What Shirts to Wear With a Navy Suit

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

A navy suit is a classic piece of clothing that any man can wear. This guide will show you what you can wear it with and how to pull it off this season.

The navy suit is a traditional piece that is a great alternative to the more reserved looking black suit. It goes with any skin colour, body shape and is the number one choice for formal wear. The best thing about it though is that there’s a number of ways to wear this number, and mixing it up is as simple as changing your shirt.


A white shirt is the classic item to wear with a navy suit. The contrast isn’t as bold as black on white and therefore gives a more subtle, lighter look. Because of this it’s easy to accessorise with cufflinks or tiepins if you want, as there’s no fear of it looking overdone. Make sure the shirt is as white as can be, as faded white is going to look even more obvious when it’s contrasted with a navy jacket.

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There’s no rule that says you can’t wear colour with a navy suit. If you don’t want to wear the traditional white, why not try grey, red or even pink. Navy is a versatile colour that could go with a range of shades, and will also help tone down a shirt you may think is too bold. Red and navy is a classic colour combination, but not that common when it comes to suits, so try to keep the red a darker tone and avoid anything too startling.

If you feel pink or grey is too light in contrast with the navy, break up the look with a tie or lapel pin. Keep the rest of your outfit subtle, and go easy on the accessories to keep the look interesting and elegant.

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Classic Twist

If white is nice but a bit boring for the look you’re going for then try choosing one with some texture of pattern to it. Simple stripes or checks can add a new dimension to the outfit and stop the suit from looking too plain. You can add accessories but make sure they’re simple enough to not clash with the pattern, so for example leave out striped cufflinks if you’re wearing a striped shirt.

If you don’t want the look to be too out there, pick neutral colours for the pattern (or match it with your suit and pick navy) so it still has a simple look. If you’re less bothered about standing out though then you can go for bolder colours and more complex patterns to really accentuate the classic twist.

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