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101 Best Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning – Everything You Need To Know!

by Jamie Wilson
Red Butterfly Tattoo ideas

Are you searching for a red butterfly tattoo for your next tattoo session? Find out the red butterfly tattoo meaning from the various designs on this page.

Red Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterfly tattoos are beautiful in themselves.

However, a red butterfly tattoo just adds to the beauty of it all! Red is a very popular colour when it comes to tattoos.

Red butterfly tattoo designs look exceptionally beautiful because of how elegant the tattoo looks on all skin colours and with every style. Butterfly tattoos are a popular tattoo style among women, especially. A butterfly tattoo symbolises love, hope, change, and resilience. Red butterflies signify passion or love. Some tribal butterfly tattoos also symbolise a good omen. Red butterfly tattoos look pretty no matter which outfit you choose to wear. If you are looking for super gorgeous red butterfly tattoo ideas, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of red butterfly tattoo designs for you to choose from for your upcoming tattoo session.

Pair Of Red Butterfly Tattoo

Pair Of Red Butterfly Tattoo
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A butterfly tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous, but how about two butterfly tattoos? These minimalist butterfly tattoos look so beautiful on the upper arm. The outline of both the tattoos has been done using bright red ink. There are two butterflies, one with open wings and the other with folded wings. The placement of the tattoos is perfect.

This tattoo art looks very beautiful because of the fine details. The symbolic meaning of the red butterfly tattoo is young love and passion. This tattoo looks very aesthetic and will look great with any aesthetic you go for. People choose butterfly tattoos because of their beautiful look, and this one serves the purpose very well. If you desire you can get this tattoo on any part of your body – the chest, legs or thighs. It will look great no matter where it is placed.

Outlined Red Butterfly Tattoo

Outlined Red Butterfly Tattoo
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This simple butterfly tattoo is different from the typical tattoo style. The tattoo has an outlined butterfly on the back of the forearm. The tattoo has been done using only red ink, and that makes the tattoo look very pretty. This feminine tattoo will look great with every outfit not only because of its design but also its placement.

Whenever you are getting this tattoo, make sure tattoo artists are using very fine ink, only that it will help you achieve the exact look of the tattoo. This small butterfly tattoo has no detailing inside the body. Only the outline of the butterfly has been made. This makes the tattoo look unique and elegant. A red butterfly tattoo symbolises adventure and passion, and if that is the style you are going for, then this tattoo is just for you.

Minimalistic Red Butterfly Tattoo

Minimalistic Red Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterfly tattoos are often selected because of their delicate nature. If you are looking for something minimalist, check out these tiny tattoos that look absolutely gorgeous. In the butterfly tattoo world, this one is very popular. The meaning of the red butterfly tattoo is what makes it a favourite among many.

The tattoo has two butterflies in it. Both the butterflies have been outlined using red ink. The ink has been done very finely, contributing to the elegant look of the tattoo. There is also some fine blending on the butterfly wings that is very subtle and makes the wings look very pretty. The placing of the tattoo is perfect, and it looks very cool. However, you can get this on any part of your body if you want. You can also get it as a blue butterfly tattoo. The blue butterfly tattoo will also look great with any look that you go for.

Red And Black Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Red And Black Realistic Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterflies are unique creatures, just like us humans, so why not immortalise them by inking one in your body. Butterfly tattoos have a plethora of their own symbolic meaning. The meaning of red butterflies is a symbol of spiritual unity across the world. It also represents joy and peace. Butterfly tattoos and butterfly wings are sensational and have never been out of trend.

So, if you are looking for something elegant and beautiful, then this alluring red butterfly tattoo is just for you. It is a detailed art of two red butterflies. This red and black butterfly tattoo is very personal and looks really pretty. You can choose to get the tattoo on your arms, neck, ankle, or back, or you can also add it to a sleeve. You can also add a flower tattoo to complement the look of the entire tattoo. You can also try out yellow butterflies, they will look cute too!

Multiple Red Butterfly tattoos

Multiple Red Butterfly tattoos
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It is believed that red butterflies impact positive energy to those who see them and bring joy. If you are in search of an aesthetically pleasing tattoo, this exquisite multiple red butterfly tattoo is just for you. This tattoo has multiple detailed butterflies that look very pretty and elegant.

