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101 Best Red Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Red Heart Tattoo

A red heart tattoo is indubitably one of the cutest tattoo designs one can get to honor a loved one or promote self-love.

Red Heart Tattoo
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Women frequently choose red heart tiny tattoos, which can range in size from little to large.

Red heart tattoos are frequently linked to other feminine patterns. These love heart tattoos also offer you a very solemn and classy appearance.

Tattoos with a tiny red heart are frequently used as compassionate love metaphors. Red is simply used as a powerful symbol to convey the emotions related to love. However, certain heart tattoos may also represent the queen of hearts. Getting a small red heart tattoo can be a great choice if you want something very simple and plain. A large red heart outline tattoo is preferred by people who have an extroverted personality or, in recent years have suffered major personal loss. Such tattoos are found on the upper arm, shoulder blade, and chest region. Here are the best red heart tattoo designs for you to choose from and pair them with any symbol you love!

Crying Heart Tattoo

Crying Heart Tattoo
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The lower leg is where this tattoo of a heart is positioned. This tattoo tries to capture the depressing feeling and pain brought on by a broken heart or unrequited love.

This heart tattoo’s interior has been colored with dark red ink. But just the borders of its other facial features, the heart itself, and the teardrops have been drawn in blue ink; the rest of its characteristics have been only lightly bordered in black ink.

The tattoo of a red heart contains a face within the heart symbol. With six teardrops and two pinkish blushes on the cheeks of the face tattoo, every aspect of the face has been meticulously drawn. Both of these —a broken heart tattoo and a crying heart tattoo are symbols of heartbreak. Thus, they go together. As teenagers typically have a big obsession with heartbreak tattoos, such heart tattoo ideas have lately become incredibly trendy.

Tiny Red Heart Tattoo

Tiny Red Heart Tattoo
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On the neck, just below the hairline, is a tiny heart tattoo. There are no additional designs on the simple red heart tattoo. This small heart has been inked using plain red color. This heart tattoo is so small that it is hardly visible.

This cute tiny red heart is a classic symbol that links with inner peace and self-love or passion and commitment to the love of your life. It won’t hurt nearly as bad because of how small the tattoo is. Women typically sport these small heart tattoos. With your hair open, you can simply conceal such tiny tattoos, making it ideal for people who desire tattoos they can easily conceal from the public.

Dagger Red Heart Tattoo

Dagger Red Heart Tattoo
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Given that three swords have been drawn through the red heart in this tattoo design, it is possible to classify it as a dagger heart tattoo. Due to the illustration of the crying eye and swords, it can typically be regarded as a depressing tattoo.

Red colors have been shaded marvelously by the tattoo artist. The eyeball is brown, and the handles of the swords are colored in vibrant yellowish golden with a blackish tint.

This tattoo tries to express the pain and loss of a loved one in some way. The reason the heart is being slain by the swords and wailing is to illustrate how painful love can be and how much suffering it can result in for a person. The inner forearm is where this heart tattoo is located. This particular red heart tiny tattoo looks unique and beautiful.

Red Heart With Flowers Tattoo

Red Heart With Flowers Tattoo
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A heart-shaped design with two lovely flowers has been drawn over it in this tattoo. The petals of the flowers are exquisitely inked in a pinkish peach color, while the heart is a vibrant crimson.

Self-love, compassion, beauty, fullness, and the heart’s inherent purpose are the main messages that this amazing design seeks to convey. While the other flower is still a bud that will eventually bloom into a lovely flower, the first blossom has already reached full bloom.

Flowers typically stand for grace and the ability to recover from trauma. Because you are blossoming much like the flowers, another deep meaning of this sacred heart with flowers tattoo may be growth. Many times, some life adjustments result in progress and personal growth. This can be the tattoo for you if you’re seeking a motivational piece.

Ruby Diamond Heart Tattoo

Ruby Diamond Heart Tattoo
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Pearl fragments were used to ink the border of the ruby diamond. The diamond has been masterfully crafted by the tattoo artist, which is why it looks so authentic.

The lower area of the arm is where this tattoo is inked. A woman will prefer it more than a man since it is a jewelry tattoo.

Such red heart tattoos are frequently used as a symbol to denote feelings of love, adoration, romance, and goodwill in the world. On the other side, a ruby diamond represents power and defense against evil. The overall meaning of this tattoo is clear: it represents unadulterated love without any hint of hatred. These tattoo patterns are frequently seen in those involved in spiritual healing.

Guarded Heart Tattoo

Guarded Heart Tattoo
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The lower left leg of the body has been inked with this heart tattoo. Here, the heart is being protected by two hands.

Safeguarding your heart from all the negative effects of love may be the message behind this tattoo. As heartbreak can be incredibly difficult to overcome, your heart should always be protected at all costs.

