11 Sergio Ramos Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Any soccer lover out there has heard about the fantastic Sergio Ramos. He is a tremendous soccer player for Real Madrid. Besides his amazing soccer skills, he also has a very specific haircut that people associate with him. Over the years, he has gone from long to short hair, from an effortless haircut to a hard-to-maintain haircut. So if you are interested in what are our favorite Sergio Ramos Haircut ideas from over the years, keep on reading!

1. Quiff Sergio Ramos Hairstyle

Quiff Sergio Ramos Hairstyle
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Most Sergio Ramos haircut ideas are known by different names, as well. For instance, quiff haircuts have been around for a very long time, but they are also known as that one haircut Ramos had back in the day. Quiff haircuts are easily styled and can improve your style quickly. Therefore, this Sergio Ramos haircut is a fantastic way to go if you don’t have time to do your hair in the morning, but want your hair to look on point at all times. Also, if you have a smaller forehead this type of messy hairstyle and layering will suit you. If you’re on the field and when playing football you will easily move this hair to the side with your headband. Such a universal cut.

2. Very Styled Sergio Ramos Haircut

Very Styled Sergio Ramos Haircut
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If you are a person who doesn’t mind styling their hair in the morning, then this Real Madrid captain inspired haircut is the way to go. Sergio Ramos is known for his amazing hairstyles, therefore why not get out of your comfort zone with this modern haircut? With the longer hair at the top and a buzz cut on the side, this haircut is the perfect combination of stylish and neat. In case you decide to dye your hair, be prepared that you will need to visit your hairdresser more often to keep it maintained. Do you like this staple wet look? Opt for your favorite hair gel and style with ease.

3. Sergio Ramos Fade Haircuts

Sergio Ramos Fade Haircuts
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When you are a soccer player, shorter hair is usually the most popular choice. In case you have a busy life and don’t have time to take care of your hair, short haircuts are a life-saver. This Sergio haircut has faded sides and short spikes at the top. You can add gel to your hair in the morning so that it will stay put during the whole day. Haircuts like this one can improve your style very easily, and you can change them quickly. The entire Spanish national team is all about rocking man buns + you can easily achieve this cut yourself if you have thick hair.

4. Buzz Cut with Sergio Ramos Beard

Buzz Cut with Sergio Ramos Beard
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From his long braided hair, Ramos went to a buzz cut, changing his style for 180 degrees. Hairstyles like this one work great for guys with beards. They are also a great way to go for people who don’t like spending time maintaining their hair and like to have a very laid back appearance. Moreover, these hairstyles are a great way to step out of your comfort zone. Blonde hair with a voluminous pompadour is a statement hairdo that not a lot of guys dare to rock. Do you like this quiff Sergio Ramos haircut? Just make sure that you can handle the maintenance.

5. Taper Fade Sergio Ramos Haircut

Taper Fade Sergio Ramos Haircut
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As one of the biggest Real Madrid stars, Ramos also has to have a business appearance from time to time. A taper fade is one of the most modern and business looking hairstyles. They can improve your style very quickly without you having to add anything to your hair. You will need medium-sized hair to achieve the perfect taper fade haircut. We are sure that with a hairstyle like this one, you will be receiving all of the compliments. Try out a side part or an undercut hairstyle to give it more definition. Also, the rest of the hair will look fully elegant.

6. Short Sergio Ramos Haircut

Short Sergio Ramos Haircut
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If you are not into styling your hair, you can always go with a short Sergio Ramos haircut. Hairstyles like this don’t require a lot of maintenance and give you a badass look. They work for all occasions, and in case you change your mind, you can grow out of your hair. These hairstyles are also fantastic when combined with a beard. Athletes who love to look trendy will enjoy this ivy league haircut for both day and night-time moments.

7. Faux Hawk Sergio Ramos Haircut

Faux Hawk Sergio Ramos Haircut
Sergio Ramos vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero” by ElHormiguero via Wordpress

Not all of us are fans of super neat hairstyles. Sometimes a messy faux hawk haircut is the thing you need to spice up your everyday style. These hairstyles are easy to maintain, they can be styled quickly, and you can change up your style whenever you feel like it. If you do need to have your hair looking neat for some special occasion, you can add some gel or any other hair product to it. Hairstyles like this one are one of the more modern hip haircuts. Even some businessmen can rock this cut, who says that this is only a World Cup hairdo?!

8. Comb Over Sergio Ramos Haircut

Comb Over Sergio Ramos Haircut
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Sergio Ramos’s haircuts are often very stylish and give you that classic look. These haircuts do require a higher level of maintenance, and it takes some time to achieve them. When you style your hair back, you get that classy look while also keeping it casual with a side fade. Another fantastic thing about these haircuts is that you can change them up quickly. We are sure you and everyone around you will love this hairstyle! In the end, this side cut will look fierce on most younger modern guys.

9. Spiky Sergio Ramos Haircut

Spiky Sergio Ramos Haircut
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Spiky hair is one of the more laid back Sergio Ramos hairstyles. It is easy to maintain and gives you a very edgy and mysterious look. Hairstyles like this one work great for most occasions and can be styled quickly into a more neat look if needed. Spiky hair is the choice for many people because of its simplicity. We are confident that with a hairstyle like this one, all eyes will be on you. So, do you want to look like a true soccer star?

10. Sergio Ramos Braids Haircuts

Sergio Ramos Braids Haircuts
España vs.Honduras, Mundial 2010” by Articularnos.com via Wordpress

The most recognizable Sergio Ramos haircut of all times is probably his dread-locks haircut. These hairstyles require you to grow out of your hair, and they need to be maintained frequently. They have a very edgy look to them, and you can’t change up your style as often as with previous ones. Braided looks like this one are a fantastic choice for those who don’t need to worry about achieving that business look. The best part about this hairdo? It can look amazing with a ton of different accessories.

11. Stylish Sergio Ramos Hairstyle

Stylish Sergio Ramos Hairstyle
File:Russia-Spain 2017 (6).jpg” by Кирилл Венедиктов via Wordpress

Sergio Ramos’s haircuts can look very stylish and modern when done in the right way. By keeping your hair longer at the top and shorter on the sides, you can achieve a very stylish Ramos haircut. Hairstyles like this one can work for anyone and can easily be changed to something different. If you feel like this hairstyle is missing that special touch, you can always go for highlights or dye your hair completely!

Having Said All of That,

Sergio Ramos can be an inspiration for many people and not just for his amazing soccer skills, but his style as well. Over the past couple of years, he has had some statement hairstyles that can work for everyone. If you have long hair, you can go for braided hair. If you want to keep it simple, you can always do a buzz cut. All of his hairstyles are very versatile, and we are sure that there is something for everyone. We hope you liked today’s article and that you will be trying out one of these fantastic hairstyles soon!

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