You can get this ink as it is, customise it to your liking, or add it to a sleeve with other coloured multiple butterflies. This tattoo will look good on anyone, irrespective of their style. This is an arm tattoo, but you can also get it inked on your back or legs. You can replace the red one with a purple butterfly tattoo if you want. Just like red, the purple butterfly tattoo will look very pretty.

Little Red Butterfly On Foot

Little Red Butterfly On Foot
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Butterfly tattoos have always been on-trend, like one of the classic tattoo designs. This adorable little, uniquely designed butterfly tattoo is perfect for your first tattoo. As butterflies represent freedom, transformation and rebirth, an enchanting way to express your journey and experience that has shaped you into who you are.

This detailed and delicate little red butterfly tattoo symbolises metamorphosis, so this subtle and dainty tattoo design is just for you if you are keen on meaningful, elegant and petite design. You can get this tattoo design anywhere you want; because of its size and elegance, this foot tattoo design will look good anywhere you want to place it. If you want, you can customise it as you want, or you can also add it to a sleeve tattoo. Irrespective of your style, it will look good on you.

Uniquely Designed Butterfly Tattoo

Uniquely Designed Butterfly Tattoo
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The trend for mono-colour tattoos is now in fashion, and if you want to own one, then unique butterfly tattoos are the most attractive ones to wear. A simple red butterfly tattoo with a precise design on the wings makes this tattoo distinctive and attractive. The tribal butterfly tattoo looks fantastic in the back area just below the neck.

When placed correctly in the middle of the back, the red butterfly, while maintaining the same symmetry, creates a distinctive feature when viewed from behind. Through the use of thin, curly lines that represent abstract butterflies or the design on the wings are able to incorporate names, quotes and portraits as well as other symbols. The tribal butterfly tattoo can be paired along with other female-themed symbols like flowers or fish, birds, and chalice forms. Utilising distinctive butterflies in a design can add a sense of elegance and lightness to the design. If you don’t want red, how about a yellow butterfly instead? 

Super-Cute Red Butterfly Tattoo

Super-Cute Red Butterfly Tattoo
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Simple and cute, stunning tattoos in red look amazing on wrists, arms and back. Drawing fine lines using red ink creates an element of calm to your appearance. These mono-coloured tattoos, like red butterfly tattoos, are distinctive and can be paired with those who are calm and refined in their surroundings. The butterfly tattoos are generally composed of a series of organic curves and shapes. These design elements represent the soft lines and curves of women’s bodies and make the red butterfly tattoo an exquisite representation of feminine beauty as well as sexuality and sensuality. The intricate details of the design of the wings are done perfectly by using red ink. The super cute red gives an elegant and subtle look to your physique.

Gorgeous Red Butterfly Tattoo

Gorgeous Red Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterflies are a beautiful and patterned symbol of freedom and confidence; therefore, stunning tribal butterfly tattoos in red are usually selected to symbolise an occasion in which one releases oneself from the burden of emotional pain, gives forgiveness to an individual, or permits spirits of a loved one to go through the void. The monarch butterfly tattoo placed around your waist represents other feminine symbols such as fish, flowers or birds, and chalice designs. Utilising butterflies in a design gives a feeling of softness and lightness in the design. This monarch butterfly tattoo will look beautiful with every aesthetic.

Rose Merged With Butterfly Tattoo

Rose Merged With Butterfly Tattoo
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A symbol of beauty and beautiful nature, the butterfly, has been an iconic symbol that has been around for a long time, representing the power of transformation, faith, and freedom. In the past, the red butterfly tattoo with roses on the wing has been associated with romantic love and femininity, and that is the reason why butterfly tattoos are extremely sought-after. The butterfly tattoo has striking black lines, and the filling has deep pink and red, with pink hues in the middle for the roses.

The butterfly appears stunning in this shade of reddish pink. However, you are able to experiment with different hues as you like. The distinctive roses drawn on the wings are an attractive red butterfly tattoo. The design is detailed, and the proportions are just right, which gives personality to the artwork. The design is stunning anywhere on the body. However, the shoulder or arm is the best place to get the most impactful look.

Butterfly tattoos are perfect if you are looking for something simple yet elegant. There are a number of butterfly tattoo designs to choose from, but a tribal butterfly tattoo done using red ink looks absolutely gorgeous. Butterfly tattoos are the best choice when it comes to something minimalistic yet elegant. The red ink on the butterfly tattoos just makes the tattoos pop adding to the beauty of the tattoo. If you are looking for butterfly tattoo meanings, there are many that you will be able to relate to.

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