While the two hands are simply drawn in outline form in black ink, the heart is colored in pure red. In this tattoo design, none of them are fully colored; only their outlines are drawn. Keeping your heart secure from any kind of danger is the message that this tattoo is attempting to deliver. Trying this design might not be a bad option if you are looking for a cool leg tattoo design.

Girl Holding A Red Heart Tattoo

Girl Holding A Red Heart Tattoo
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This red heart tattoo is quite different from other red heart images. It shows an image of a young girl holding red painted heart.

This tattoo is inked on the forearm. It vividly depicts a young girl holding a tiny red heart while looking happy.

Only black ink has been used to define this little girl’s body and hair; no red ink has been used. Among average teenage girls, this cute tattoo idea is quite popular. It represents the feeling of brand-new love, which is one that many teenagers are familiar with. The most globally recognized symbol of love and passion is the red heart, and this tattoo is no exception.

Interlocked Red Hearts Tattoo

Interlocked Red Hearts Tattoo
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On the neck, just below the shoulder, next to the collarbone, a chain connecting two red hearts had been inked. This tattoo has a distinctive appearance and a vintage vibe.

Pure red with a faint black tint, both hearts have this color combination. In order to connect the two red heart symbols, a chain consisting of three different metals has been tattooed here.

Two hearts clutching onto each other are somehow vividly shown by this chain heart tattoo. The metal chain alone makes it obvious that it might potentially be a symbol of heartbreak or the rejection of love. The chain has gone through the hearts, holding them together firmly. Typically, one sees young people with such heart tattoos.

Red Heart Magic Potion Tattoo

Red Heart Magic Potion Tattoo
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This artwork has been tattooed just below the bicep on the right arm. The magic potion’s heart-shaped bottle contains a little heart-shaped figurine.

The stone on the potion bottle’s lid and the heart inside have been colored in this illustration using dark red ink. Because it uses the color red, it is known as a “love potion.”

Due to the way the potion bottle has been drawn, it may be regarded as a genuine vintage tattoo. What distinguishes this tattoo design is the combination of dark red ink with blackish tones. If you enjoy getting tattoos in the color red, choose this one without any hesitation!

Curvy Pattern Red Heart Tattoo

Curvy Pattern Red Heart Tattoo
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The design of this heart is wavy. Just the shape’s illustration with wavy lines serves as an outline.

This tattoo of a red heart with wavy lines is on the forearm and was only done in red ink. A blazing impression and a brash viewpoint emanate from it.

It clearly shows a red heart consisting simply of wavy red lines, with no other patterns or colors. Due to the usage of just one color and one key design, it has a highly refined and clean appearance. Because they are a definite symbol of love, these heart tattoo designs have gained a lot of popularity. This tattoo design is well-liked not just by men but also by women, like other heart tattoos.

The tattoos below are just a few examples of the many different kinds of red hearts that are available.

  • Minimal black heart tattoo inside of a red heart
  • Matching best friend red heart finger tattoos
  • Tiny red heart tattoo on the wrist
  • Small heart tattoo on the chest
  • Broken heart tattoo with a band-aid

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What does a red heart tattoo mean?

A red heart tattoo is often seen as a symbol of love, passion and strong emotional connections. It can represent a deep bond between two people or a sign of commitment and loyalty in a relationship. It can also be used to show strength and resilience, representing the courage it takes to keep on loving through difficult times. For some, it may be a reminder of a lost loved one or an expression of gratefulness for someone’s unconditional love. The meaning behind the red heart tattoo is ultimately up to the person wearing it, making it an open-ended symbol that can be interpreted in many different ways.

What are the different designs of red heart tattoos?

There are many different designs of red heart tattoos that have come to represent various meanings over time. Some popular designs include a bold red heart with tribal accents, a classic outline of a heart encased in flames, two hearts entwined or broken apart to represent love and loss, and an abstract design incorporating intricate lines and swirls.

How much does a red heart tattoo cost?

The cost of a red heart tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity and design of the tattoo. Generally speaking, small tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Additionally, some artists may charge by the hour instead of by the tattoo, so be sure to inquire about pricing before booking an appointment. On average, a small red heart tattoo will cost anywhere from $50 to $150. For a more complex design, the cost could range from $200 to several hundred dollars.

How do I choose a design for my red heart tattoo?

When choosing a design for your red heart tattoo, it’s important to consider the meaning behind the symbol and how it relates to you personally. Think about what emotions or memories you want the tattoo to evoke, and pick a design that captures those feelings. Additionally, if possible, look through an artist’s portfolio to find a design that fits your style and aesthetic. This way, you can be sure that the tattoo will be something you’ll love for years to come.

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