How to Buy the Right Sized Belt

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Keep your trousers up in style! Finding a belt that is equal parts fashion and function can be a tough task. We put together a handy belt size guide to help you find the perfect style and fit.

How to Buy a Belt

When buying a belt, consider what colours are in your current wardrobe. If you own a lot of brown shoes, purchasing a brown belt might be the best option for you. If you don’t own a pair of brown shoes, a brown belt might not work as well in your wardrobe.

When you actually go to purchase your belt, wear a pair of trousers you wear frequently. That way, you’ll get a better idea of what size belt to buy. Don’t settle on the first belt you see – try on a few different sizes to really get a feel for the belts.

Belt Sizing Guide

You may be wondering, how do you measure your waist? What size belt do I need? The easiest way to determine your belt size is to look at the jeans or pants you currently own. Since you probably purchase the same sized waist for all your pants, this should be a good indicator to the waist size in a belt you should purchase.

Picking out a correctly fitting belt does not have to be a daunting task! No fussy belt size conversion here. You could look at a belt sizing chart, but measuring your waist with a tape measure will also help you get an accurate fit for a belt. Wondering how to measure your waist? Get a fabric measuring tape that lists sizes in inches. Wrap the tape around your waist, just above your navel to determine exactly what your waist size is. To get your belt size, add two inches to your waist measurement.

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Casual Belts

The good thing about picking a casual belt is there are so many different styles on the market right now! Studded, embroidered, woven, leather, printed: there’s a little something for everyone, no matter what your style. Pick a belt best matches the rest of your wardrobe so you will get the most wear out of it. If your look tends to have more of a rocker appeal, consider a studded belt. If your style is more preppy, consider a nautical-themed, striped belt.

Looking for a subtle way to up your belt game? Try belt styles with a simple pattern, like a leather grain or a simple weave. These come in a variety of colours, so you can pick a bold hue if you’re feeling brave, or a plain leather if you’re looking for a simple way to switch up your belt game.

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Formal Belts

If you’re looking for more formal types of belts, consider one of fine leather in brown, black or another more refined, neutral colour. This will ensure it matches any suit or dress pant in your closet. Your formal belt should be more subtle than a casual belt, as it should tie your outfit together. Avoid louder patterns or buckles to really let your killer suit be the star of the show.

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Types of Belt Buckles

Square, oval, brass, or silver: you have options. Belt buckles can be a great subtle way to inject your own personal style into your accessories.

Consider the metal on your watch when you’re purchasing a belt buckle. If you have a silver watch, get a buckle to match. This tip is more important if you are dressing business casual. If your outfit is more casual, feel free to mix metals! It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Feel free to rock a belt buckle with your favourite sports team or brand on it. If you’re opting for a belt buckle with a label, try and avoid pairing too many other items with branding on them.

How to Wear a Belt Buckle

Belt buckles can be a tough item to pull off. You don’t want to come across looking like you work on a dude ranch!  But don’t be afraid to try out a belt buckle – it can be a great way to add a little pizzazz into your everyday wardrobe.

If you’re feeling extra trendy, try wearing your belt buckle a little to the side. Elvis did it, and so can you! Try out a more Western-style belt buckle to channel your urban cowboy. If you choose to wear a cowboy belt buckle, it pairs the best with a wider (at least 1.5 inches) belt.

How To Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt can be more than just a way to hold your pants up, it can also be a great way to add a little style to your outfit. Treat your belt like an accessory – you can either choose a belt that compliments your outfit, or you can choose one that acts as the focal point.

When picking your colour of belt, consider matching your belt to your shoes. If you have a brown leather belt, your outfit can look more put together if you wear it with brown leather shoes. Don’t feel restricted by this rule though – feel free to mix an match leathers if you think they work! Typically, the belt is worn by inserting the end of the belt from the left side loops first. However, this rule is more suited for right-handed gents. If you are left-handed, try reversing this.

How to Buy the Right Sized Belt

  • How to measure waist size: Either bring a measuring tape or check the size of the pants you wear most frequently to ensure you have the correct sized.
  • Pick a belt that matches your style: Pick a leather belt that matches your shoes or briefcase. Pick a belt buckle that matches the most metals in your wardrobe.
  • Try out a belt buckle: Belt buckles aren’t just for cowboys! Try out a belt buckle to add a little something extra to your game. Try and match the metals on your belt buckle to your cufflinks or watches, or take a risk and mix metals.
  • Get creative: Feel free to use your belt as a stand-out piece in your wardrobe!

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On That Note

Belts and belt buckles can be a stylish and useful addition to your wardrobe. It might not seem necessary, but extra care should be taken when buying a belt so that you get the right fit. If you use these notes, you’ll quickly have a belt that fits perfectly, and adds a little something to your wardrobe.

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