Office fashion: How to create the perfect professional look

by Jamie Wilson
Peak Lapel

Reviewed & fact checked: September 19, 2023 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Dressing professionally for the office is important; not only does it enhance your confidence but also leaves a lasting impression on your colleagues and supervisors. A carefully curated and sophisticated look conveys attention to detail, competence, and respect – all the characteristics of a professional and hardworking individual.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the ways you can easily create the perfect professional look, from the clothes you wear to the detail in your accessories.

A well-tailored suit

Nothing says business more than a suit. A well-fitted ensemble is the cornerstone of professional attire for men. Don’t skimp on quality and invest only in a premium suit that complements your body shape, showcasing your keen attention to detail.

Classic colours like charcoal grey and navy always look smart and tend to work well with most tie colours. You could also opt for a black suit for versatility. The important part is to ensure that the suit is properly tailored to fit your chest, shoulders, waist, and legs.

The right accessories

When it comes to the fine details of your outfit, it’s better to opt for subtle accessories rather than flashy and excessive bling. To elevate your professional look, opt for a classic luxury watch with refined detail, a pair of signature cufflinks, and a leather belt. Also, aim to match the colour of the belt with a pair of leather dress shoes.

If you want to convey additional detail and organisation, consider carrying a leather briefcase, especially when attending meetings. Aim to keep jewellery to a minimum where possible, going for timeless pieces rather than something that will overpower your outfit.

A fitted dress shirt and tie

A well-ironed, clean dress shirt is a necessity for any suit. Whether it be white, light blue, or include a pattern, make sure that it coordinates with the colour of your suit. It’s important to pay close attention to the size and style of the collar as well. 

A straight-point shirt collar is the best option for work, characterised by straight lines and pointed tips. It pairs well with a collared dress shirt and tie. You can also opt for a Windsor spread collar, which is much wider. This calls for a properly knotted tight and is appropriate for occasions both inside and outside the boardroom.

Grooming and personal hygiene

There’s no point in dressing smartly if your appearance is unkempt. Personal grooming is often overlooked when considering professional attire but is crucial for completing the look. This means, keeping your facial hair neat and trimmed, as well as your nails.

While there are many hairstyles that exude confidence in the office, the crew cut is probably the one that looks the sharpest. With this style, you can opt for an equal length all over the head and adjust the fading on the sides according to the shape of your face.

Photo By Hardini Lestari on Unsplash

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