo can be an eye-catching piece of body art that expresses your personality and beliefs.

How much does a snake hip tattoo cost?

The cost of a snake hip tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. Generally speaking, smaller designs tend to be less expensive than larger ones, and more intricate patterns will also cost more. However, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of service from a particular artist may also play a role in the cost of the tattoo. It is always best to shop around and compare prices before making a decision.

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